Enneagram Type 6: Romantic Relationships(A Complete Guide)

In this article, we will look at the type 6 enneagram and how they behave in romantic relationships. We will also introduce the enneagram type under discussion to the audience by explaining its traits, basic fear and desire.

Enneagram Type 6: Romantic Relationships

The enneagram type 6 is a dedicated partner when it comes to romantic relationships. In this article we will study the following:

  • Good qualities in a relationship
  • Bad qualities in a relationship
  • Improvement in romantic relationships

Before we look at these areas in detail, the article will first introduce the enneagram type under discussion!

Who Is A Type 6 Enneagram?

A type 6 enneagram is also known as the loyalist because of their traits that include commitment and engaging with others and willing to fulfill their promises. These individuals are very hard working as well as reliable and people that can be counter on. They believe in being there for others, especially their loved ones.

The type 6 enneagram is also an excellent problem solver and they are able to see where the loopholes are, why exactly there is a problem and what possible solutions there are! They are great at bringing people together for a common cause that requires cooperation and joint resources in order to solve an issue or problem!

However, this enneagram type can become evasive and run away from their problems. If confronted, they are also very defensive and may snap at you! They are prone to experiencing stress and will oftentimes work while complaining about it – it is not easy to get them to stop working.

These individuals also have issues with their decisions in the sense that it is difficult for them to take a certain stance on something – hence they are indecisive and sometimes doubt their own selves.

Basic Fear of Loyalists

The enneagram type under discussion here is fearful of losing what support, stability or guidance they have in life. They are very much dependent on others whom they not only consider close but also depend on. The reason why they are so loyal to their close ones is because they do not want to lose them. Why? These people are the ones they derive their support and guidance from. They have this belief that they do not have all the resources that they think they need to take the world on!

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Basic Desire of Loyalists

The type 6 enneagram has the desire to have stable and strong relationships from where they can derive support, guidance and the strength they need to tackle their own problems in life. They want to be able to trust others and depend upon them and feel like they have someone to rely on. 

This is what drives these individuals to form loyal bonds with others so they are not left alone when they are in need.

Romantic Relationships & Type 6 Enneagrams

In this section, we will look at how the enneagram type 6 behaves in romantic relationships and what can they do to become better not only to themselves but also their partner!

The Good Qualities In A Relationship

In this section, we will look at the good qualities or strengths an enneagram type 6 brings into a relationship.

Resolving Difficult Issues

As we mentioned before, the enneagram type 6 is indeed committed to the relationship they are in and of course their partner. Hence, they remain dedicated even if any difficult or uncomfortable issues arise that they need to work through!

Relationships are important parts of our lives – especially the romantic ones where we share an intimate and unique bond with that special person. However, few of us understand that these relationships require a lot of hard work, compromise and forgiveness; this is why most of the times relationships fail because we do not put in the effort to understand the other person and the differences they bring into the relationship!

However, when it comes to type 6 enneagrams, they realize the importance of what they have gotten themselves into! They also realize that the love and attention they get from such relationships does not come easy! The good they bring to relationships is that they are able to work through difficult issues that arise in the relationship. No matter how hard it is to talk about a certain issue, they will go through it for the sake of their partner and the relationship. They believe in resolving things rather than giving up!

Rational Decisions

When it comes to relationships, one needs to make a lot of decisions. What is special about these decisions is that they need to be well thought out because now there is someone new in your life that needs your time and attention too. They are indeed affected by the decisions you make and it will affect the quality of your relationship.

The type 6 enneagram is smart and wise in that they make thoughtful decisions; not only do they take their partners opinion but they think well before doing something. This is because they weigh the effects of the decision not only on their own self but also on their partner and the relation they share. This helps them avoid making decisions without hurting the other person.

Loyal Individuals

The type 6 enneagram is indeed loyal. They won’t go snooping around asking for other people’s personal contact numbers or getting cozy with somebody else behind their partners back. Most importantly, they won’t check out their partner’s friends – that’s where it hits hard right folks!

The type 6 enneagram not only realizes how sensitive relationships can be but also they do not feel the need to look here or there because they are content with the person whom they choose to be with. Hence, it is a piece of cake for them to be loyal – they are happy with the person they are with.

So, if you are dating a type 6 enneagram or in a long term relationship with them, you do not have to worry much. They are deeply in love with you and have eyes only for you. They won’t feel the need to check out other options because you are the person they want to be with. Hence, knowing this, you need to give them the trust they deserve and not keep too much of an eye on them.

Bad Qualities In A Relationship

In this section, we will explain what weaknesses the type 6 enneagram brings into a relationship!

Unhealthy Relationships – Hard To let Go

The type 6 enneagram finds it hard to let go of relationships they are in even if they are unhealthy or toxic! It is natural to develop a bond with someone whom we have spent time with. However, sometimes we realize the other person is not right for us maybe because they are too mean, do not understand our differences and are not willing to work out issues we face with them in a logical manner. Despite all that, we tread on hoping things will get better. This is exactly what the type 6 enneagram does and it is indeed unhealthy for their own self and the relationship.


Sometimes the type 6 enneagram may become panicky when faced with a strange or disturbing situation in a relationship. They will become tense or afraid and not be able to think things through with a clear and calm mind. This will not only make things difficult for them but also for their partner.

Important Decisions

Although the type 6 enneagram can take time to make decisions, they feel somewhat uncomfortable and maybe frightened of taking big or important decisions with regards to their relationships and hence may be hesitant.

Improvement In Romantic Relationships

The type 6 enneagram first needs to realize that they deserve a good partner in their relationship. They should be with someone who puts their needs first and respects them and their beliefs, dreams, practices and background. If not, they need to let go of the relationship they are in.

Furthermore, the type 6 enneagram needs to take their partner into confidence when making important decisions. This will not only help the enneagram type take a better decision but they will have more support and hence feel less panicky!

Finally, the type 6 enneagram must learn how to remain calm even in difficult situations because this is the key to a long term relationship where both partners feel strong, confident and supported by each other!


This article first introduced the enneagram type 6 to the audience by mentioning its fears, desires and major personality traits. The article then went on to comment on how this enneagram behaves in relationships and what good or bad qualities they bring to them. Lastly, the article advised the readers on how the enneagram type 6 needs to improve when it comes to romantic relationships.




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