Enneagram 2w1 anime characters (a complete guide)

In this article, we will discuss enneagram 2w1 anime characters. We will do that by giving a brief overview of the enneagram 2w1 personality type. We will then move on to discussing anime characters having 2w1 personalities and describe their traits. 

Enneagram 2w1 anime characters 

Prominent anime characters with type 2w1 personality are as follows:

  • Tanjiro Kamado (Kimetsu no Yaiba “Demon Slayer”)
  • All Might (My Hero Academia)
  • Elizabeth Liones (The Seven Deadly Sins)
  • Nakajima Atsushi (Bungou Stray Dogs)
  • Nunnally (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)
  • Winry Rockbell: full metal alchemist
  • Maes Hughes: full metal alchemist
  • Keiko: yu yu hakusho
  • Kaoru Kamiya (Rurouni Kenshin): 
  • Shirley Fenette (Code Geass) 
  • Rolo (Code Geass) 
  • Tea Gardner(Yugioh)

Overview of enneagram 2w1

Type 2w1 has basic traits of type 2 and secondary traits of type 1.

Basic fear: Type 2w1 fear being unwanted by loved ones. They adopt a caretaker role to serve others to not feel insecure.

Basic desire: Type 2w1 desire to be loved and accepted. So they serve others, are helpful and humble. They repress their needs and emotions but feel internally conflicted for putting the needs of others ahead of their own. 

Strengths of Type 2w1

  • Attentive to the needs of others
  • Self-aware of personal areas needing improvement
  • Supportive of others
  • Focus on the present

Weaknesses of Type 2w1

  • Overly Self-critical
  • Overly Self-sacrificial
  • Need approval of others
  • Find criticism from others hard

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Workplace and job: Type 2w1 are dedicated, selfless, and altruistic. They love contributing to a cause They prefer to work in jobs that allow them to help others but also give them personal space to re-charge e.g. counselor, nurse, school psychologist, advisor, etc.

Source of Stress for type 2w1

  • Criticism from others
  • Not being able to help
  • Self-induced guilt and shame
  • Ignoring personal needs

Enneagram 2w1 anime characters 

Following is a list of anime characters with type 2w1 personality:

Tanjiro Kamado (Kimetsu no Yaiba “Demon Slayer”)

Tanjiro Kamado is the protagonist of the show  “demon slayer”. He is an example type 2 personality because his character is selfless and goes to any lengths to protect his loved ones. He is dependable, kind, generous, and tries hard to lift other people’s spirits. His nature is friendly, nurturing and he is always ready to help others even if it means getting into danger. He stands up for the rights of others and defends them. Furthermore, he has good people-reading skills. So, he uses that to make other people feel comfortable in his presence. 

All Might (My Hero Academia)

All Might is one of the main characters of the show “My hero academy”. He has a superhero persona who gives hope to other people even in difficult times. He usually keeps a bright, happy, inspirational, and can-do anything attitude. He hides his worries behind a happy facade to keep other people at ease and hopeful. He has a self-sacrificial quality to his character which includes how he withers away/weakens while fulfilling other people’s needs. Additionally, he looks at the positive side of things. Whenever anyone needs help, All Might goes out of his way to help. He acts as a symbol of safety, protection, hope, and peace. Furthermore, he encourages others to be their best self. 

Elizabeth Liones (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Elizabeth Liones is a princess on the show ‘The seven deadly sins’. She is depicted to be a polite, caring, and peaceful individual who adopts a diplomatic approach, especially during war. Her warm and helpful attitude to others including strangers shows that she is attentive to the needs of other people. She is open to cooperating with other characters to reach common goals. Furthermore, she is brave and selfless and willing to put her life in danger to be of use to someone else. Initially, she had low self-esteem and often engaged in self-doubt about not having enough power, but with time she becomes strong, independent, and assertive. She is shown to stress out over small matters and  is supportive of other characters. 

Nakajima Atsushi (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Nakajima Atushi is the protagonist of the show ‘Bungou stray dogs’. He is shown to be a kind and gentle person who grows stronger over the course of the series. His traits included being practical, determined, and ambitious who strives to control his abilities. Often, he is found to follow his emotions and feelings. He especially feels emotional when his friends are involved and even puts his life at risk to save their lives. He has a strong sense of morality and he never uses his power to abuse others. He especially strives to protect others and has a sacrificial nature in this regard. With time, he becomes reliable and intensely caring for his companions in battle. 

Nunnally Lamperouge (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)

Nunally Lamperouge is a supporting character on Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. She appears to be patient, understanding, and kind. Despite her handicap of blindness and paralysis, she is warm, optimistic, and empathic to people around her. She strives to make the world a better place. Her strength and weakness is her kindness as she is unable to be cold and calculating like her brother is situations where it is required.  

Winry Rockbell: (Full metal alchemist)

Winry Rockbell on the show ‘Full Metal Alchemist’ is one of the main characters. She is enthusiastic, caring, and stubborn in nature. She especially hates backing down from a fight and is very caring towards her friends. Her character is empathic which shows that she is willing to step back and understand the perspective of others. She especially worries about her friends and their well-being which shows she is sensitive and kind at heart. 

Maes Hughes: (Full metal alchemist)

Maes Hughes is one of the military officers at the show ‘Full Metal Alchemist’. He comes across as a friendly, enthusiastic, and funny character. He is especially attentive to the needs of his sub-ordinates. Furthermore, he invites everyone with open arms into his life. During his service, he fulfilled his duties and was willing to help others when they needed it. 

During the show, his relationship with his wife and daughter is shown to be full of love and care. He is particularly protective of them which shows that he is a family man who is willing to go to any lengths to protect them.

Kaoru Kamiya: (Rurouni Kenshin) 

Kaoru Kamiya is a female character on Rurouni Kenshin. She is depicted to be someone with a strong will and strength. Her character is independent with giving special attention to protecting her father’s legacy. She is quick to see the good in other people and give them words of encouragement along with any kind of support. She is willing to help others in need in trying times. Her sense of duty and honor compels her to fulfill her duties and keep others around her at ease and in comfort. 

Shirley Fenette (Code Geass) 

Shirley Fenette is a character on Code Geass who is in love with the protagonist. She has been shown to be a cheerful, intelligent, and outgoing person who is caring about others in her surroundings. She is particularly concerned about the main character along with other people, for whom she tries really hard to make them feel accepted. This shows that she is attentive to the needs of others. 

Rolo (Code Geass) 

Role of one of the characters on Code Geass. He is shown to be kind and innocent especially to the protagonist. Although he has a ruthless side in the past, it gradually lowers and he becomes more selfless through the series. He shows the utmost loyalty and sacrifices himself to save the protagonist. 

Tea Gardner(Yugioh)

Tea Gardner is a female character on the show YuGiOh. She is depicted to be a tomboy who saves other characters from bullies. She is kind-hearted, supportive, and strong-willed. She particularly cares about friendship and usually gives speeches. She stands up for what she believes in and is willing to do anything to help her friends in need. She cares a lot about others and encourages them to go after their dreams. She also tries hard to stop conflicts from happening. 

FAQs: Enneagram 2w1 anime characters

What is Type 2 personality?

Type 2 personality is altruistic, quiet, and want to alleviate human suffering. They fear being unwanted by loved ones. So, they try really hard to be helpful to prevent that from happening. It is one of the types from the nine enneagrams.

What is Type 2w1?

Type 2w1 or Type 2 wing 1 is an enneagram personality subtype. It has core characteristics of type two personality and complementary characteristics of type one personality. 

Is Enneagram valid?

Yes. Studies conducted on The Enneagram Institute’s Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI) is 72 percent accurate, reliable and valid,

What are the characteristics of type 2 personality?

Type 2 personalities are usually sincere, warm-hearted, and empathic. They care a lot about people in their surroundings and have a self-sacrificial nature. They can be people-pleasing and often do things for others to be needed. They are also emotional and feel strongly for other people they care about.


In this article, we discussed enneagram type 2w1 personality and discussed famous anime characters with the same personality types We found that Tanjiro Kamado (Kimetsu no Yaiba “Demon Slayer”), All Might (My Hero Academia), Elizabeth Liones (The Seven Deadly Sins), Nakajima Atsushi (Bungou Stray Dogs), Nunnally (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion), Winry Rockbell (full metal alchemist), Maes Hughes:(full metal alchemist), Keiko (yu yu Hakusho), Kaoru Kamiya (Rurouni Kenshin), Shirley Fenette (Code Geass), Rolo (Code Geass) and Tea Gardner(Yugioh) are anime characters most likely to have type 2w1 personality. This is because all of them are kind-hearted and attentive to the needs of other people in their surroundings. These characters go all out in helping anyone in need. 

 I hope you found this article interesting. If you have any queries or comments, please state them in the comment section 🙂






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