Enneagram Type 2 Careers: Best Jobs(+5 List)

This article will look at the types of jobs that are best suited to the enneagram type 2 and why. Furthermore, the article will also introduce this type to the audience by describing its traits, fears and desires. The article will also look at workplace practices this enneagram likes or dislikes.

Enneagram Type 2 Careers: Best Jobs

Here is a list of the jobs that are best suited to the type 2 enneagram:

  • Religious Leader
  • Humanitarian Worker
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Teacher
  • Non Profit Leader
  • Nurse
  • Counselor
  • Human Resource Manager

Who Is An Enneagram Type 2?

An enneagram type 2 is also known as the Helper because of their desire to help others and make their tasks easier or remove any burden upon them.  They are very caring and have great interpersonal skills that allows them to interact with people to help them and understand their situation and needs. Personality traits used to describe type 2s include possessive, demonstrative, helpful and people pleasing.

People with this type are very empathetic and have profound emotional intelligence thus it makes them more approachable and appealing to people who are in need of help and find it difficult to ask. They are friendly, generous and self sacrificing hence they overlook their own needs to fulfill those of others!

However, such closeness with others results in feelings of possessiveness. Also, they force their own self to forgo their feelings and need to make sure they are available to others for help; this may seem pretty good in the short term but they will end up pretty frustrated in the long run and their feelings may erupt like a huge volcano does!

Basic Fear.

Type enneagrams are scared they will be left alone and unloved. They want to belong somewhere especially in someone’s heart. They feel that the only way they can do this is to feel worthy. How do they feel worthy? Well they have this innate core belief that they must be helpful in some way to another person – they must be able to help them get work done, provide the resources they need or be there for them in their difficult times.

This is why such people are often in the pursuit of trying to get close to others to find out how they can be of use to them! They will sometimes be too nosy and may become a source of irritability for others as they wonder why they are always around them!

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Basic Desire.

The desire of enneagram type 2s stems from their fear that they will be left alone and unloved. Also, they feel they will be worthless not only in their own eyes but those of others too. Hence they want to be able to be in a position that they can help other people and they will strive persistently to do so. They want to be recognized and appreciated for the help they provide and also be loved in return. This is the basic desire of enneagram type 2s that drives them to work hard to become close to others – a bit too close sometimes!

Workplace Practices: The Good Vs Bad

In this section we will look at workplace practices that either motivate or demotivate the type 2 enneagram!

Good Workplace Practices

The following workplace practices are ones that motivate the type 2 enneagram!

Helping Someone Go Through A Personal Problem

The type 2 enneagram is one that has the innate desire to help others. They are greatly satisfied when they can help someone with a personal problem they are going through because not only do they feel rewarded when someone helps them but they are helping a coworker with problems outside of work; they appreciate seeing the personal side of people.

Hence, an environment at work that encourages coworkers to interact with and support each other is one that allows the type 2 enneagram to open up to others and help them out with their personal issues. A workplace culture that discourages such exchanges makes it difficult for the type 2 enneagram to do what they truly believe in doing!

Boss Appreciates Them

For some enneagrams, it is very important that they not only derive satisfaction from their work but also from their boss who appreciates what they do and how they do it! For the type 2 enneagram, it is highly rewarding and motivating if their boss takes out the time to actually go through their work and appreciate it!

Hence, the type 2 enneagram should work in a culture where work is not done just for the sake of work but also it is appreciated and the boss himself takes up the task of doing such a thing!

Peers Listen To Them

It is very important that type 2 enneagram’s peers listen to them with regards to what they believe about a certain work task for example or how it should be done. A group of coworkers who disregard the opinions of a person or do not take them into consideration in work related matters is something the type 2 enneagram does not appreciate.

Hence, it is important the type 2 enneagram works in an environment that promotes a healthy culture where peers respect and listen to each other.

Bad Workplace Habits

This section of the article will focus on those practices at the workplace that lead to demotivation in type 2 enneagrams

Boss Does Not Appreciate Work

If the type 2 enneagram’s boss doesn’t appreciate or recognize the effort this enneagram puts into their work then it is a reason for them to be demotivated. The type 2 enneagram wants to be appreciated for their efforts which is a natural human requirement. They are dedicated to the work they do and want to be rewarded for that in a manner that gives them the recognition they need to keep them going!


This is something the type 2 enneagram greatly disapproves of! They already put so much effort into their work and the last thing they want to hear is criticism about it. Of course constructive feedback is something they do not mind. However, without recognizing their hard work, pointing out mistakes may be something that they do not take so easily!

Enneagram Type 2 Careers: Best Jobs

In this section we will look at the types of jobs that are best suited for the type 2 enneagram and why!

Religious Leader

Being a religious leader is one occupation that is rewarding for the type 2 enneagram. This is because this enneagram loves to help people solve their personal issues and one of the aspects religion addresses is the problems people go through. Hence, through this occupation, the type 2 enneagram can do much good and feel satisfied!

Humanitarian Worker

Being a humanitarian worker is another way the type 2 enneagram can achieve what they love doing. They get to help people get through the numerous problems they face which are not just limited to mental but physical problems as well. This job is also surrounded by much appreciation and recognition.

Customer Service Representative

Being a customer service representative is another great way for type 2 enneagrams to feel great about what they do. They get to interact with people frequently and help make their problems a bit easier to handle!


A teacher is always someone you expect to help you whether it’s that math problem you always get stuck at or how to say sorry to your friend at school. Teachers are a great occupation for type 2 enneagrams because it puts them in one of the best positions to help others – especially children who sincerely need guidance.

Non Profit Leader

A non profit leader is someone who motivates people to do what is worth doing! They run organizations that are aimed at helping the society rather than making a profit. It needs a leader who is dedicated to run such an institute! Hence, it makes the perfect job for the type 2 enneagram!


Once again, this particular occupation – that of a nurse – is rewarding in nature for type 2 enneagrams because they get to take care of the society they live in. From caring for people who have health issues to those who faced an accident, this is an occupation that requires much dedication and hard work – but there is much appreciation in it.


This is a good occupation for type 2 enneagrams because not only do they get to interact with others who will appreciate the efforts they put in – people who require counseling often appreciate those who give them time – but also they get to give back to society in a number of ways through this profession!


This article provided an introduction to the type 2 enneagram by outlining its traits, fears and desires. Furthermore, it listed and explained why certain occupations are a good choice for the enneagram under discussion. Lastly, it highlighted good and bad workplace practices keeping in mind the preferences of the type 2 enneagram!




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