Enneagram 6w7 SX (A 3 point Guide)

This article will take a look at the one to one or intimate subtype of the type 6w7 enneagram which is also known as the sexual subtype because it focuses on survival and continuity. The article will also look at other subtypes of this enneagram and introduce it in detail too.

Enneagram 6w7s One To One Subtype – A Complete Guide

The first style is based on overcoming or avoiding fear through willpower and feats of physical strength and bravery, or through the strength of one’s intellect and fierce ideological positions. In the second style, fear and self-doubt are handled by channeling one’s idealism and keen perceptiveness into creating beauty in the environment. This helps create some stability and control.

The 6w7 is indeed a warrior and as highlighted above the enneagram does not step back but merely changes their line of action when it comes to facing their problems or dealing with past issues. Imagine a person who deals with a difficult situation by first tackling the root problem and taking an offensive yet justifiable stance where they go head on into confrontation to sort out the matter. However, if they are unable to resolve things then they will change their strategy slightly. They will try to show themselves and the other person the good in the situation and revisit how to deal with things.

In this article we will take a look at the 6w7s other subtypes and also briefly introduce the enneagram type under discussion.

The 6w7 Enneagram: The Confidant

This enneagram shares traits not only with the type 6 enneagram but also the type 7 enneagram. These individuals are very hard working and like to put in a lot of effort and time into what they do or believe in. The ‘buddy’ is also more sociable compared to other type 6s hence they like to meet new people, attend parties and events and of course not miss out on any event!

The confidant loves being around people. Whether it’s a study group, a social gathering or a simple meetup at the nearby cafe, they are the first ones to be there. Being with new people or their close friends, these enneagrams feel extremely replenished – they get to recharge their social battery. Being alone will eventually drain them and they will desire to socialize.

At the same time, these personality types need security in their life. They want to feel gilded and secure usually through the availability of systems, resources and the support of people. This is why they continuously seek assurance from others with regards to how they behave or perform or what decisions they make in life.

Not only do these enneagrams lack security but they have an interesting way of dealing with their feelings. They project their own feelings onto others. This is not a healthy habit and may inculcate fear and suspicion with regards to others. They even joke about their own feelings to make light of them and not have to deal with how they feel. Thus, they may have a number of internal issues in terms of their feelings and emotions.

When it comes to relationships, this enneagram is all in! they pursue the relationships they are part of wholeheartedly. This is because they derive stability from these relationships which they badly desire. Furthermore, it appeals to their emotional component which although is not so obvious is still present. They put a lot of trust in these relationships and give their all. This allows them to engage with others, especially those whom they are close with.

The Basic Fear of Buddies

The basic fear of the 6w7 enneagram is to lose their support system. they badly need those whom they put their trust in and love. they want to be able to call upon those who they consider their last moment saviours – when they are in trouble. Hence, this is why they shower others with love and care so they can receive the same treatment. This enneagram type remains in anxiety because of this fear. They are always worried they will be left alone and hence not have the support they need or desire. They believe that they are not equipped to deal with life’s problems and need others. This fear also inculcates a habit in them to seek affirmation and assurance from others. they need to be told that others will be there for them.

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The Desire – 6w7 Enneagrams

Of course their basic desire stems from their fear of losing support and stability – something they badly need in life. They are afraid their friends will leave them and this is something they never want. they want to feel confident that they will have someone to fall back upon in case of a bad situation. They achieve this by being loving towards others. They want to have supportive friends and family that stand by them in their difficult times. This makes them feel strong and confident!

What Are Instinctual Variants?

In order to survive and thrive human beings have generally developed three types of behaviours that allow them to respond to threats, socialize with others and form close relationships with people – these are known as self preservation, social, and one to one behaviours respectively.

These behaviours are defined by subtypes and there are a total of 27 subtypes which means that each enneagram has 3 subtypes in total just like the type 6w7 enneagram which we highlighted above. 

We have subtypes because they allow us to react to different situations immediately with little awareness and effort – this allows us to deal with various situations without putting too much thought and effort into it. Hence, we as individuals may behave differently in different situations but generally in the same manner across a wider continuum.

Some people see their primary subtype quite quickly, while for others it’s a matter of study over time. Those who know us well may offer some useful feedback, since we don’t always see ourselves objectively.

In this article, we will take a look at the subtypes of the type 6w7 enneagram in detail!

The Instinctual Variants Of The Type 6w7 Enneagram

Let us take a look at the other 2 subtypes of this enneagram one by one!

Self Preservation: Warmth – The Family Loyalist

The enneagram 6w7 tries to stay in the good books of those around them by adopting a warm, friendly and approachable personality that allows them to be considered ‘safe’ and ‘harmless’. They do not want to upset anyone or anger them nor do they want to fall onto the bad side of those who are most near to them. This is because they look for cover in those around them; if they act brutally or express their true feelings then they fear scaring others away or making them so angry that they abandon them.

By being left alone the 6w7 is vulnerable and they will have to deal with their problems and issues alone. 6w7s who experience lack of security in their early life for whatever reason – bad parenting, being raised by a single or no parent or even being a victim of abuse will make them feel insecure even in later life hence they will not be able to take risks.

Social: Duty – The Social Guardian

The type 6w7 needs to be very clear about the social relationships they have in life. This is necessary so they know who means what to them and how much priority they should give to them. Hence, they will classify people mentally into different boxes such as family, colleagues, acquaintances, friends, good friends and of course best friends.

By doing so, they are able to relax and remain peaceful because they do not feel overburdened by too many important relations in their life. However, if they ever come across a situation where they are unable to gauge the relation they have with someone mostly because of the other person’s ambiguous behavior or intentions – this drives them crazy. They do realize they need to give other people space but they cannot stand but not make things simple in life. They just know who means what to them and who plans on staying for a long time while who plans on leaving from their life in the near future.


This article took a look at the one to one subtype of the 6w7 enneagram which is also known as the SX subtype and represents survival. It also discussed the other subtypes of the 6w7 enneagram and also introduced this type in detail.


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