Enneagram 4w3 anime characters (A Complete Guide)

In this article, we will discuss enneagram 4w3 anime characters. We will do that by giving a brief overview of the enneagram 4w3 personality type. We will then move on to discussing anime characters having 4w3 personalities and describe their traits. 

Enneagram 4w3 anime characters 

Prominent anime characters with type 4w3 personality are as follows:

  • Gaara (Naruto)
  • Howl (Howl’s moving castle)
  • Deidara (naruto)
  • Yuki Sohma (Fruits Basket)
  • Kaede Azusagawa (Seishun Buta Yarou)
  • Nana Osaki (Nana)
  • Kise Ryouta (Kukorou no Basket)
  • Jellal Fernandes (Fairy Tail)
  • Renge Houshakuji (Ouran highschool host club)
  • Furukawa Sanae (Clannad)

Overview of enneagram 4w3

Type 4w3 has basic traits of type 4 and secondary traits of type 3.

Basic fear 

Type 4w3 fear being insignificant and often express it by saying they are unique or distinct from others.

Basic desire 

Type 4w3 desire to be different and unique in terms of identity. They try to do that by being creative and expressing themself through art. At times, they adopt other people’s characteristics in their attempts of trying to be more authentic. 

Strengths of Type 4w3

  • Creative, Efficient
  • Genuine and authentic
  • In tune with themself
  • Understand the feelings of others

Weaknesses of Type 4w3

  • Overly-concerned about self-image
  • Engage in self-doubt and insecurity
  • Need approval of others
  • Exhibit emotional reactions in stress

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Workplace and job 

Type 4w3 are creative, ambitious, and express themselves through means of art. They prefer to work in jobs that allow them to be creative and form connections with others e.g. artists, music teachers, journalists, photographers, etc.

Source of Stress for type 4w3

  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Failure
  • Disappointing others
  • Being alone
  • Struggling to express themself

Enneagram 4w3 anime characters 

Following is a list of anime characters with type 4w3 personality:

Gaara (Naruto)

Gaara is an important character on ‘Naruto’ who was despised by the villagers of his village. He had a jinchuriki inside him which made him the target of bullying. He felt that he was different and not worthy of love and stopped trying to form connections with other people. He appeared calm and emotionless. He was not moved by other’s pleas of mercy and wanted revenge. He hated other people but internally he wanted to be accepted by others. Whereas, apparently, he was withdrawn, silent, and threatened to finish off others. He expressed himself through his powers of sand. With time, he learns compassion and starts to connect with others especially as Naruto forms a bond with him and accepts him for who he is. 

Howl Pendragon(Howl’s moving castle)

Howl Pendragon is the main lead on Howl’s moving castle. He is a famous wizard who particularly takes care of his appearance and how he looks which explains that he is a self-conscious character. He is flamboyant and flashy. He has a kind and generous personality. Howl forgives others for their mistakes and dislikes conflicts. His overall attitude is child-like and he often seeks attention from the females. As soon as he gets someone to love him, he cuts them out of his life. Since he lost his humanity by giving calcifier his heart, he starts to express himself through magic.

Deidara (Naruto)

Deidara is one of the villains in Naruto. He has been depicted as barbarous and who enjoys fighting with other people by blowing them up. He is especially passionate about art and respects it deeply. Through art, he expresses himself and battles with anyone who ridicules his work. He particularly feels accomplished after he makes big sculptures. Rather, he thinks that his work makes him unique and different from others. 

Insults from other characters upset him greatly and he resorts to temper outbursts and blows things up in retaliation. It is almost as if he wants approval and appreciation from others. Despite the evil nature of his work, he had a very creative side to channeling out his powers. 

Yuki Sohma (Fruits Basket)

Yuki Sohma is one of the leads o the show ‘Fruits Basket’. He has been depicted as a perfect student who is nicknamed as the ‘prince’ by others. He is awkward yet kind and popular among others. However, deep down he feels different and doubts himself. It is because he is cursed and turns into a rat by being touched by the opposite gender. During childhood, he was outcasted and made to feel like he was not worthy of love. He was unable to stand up for himself. His self-esteem lowered and he often felt insecure and beneath others. This led him to feel self-conscious and can be seen by his always trying to uphold a good image of himself. With time, he becomes honest, more relaxed, and started connecting with others on a genuine level. 

Kaede Azusagawa (Seishun Buta Yarou)

Kaede Azusagawa is one of the lead character’s sister on the show ‘Seishun Buta Yarou’.  Kaede suffers from extreme social anxiety and finds it really hard to connect to other people. She only interacts with her brother. This is because she was bullied and made to feel like an outcast at her school. Due to this, she suppresses her memory and develops a fear of other people. She withdraws and gets really scared of how other people see her. It makes her feel self-conscious and she carefully decides what to wear, how to talk and interact with others in order to not be disapproved. She especially struggles to express herself and often finds it hard to be alone. Even though she wants to go back to school, she is restrained by her fear of being judged for being different. She is especially scared and worried about disappointing others and being a failure in life. With time, however, she learns to overcome her insecurities.  

Nana Osaki (Nana)

Nana Osaki is the female lead of the show ‘Nana’. She is a tough character who is into goth punk rock but has a kind heart. She is a good friend to others. During childhood, she was abandoned by her mother, expelled from school, and falsely labeled as someone selling her body.

These incidents impacted her deeply, so she started expressing herself through music. She dreams of becoming a lead vocalist of her band. She is a cautious person who does not trust other people easily. Furthermore, she has a sarcastic and blunt attitude. 

Kise Ryouta (Kukorou no Basket)

Ryouta Kise is a cheerful and outgoing character on ‘Kukorou no Basket’. He has a dramatic yet arrogant side to his personality. He is easygoing yet determined and serious about playing basketball. Without basketball, he was bored and apathetic and did not feel passionate about anything. He was aloof and disinterested in life. However, basketball gave him a purpose and allowed him to express himself in a unique way.

Jellal Fernandes (Fairy Tail)

Jellal Fernandes is a villain on the show ‘Fairy tail’. He has two sides to his personality. When he was young he was kind and compassionate towards others but later on, he was tortured and brainwashed by Zeref’s ghost. He was made to think that he had to develop a new system for slaves for their good. However, he did not have any memory of his friends or past. He thought of the entire setup as a game and expressed himself through magic and by building the so-called. System. He did however felt an internal conflict in his identity. Later on, he realizes his mistakes and strives to change his traits for the better. 

Renge Houshakuji (Ouran highschool host club)

Renge Houshakuji is a character on the anime ‘Ouran highschool host club’. She has been depicted as an intelligent and driven person who is often outspoken and loud. She is a unique character who is obsessed with the host club members and frequently uses them and her love for manga and anime to express herself. She is a good manager and is concerned about what others think of her. She has the ability to predict what will win other people’s approval and accordingly does marketing or initiates projects. 

Furukawa Sanae (Clannad)

Furukawa Sanae is the main character’s mother on the show ‘Clannad’. She has been shown to be a childish woman who gets offended when someone insults her bread and baking. She is a dependable person who tutors children. Her appearance is quite youthful and she is often mistaken for her daughter’s sister. She expresses herself through baking and can be seen coming up with unique ideas for making bread that is often inedible and cannot be sold to anyone.

FAQs: Enneagram 4w3 anime characters

What is the Type 4 personality?

Type 4 personality is social, creative, and expressive. They fear being unwanted by loved ones and experience identity confusion. So, they try really hard to figure out who they are to prevent that from happening. It is one of the types from the nine enneagrams.

What is Type 4w3?

Type 4w3 or Type 4 wing 3 is an enneagram personality subtype. It has core characteristics of type four personality and complementary characteristics of type three personality. 

Who are type 4 compatible with?

Type fours are compatible with type fives and nines.

Can your Enneagram number change?

No. Enneagram type or number remains the same as we have the same personality patterns ingrained in us. However, a person’s traits may change over time.


In this article, we discussed enneagram type 4w3 personality and discussed famous anime characters with the same personality types We found that Gaara (Naruto), Howl (Howl’s moving castle), Deidara (naruto), Yuki Sohma (Fruits Basket), Kaede Azusagawa (Seishun Buta Yarou), Nana Osaki (Nana), Kise Ryouta (Kukorou no Basket), Jellal Fernandes (Fairy Tail), Renge Houshakuji (Ouran highschool host club) and Furukawa Sanae (Clannad) are anime characters most likely to have the type 4w3 personality.

 I hope you found this article interesting. If you have any queries or comments, please state them in the comment section 🙂




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