Enneagram 9w1 vs 9w8 Test (How to know your Personality type?)

In this brief guide, we will look at a 9w1 vs 9w8 test of enneagram personality types, and we will also consider what the 9w1 personality and 9w8 personality traits are like.

9w1 vs 9w8 Test

The 9w1 vs 9w8 difference may come across in any basic enneagram test, as these tests are designed to assess what personality the person has.

The main difference between 9w1 vs 9w8 is that where 9w1 is idealistic yet avoids conflict as much as they can, 9w8 might try to keep the peace in a way that still leaves them independent.

A 9w1 might engage in the process of tactfully changing mindsets, and they may often be seen trying to go about reforming the way things are, and they may often do it as a preventative effort and in the most defensive way they can.

The 9w8 on the other hand may be slightly more upfront and offensive about what they want to achieve, but they will still take the most peaceful way to any situation.

Where the 9w1 takes a negotiating sort of style, the 9w8 might try to do things through confronting the issue head on, and they may try to get to the cause or root of the problem.

A 9w8 may also be someone that is generally laid back and doesn’t get offended or upset often, but they are capable of having a strong and commanding presence for peace when it is required, and they may do so in an obvious fashion, but the 9w1 may take a diplomatic approach for the same manner of doing the right thing.

The 9w8 may feel no hesitation being honest and upfront when someone is in the wrong, and they may have no qualms about putting a person in their place.

A 9w1 might try to listen to all the people involved in a conflict when they are trying to resolve it, they may hear them out, try to help them see the other person’s point of view, or change their way of thinking or behavior.

The 9w8 on the other hand may not be so diligent, and they may prefer trying to tell someone when they are in the wrong or when they are disrupting the peace, and might want to step back and reassess the situation.

The enneagram test settles the difference between 9w1 vs 9w8 rather nicely, but if someone is still having problems making up their mind, they can read about the two personality types in a little more detail below, so that they may have some more information about the two.

9w1: The Negotiator

9w1 has the core traits of type 9 and some traits of type 1, and this individual may like being peaceful, but they are also sure of their convictions and ideals, and they may like to take a peaceful approach to solve the biggest of the society’s issues.

9w1 is also known as the Negotiator, as they tend to be very sure of themselves, and they get what they want without ruffling too many feathers.

9w1s are quite friendly but still a bit introverted, and they don’t really get into conflicts of any kind unless provoked extremely intensely, in which case they may be deeply hurt and say some mildly harsh words, but they will more likely keep the pain inside.

Due to their wing 1 personality traits, the 9w1 is idealistic and serious and has rather set ideas of rights and wrongs, and at the same time they fear misfortune and isolation.

The 9w1 personality will avoid disturbing peace and balance at all costs, as they prefer maintaining a delicate harmony in both their internal and external world, which may lead them to internalize their problems rather than externalize them and share with the people who care about them.

The 9w1 may therefore have somewhat unhealthy ways of dealing with negativity sometimes, as they may find it too hard to talk about their primary issues, but for the most part they are rather optimistic and their wing 1 makes them quite orderly in their approach to the world.

Basic Fear of 9w1

The basic fear that of the 9w1 is a significant fear of conflict which they do anything to avoid, and if they do sense a potential problem shaping up in their external or internal environment, they may take great precautions to avoid it.

A secondary basic fear of the 9w1 personality is that they don’t want to be secluded from the rest of the world, and they truly and deeply care about retaining everything that matters to them.

They may strongly attach themselves to objects of value, and be scared of losing them constantly, whether it is something tangible like family or friends, or something more abstract, like their moral compass or their just position in life.

Their basic fear of wanting to avoid conflict extends to problems in the society around them, like social inequality or immorality of any kind, and they hate the idea that their ideas or skills might ever be used to hurt anyone else, and if they do see these problems happening they may take strong steps to find peaceful and social ways to rectify those wrongs.

Basic Desires of the 9w1

The basic desire of 9w1 is that they want peace, both internal and external, and because they have a type 1 wing, they may also want the world at large to be peaceful and conflict-free, and they may often find ideal and peaceful ways of making that happen.

The 9w1 personality desires more than anything else to maintain harmony inside and out, and the addition of the type 1 makes them crave an idealized, peaceful world, and which often pushes them to take relevant action.

The defense mechanism of 9w1 personality may also stem from their basic desire, and they may prefer to distract themselves from the problem that is causing conflict rather than face it, and they may prefer to avoid negative emotions that they may experience, and they may use repression to do it.

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The other basic desire that 9w1 may be driven by is a need to maintain harmony around them, and for this reason, they may often feel uneasy if there is too much ruckus around them and

9w8: The Advisor

The 9w8 type or Type Nine with Eight-wing are individuals who have core traits of type 9 and some traits of type 8, and this personality type may be characterized by their need to avoid conflict or needing internal and external peace, adaptability, agreeableness, and extroverted tendencies.

The 9w8 personality may have a strong will, confidence, and an assertive personality, which are all attributes that may come from the eight wing, as the type 9 personality tends to be a lot calmer.

The 9w8 personality type is also known as the Advisor, which is because they tend to be social, independent, and they may often crave a certain degree of routine in their life.

These individuals may be adventurous compared to then other 9 personalities or 9 wings, and they may not have the quieter and reserved demeanor of their counterparts.

The 9w8 might not care much for introspection, and they may have much more outgoing tendencies.

The 9w8 is social and adaptable because they have a combination of 9 and 8 traits, and they usually tend to seek balance and peace in life like other nines, but at the same time they want this willfully, and they want to be left alone out of others’ control.

Like most type 9s, they may have a deep fear of falling prey to conflict and disharmony, and they may go to great lengths to avoid it, as they want to maintain a sense of oneness with the world around them and with their own internal morals and principles.

Basic fears of the 9w8

The basic fears of 9w8 also is, in most part, a fear of getting into conflict or having a confrontation, but while they may aim to please, and try to stay away from explosive situations, they may still stand up for themselves if need be, and despite this basic fear.

The 9w8 personality types are extroverts, which means that their basic fears may also be centered around feeling any sort of separation from the world around them and they may try to actively keep this from happening.

The 9w8 personality also tends to be more assertive due to their eight wing traits, which means that they have conflicting traits that may themselves create the thing that they have a fear of, which is internal tension.

Basic desires of 9w8

The basic desires of the 9w8 are to avoid conflict and maintain peace, and with the eight wing they may also feel a desire to be assertive and seek pleasurable situations.

The 9w8 may desire to maintain some semblance of control, thanks to the eight wing and finding some way to be internally balanced is usually of paramount importance to the 9w8.

The basic desires of the 9w8 personality lead their process of defense mechanisms, which usually tend to be similar to that of type 9, that is, numbing or tuning out their negative emotions through routine and repetitive patterns, whether they are healthy or unhealthy.

9w8 and 9w1 Relationship

A 9w8 and 9w1 relationship might work in some cases as they have complementary natures and attitudes to life; the 9w8 is extroverted and playful and the 9w1 is more serious and stable, and these opposites may work well in a relationship.

In a 9w8 and 9w1 relationship, one may find that the true test lies in their ability to meet in a common ground, and if they are not able to do so, they may have problems.

The 9w8 and 9w1 friends/partners may live excessively because they both just want to relax and have fun because life may just be too stressful in general, and they would like to enjoy each other’s company to get away from the conflict and trouble around them.


In this brief guide, we looked at a 9w1 vs 9w8 test of enneagram personality types, and we also considered what the 9w1 personality and 9w8 personality traits are like.

It can be confusing to know what personality you are when the question is something like 9w1 vs 9w8, because enneagram 9 tends to be quite heavy in both, and it can make it slightly difficult to make up your mind about one type.

Enneagram tests about 9w1 vs 9w8 may clarify matters a bit, but usually it is not enough to really tell you what you should relate to or what your personality is like.

Therefore, you might also want to read about these enneagram personality types as much as you can, so that you may be able to really figure out who you are without hassle.

If you have any questions or comments about the 9w1 vs 9w8 test or enneagram personalities in general, please feel free to reach out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 9w1 vs 9w8 Test

What is a 9w8?

9w8s is an enneagram personality type with the core traits of type 9 and some traits of  type 8, which means that these people may be calm and peaceful, and they would likely try to avoid making too many waves, but at the same the more aggressive type 8 may make these people somewhat likely to be able to avoid being in someone’s control or tolerate things that go against them.

What is an Enneagram 9w1?

The enneagram 9w1, or nine wing one, is a personality which has the core traits of the type nine, but they also show some traits of the one type. 
The 9w1 personality tends to be creative, imaginative, and hardworking, and they are usually quite friendly in their behavior.
The 9w1 personality has traits of the type 1 personality that makes them quite idealistic and serious compared to the enneagram nines.

Which Enneagram type is most rare?

The rarest enneagram type is Type 8, also known as the The Challenger.
Other rare enneagram personality types include type 4 the Individualist and type 5 the investigator.

Are Enneagram 9s introverts?

Many enneagram 9s can be introverts due to their tendency to want peace and solitude, and they may often be the type of people that like to stay away from external chaos and keep themselves isolated within themselves.
At the same time enneagram 9 may also want to have other people’s affection because they do have the desire to feel a connection with their surroundings, so they are unlikely to be the kind of cutoff that makes them far away from society or reclusive in any way.




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