Enneagram 8w9 Female: (The Diplomat)

This article will not only introduce the type 8w9 enneagram by discussing the enneagrams it is made up of but also the unique traits that it has. Furthermore, the article will focus on the female version of this enneagram and discuss how they are and what struggles or issues they face with regards to their personality and behaviour!

Enneagram 8w9 Female: The Diplomat

The enneagram 8w9 female has the following traits:

  • Seek Independence
  • Avoid Being Vulnerable – Especially Emotionally
  • Protective
  • Naturally Confident
  • Desire Control

Here are some of the struggles these female enneagrams face:

  • Stubborn
  • Temper Issues
  • Seem Emotionally Detached

Let us take a look at what the type 8w9 enneagram is before we look at the above traits in detail!

Enneagram 8w9: The Diplomat

This enneagram type is confident and patient but at the same time protective and will strike if required. However, compared to type 8 enneagrams, they are more gentle and easy going. They prefer to remain calm and stress free when it comes to tasks that are due or responsibilities that they have – it is better to remain calm rather than fret about what one needs to do!

At the same time, these enneagrams enjoy the independence they have and dislike taking orders from other people, especially authority figures. They want to do things their own way in a manner that is easy and comfortable for them. It’s my way or the highway for them! Whether its work, school or any program they are enrolled in, they want to be able to have the liberty of engaging in self paced courses that allow them a great deal of flexibility; they appreciate programs or systems where they are given the end goal and given the freedom to pursue it in a manner that is acceptable to them.

However, this type of enneagram also has issues related to their emotions – especially the regulation of emotions. They do not feel very comfortable expressing their emotions to others possibly because of the fear they have – they do not want to be controlled or manipulated by others. Hence, they will not always express how they feel about someone or something and keep this to themself.

Basic Fear – The 8w9 Female Enneagram

The basic fear of the type 8w9 enneagram – which extends to women as well – is to be hurt by others. Hence, they like to avoid situations where they are not in control and are at more risk of being let down by others, manipulated or deceived or emotionally damaged. They like to occupy leadership positions that not only gives them the leverage they need but it sends a message to others to not mess with them!

The Desire of 8w9 Enneagrams – What Women Want

Their basic desire is often expressed when they assert independence from a very young age! They want to be in control of their own future and make decisions that satisfy their needs and wants. This enneagram desires to be independent and resourceful enough to guard themself against threats or any sort of harm!

One of the things these individuals do to seem strong is to build walls around them. They do not express their emotions honestly because they feel that by doing so they will appear weak! They often deny emotional vulnerability as well!

What Are They Made Of – 8w9 Female Enneagrams

The 8w9 enneagram is made up of both the type 8 and type 9 enneagrams. They possess more traits from the type 8 enneagram compared to the type 9 one. 

The enneagram type 8 can be described as confident, confrontational, decisive and assertive as well. They do not hesitate to voice out their opinions or take a stand for what they firmly believe in. Furthermore, these individuals are focused on what they want and will not stop at anything when it comes to achieving their goals or desires.

However, although they are resourceful and generally straightforward people, these enneagram types are affected by their ego and can be dominating when it comes to being around other people. They want to have what it is that makes them feel complete or whole and as we said they will do anything in their power to get it!

When it comes to the type 9 enneagram, this enneagram type is one that is willing to go a long way to keep peace and avoid conflict! They are generally easy going individuals who are cooperative, agreeable and tolerant as well. They prefer to compromise and agree to what others say in order to ensure smooth functioning. Hence, they are not too difficult to convince!

These individuals are also very trusting of others and easily accept what the other person says. Usually, they do not bother to go through much effort to determine what the other person says is true or not. They do this because of their personality which is to trust others but also because they do not want to get into a fight with another person.

Enneagram 8w9 Female: The Diplomat

In this section, we will look at traits or behaviours the type 8w9 female enneagram exhibits!

Seek Independence

The female enneagram wants to be independent so they don’t have to rely on anyone else for help! They understand that being dependent on someone else puts them in a situation which is vulnerable – anybody can take advantage of them.

Hence, from a very young age, these women desire to be independent and they put in the hard work. Not only do they create their own source of income but also learn how to get different things done without anyone else’s help.

Avoid Being Vulnerable – Especially Emotionally

Being self aware, these female enneagrams do not express their emotional self to others. They do not want to seem weak especially when such stereotypes surround women to the extent that even showing a hint of emotion may make them seem weak.


Regardless of their approach to life, the type 8w9 female enneagram is very protective of those they care about. They not only want to create an independent life for themself but for others too they want the same – especially their loved ones. The female enneagram hence keeps an eye out for those she cares about and ensures they have the freedom to do what they want.

Naturally Confident

These enneagram types are naturally confident! They do not hesitate asking questions that make them curious nor do they step back from asking what they need if it is integral to what they want to achieve.

Even in tough situations, the type 8w9 female enneagram will not stand down. If they need to speak up for the right of others or even their own rights, they will not let anyone stop them from doing that.

Desire Control

To be independent, one desires control. The female enneagram under discussion is indeed thirsty for control not only over her life but the resources she deems necessary. Whether at work or anywhere else, they want to have enough control so that they can do things their own way.


There are some undesirable traits associated with this female enneagram. One of them is being stubborn! Although being stubborn can be a good thing where they do not stand back or compromise when it comes to meeting their goals, it can become a hurdle when it comes up even in tiny issues or situations!

Temper Issues

Being a fierce woman means temper issues sometimes! You work so hard not only to reach that place where you want to be but at the same time face more hurdles than the average male! Hence, it is not surprising to see a female type 8w9 enneagram have temper issues – let her blow off some steam.

Seem Emotionally Detached

Being immersed in so much work while at the same time keeping a safe distance from others can signal an emotionally detached human being. Oftentimes, women who fall under this enneagram type are considered emotionally distant!

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This article looked at the type 8w9 female enneagram by describing her major traits and the ones that she may be struggling with. The article, in order to help create a deeper understanding of the topic, also looked at the type 8w9 enneagram and what enneagram types it is made up of. Hence, the article provided an in depth understanding of the topic under discussion.




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