Enneagram Type 8w9 vs 9w8 (7 Differences and Similarities)

In this brief guide, we will look at the enneagram type 8w9 vs 9w8, as well as other enneagram related concepts like Enneagram 8w9, Enneagram 9w8, and enneagram 9w1 vs 9w8.

Enneagram Type 8w9 vs 9w8

Enneagram type 8w9 vs 9w8 is a comparison that is based on one primary difference, which is that 9w8 may give in and continue the things the way others want to but the 8w9 may show a great deal of resistance if that is not something they agree with.

The 9w8 is ruled by the core traits of the type 9, whereas the 8w9 is ruled by the traits of 8, which makes itself known most of all in how these two enneagram types handle conflict.

The 8w9 will hate to think that you are pushing rules or boundaries on them, as 8w9 is driven by the core traits of type 8 and because the type 9 rules 9w8, they may not be very much, and just leave the situation instead of pushing back.

8w9 can also be much more assertive and aggressive than the 9w8, even though they would much rather avoid conflict as well, but 9w8 will likely avoid assertive and aggressive behavior as much as they can, but they are still capable of it.

The 8w9 is also known for their traits of a protector and they may be particularly vicious on those that mean harm, but on the other hand the 9w8 is likely to be the soft cushion that offers support but not that much protection, and they may be more involved in providing affection than standing up for their loved ones all the time.

Enneagram type 8w9 vs 9w8 is also seen in the fact that 8w9 is more focused on being in charge of their territory, and this may be something they care quite deeply about, while the9w8 may be somewhat fixated on being left alone and leaving and staying out of conflict situations.

9w8 does not like dealing with external pressure and stress, and the 8w9 may like to deal more with inner fears that control them, facing up to them directly, which also means that their inner peace and internal world are not as tied to the outside.

Enneagram 8w9

The 8w9 is a blend of the core traits of enneagram 8 and some of the 9, and they may be characterized by the fact that they are strong-willed and extremely protective of those around them, and in most cases they display a confident and tough approach to challenges and conflict.

The 8w9 is also known as the Diplomat, as they tend to take a softer approach to conflict than their pure 8 counterparts.

8w9 projects confidence, patience, and protectiveness and contrary to what a lot of people may believe about any type 8 subtypes, this personality type tends to be much more gentle and subdued and they may not have nearly as much aggressive outer behavior as the type 8s or even 8w7.

The 8w9 is also likely to be more introverted than other 8 subtypes or pure 8 personalities, and even though they care deeply about peacekeeping and avoiding conflict, they are gentler about this than others.

Like other type 8s, the 8w9 also dislikes taking orders from other people or thinking that they are being controlled, and they will rise up against any such situation with fervor.

The basic desire of 8w9, like type 8, is to guard themselves against threats and make sure they are invulnerable and out of everyone and everything else’s control, and these individuals may see this as the biggest conflict that they need to avoid.

The 8w9 has a desire to control their own destiny and these individuals are very likely to show a deep-seated need for autonomy and self-reliance at a young age, and these individuals may often do things all by themselves.

The 8w9 also tries to defend themselves by hiding behind emotional walls and denying entry to most, but this is the type of behavior that may be seen more in unhealthy 8w9s, not all of them.

The primary and basic desire of the 8w9 is that they seek to appear strong, and they may often subconsciously believe that being too emotional or being too sentimentally available will make them seem weak.

The basic fear of the 8w9, on the other hand, is simply that they don’t want to be under anyone’s control, and they want to be in control of their own destiny.

Enneagram 9w8

The enneagram 9w8 type or Type Nine with Eight-wing are individuals who have core traits of type 9, like a need to avoid conflict or needing internal and external peace and adaptability, agreeableness, and extroverted tendencies; and they may also have traits of type 8, like a strong will, confidence, and an assertive personality.

The 9w8s, also known as the Advisors, are social and independent, and they may often like a certain degree of routine in their behavior.

The 9w8 tend to also be rather adventurous than other type nines, especially 9w1, who might be quieter or introverted, and they may prefer introspection a lot more than adventure.

The 9w8 may be more social and adaptable given the mix of 9 and 8 traits, and they usually tend to seek balance and peace in life.

Their approach to problems, in an unhealthy aspect, maybe to get lost in routine rather than face the issues.

The 9w8 may often show fears of loss and separation and there is a high likelihood that they may avoid personal confrontation and conflict, like the other 9 personality subtypes.

The 9w8 personality may have the basic fear of being caught in conflict against their control, and they may have the basic desire to avoid conflict on all fronts and in any way possible.

8w9 vs 8w7

The key difference between 8w9 vs 8w7 is that 8w9 is more stable and protective, and they may have more grounded goals, and they prioritize seeking invulnerability and authority and the 8w7 is a novelty seeker, dealing with conquering new things and forever seeking excitement and newness.

The 8w9 is more likely to be an introverted person, whereas the 8w7 is most likely playful and extroverted, however, type 8 mostly tends to be an extrovert, so chances are that both these personality types tend to be quite oriented to the external world.

8w9s likes to be the boundary setters and even though they are perfectly agreeable they may not be able to deal with their boundaries being breached, however, the 8w7 is the conqueror  and therefore deals mostly in things that makes them the boundary-pushers, and their main goal is to expand their notions of relational, social and financial territory.

8w7s can also be rather dominant, looking for positions of power with energy because even with the type 7 traits, they are still technically type 8s and the 8w9 seeks to be invulnerable more than seek authority, which means that dominating may not be a big concern for them.

The 8w9 wants to avoid being submissive, whereas the 8w7 wants to dominate.

The 8w9 vs 8w7 is also evident in the fact that the 8w7 may have much more explosive anger than the 8w9, as the latter might have more the type of anger that is seething or smoldering and it may often seep into everything.


In this brief guide, we looked at the enneagram type 8w9 vs 9w8, as well as other enneagram related concepts like Enneagram 8w9, Enneagram 9w8, and enneagram 9w1 vs 9w8.

The enneagram type 8 is one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented types, and the relationship between type 8 and type 9 traits is something that baffles many people given how different these two personality types can be.

However, type 8 is not at all what most people think, and when there is a wing 9 added to this personality, it makes them even more approachable and easy to get along with.

When 8 and 9 come together it creates a very balanced person who does not get steamrolled by others and yet manages to stay social and engaging.

If you have any questions or comments about enneagram type 8w9 vs 9w8, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Enneagram 8w9 vs 9w8

Which Enneagram type is most stubborn?

The most stubborn enneagram type is considered to be type 9, as they tend to be very conflict avoidant and chances are they may not want to do anything that they feel will land them in conflict of any kind
Usually though, the enneagram type 9 is balanced and harmonious and they may want to maintain the peace, that is all.

What is a 9w8 Enneagram?

9w8 enneagram refers to a personality type that consists of the traits of type 9 and type 8, and in this type, the core type traits, which are of type 9 make for a calm and peaceful person, but at the same time type 8 is aggressive which gives these individuals the capability to also assert themselves if there is a need to do so..

What does a healthy 8 look like?

A Healthy 8 may look like someone who is strong, deeply caring and approachable, and deeply protective of those around them.

A healthy 8 is someone who may also often be seen as domineering, aggressive and lustful but most of their unseemly traits are just an extension of how they choose to express themselves as larger than life in a threatening world.

What are Enneagram 9 Wings?

The enneagram 9 wings are 9w8 and 9w1, which means that one personality type has some traits of type 8, and the other has some traits of type 1.

A 9 with an 8 wing (9w8) is more extroverted, stronger, and more body-focused than a 9 with a 1 wing.

What is the rarest Enneagram type?

Type 8 is considered to be the rarest enneagram type, followed by the type 4 and type 5.

Type 8 is known as The Challenger or The protector, and the other two rare personality types, 4 and 5, are known as the individualist and investigator respectively.

Are Enneagram 9’s lazy?

Yes, Enneagram 9’s can be somewhat lazy at times, but this is less due to a lack of desire to do things and more due to a desire to avoid conflict or problematic situations.

The enneagram type 9 may also have trouble finding their priorities and maintaining them in the face of problems as well.






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