Enneagram 9w8 Careers: Best Jobs (+5 List)

The article will look at the jobs that are best suited for this enneagram type while also commenting on the workplace practices that motivate or demotivate these individuals. The article will also introduce this enneagram type to the readers.

Enneagram 9w8 Careers: Best Jobs

Here are the best jobs for the 9w8 enneagram:

  • Counselor
  • Social Worker
  • Publicity Writer
  • Veterinarian
  • Diplomat
  • Salesperson
  • Judge
  • Editor
  • Religious Worker

We will look at some of these jobs in detail but before that we will introduce the 9w8 enneagram in detail to the readers!

What Is The Enneagram Type 9w8?

The enneagram type 9w8 associates with the type 9 mostly but also shares traits from the type 8 enneagram. Compared to other type 9 enneagrams, these types are more outspoken and like to take more risks! 

These individuals like to remain out of harm’s way but they have this innate urge to be assertive hence they have conflicting traits due to the fact that they share traits from two different enneagrams. So they tend to avoid conflict but if pushed a lot they will speak up and won’t back down at all! So be careful when you deal with them. They may seem harmless and easy to take advantage of but they will fight back if you exceed the boundaries they have set up!

These individuals like to simplify issues they are facing. If something is very stressful they will like to avoid it completely but in other cases they will try to minimize the magnitude of problems they experience. This may be very soothing in the initial term but as things go along, the problem will start becoming bigger and bigger and eventually the enneagram will have to face the music. They can’t run away from problems forever.

All in all, this enneagram is creative and optimistic. They are supportive and engage well with people because they are sociable. They are comfortable talking to people and enjoy the experience because they get to learn new things, can figure out what is going on around them and what things, if any, they need to be aware of.

Now that we have a general idea of this enneagram, we will take a deeper look at its personality by looking at its fears and desires!

Basic Fear of the Advisor

This enneagram is afraid of being separated from others or falling into the bad books of people! They want to be on the good side of people and not get on their nerves. This is why they avoid conflict or disagreement with others so they can be likeable and not the one who tends to ruin things – even if it means hiding the sour truth!

You will see people with this enneagram type backing down from their long held stances just to avoid getting into a fight. Even if they believe in something wholeheartedly or have done much research to easily prove the other person wrong, they will refrain from doing so. They are afraid they will be left alone because of following their own whims and desires or beliefs.

However, this unique combination of enneagrams does have some internal tension or conflict within itself! The wing 8 enneagram is one that is confrontational and will go after what they believe in and want. Hence they won’t step back so easily. They will actually fight to defend what it is they consider right and hence be assertive! Due to this conflict between the enneagrams that make up the 9w8 enneagram type, the individuals who fall under this category may experience confusion and internal conflict.

The Desire – 9w8 Enneagrams

The one thing this enneagram desires is peace – internally and externally. They want to feel content and happy within and they also want to be at peace with those around them. They do not want to face any sort of conflict that will become a source of stress for them and force them to choose one thing over the other.

What happens is that this enneagram tries to attain peace at quite some costs which may work in the short term but will adversely affect this enneagram type in the long run! They often numb their negative feelings so as to avoid erupting into a conflict with others and feeling happy ‘artificially’. They also engage in hectic or repetitive routines to avoid thinking about the problems that bother them.

The Workplace – The Good Vs Bad Traits

In this section of the article, we will look at workplace practices that motivate or drain this enneagram type!

Good Workplace Practices

The enneagram under discussion does well at work when they are able to help others in their work as well as in their personal and professional conflicts. They like to be around other people and learn more about them in order to help them and build a good relationship. Also, this enneagram feels very happy and satisfied when they can actually help others get the success they want. 

Too many surprises or new events without a prior warning can sometimes overwhelm this personality type. They prefer to have stability in their routine because it makes them feel more prepared. In case something new does come up, they feel they need more time to prepare to counter or tackle it.

Bad Workplace Practices

Not getting the attention they deserve or being asked to participate in a task or project that is of interest and relevance to them greatly disappoints the type 9w8 enneagram. They want to be part of the game and help others reach goals. They also want to be part of the experience. Furthermore, dealing with too many personal conflicts can affect their day at work too.

This enneagram does not like being controlled too much by others or their work routine and they desire flexibility and their way of doing things.

Enneagram 9w8 Careers: Best Jobs

We will now take a look at some of the jobs that are best suited for the enneagram 9w8 in more detail!


Becoming a counselor is a great idea when it comes to these enneagrams. They can work in a safe and reliable environment where they have a good idea of what is coming – well we hope they do! They can also use this opportunity to fulfill their inner needs which include feeling happy by helping others solve their conflicts. This is a great job for enneagram 9w8s which they should consider. It gives them the freedom to handle their clients in the way they deem appropriate.

Social Worker

A social worker is someone who also provides services to people who are going through a wider range of problems. Unlike counselors who focus on only one or a few areas the social worker has to deal with a wider range of issues. They get to help people get through difficult situations and hence feel very rewarded at the end of the day. 


The type 9w8 enneagram likes to avoid conflict and hence one of the best jobs for them is to become a diplomat who tries to keep conflict out of their borders! This is a job where the enneagram is expected to help reduce conflict and tension and find solutions to existing problems. They not only get to do what they want to do but they have everyone’s support. It is easier this way to be in everyone’s good books because they choose a middle way rather than an extreme one favoring one or the other party.


A salesperson is another interesting job title for this enneagram because they get to interact with people and recommend products or services that will help solve their problems or make their life easier! This is a fun and exciting job where they can think of creative ways to approach people. Their personality type is also such that they focus on keeping the customer happy in every way possible no matter what!

Religious Worker

A religious worker is someone who conducts ceremonies or rituals that are associated with a certain belief system or religion. It involves the conducting of marriage ceremonies, death rituals, divorce proceedings and even that of the birth of a baby. It is an emotional job that can elicit positive and negative emotions as well as result in satisfaction and content especially when they help someone through a difficult time complete their tasks or necessary religious rites.


This article took a look at the 9w8 enneagram as well as the jobs that are best suited for it and why. The article also highlighted workplace practices that are either good or bad for its productivity and satisfaction.




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