Enneagram 1w2 celebrities (A Complete Guide)

In this article, we will discuss enneagram 1w2 celebrities. We will do that by giving a brief overview of the enneagram 1w2 personality type. We will then move on to discussing celebrities having 1w2 personalities and describe their traits. 

Enneagram 1w2 celebrities 

Prominent celebrities with type 1w2 personality are as follows:

  • Emma Watson
  • Anne Hathaway
  • Judge Judy
  • Sadie Pink
  • Matt Damon
  • Jameela Jamil
  • Jessica Alba
  • Logan Lerman
  • Chris o’ Dowd
  • Judy Dench
  • Song Joong Ki
  • Akshay Kumar

Overview of enneagram 1w2

Enneagram type 1w2 have dominant traits of type 1 personality and secondary traits of type 2 personality.

Basic fear: they fear immorality. Hence, they strive to make ethical choices.   

Basic desire: they desire to fight for the rights of the weak and less fortunate. They are driven to make a difference in the world. Regarding emotions, they have a tendency to redirect their feelings in order to feel in control. This backfires at times when their emotions spill in the form of sudden outbursts externally. 


  • Stand for the rights of others
  • Sensitive towards the needs of others
  • Try to serve humanity
  • Engage in societal level problem solving
  • Put the needs of others before their own


  • Easily get frustrated
  • Obsessive about self-image
  • Can be overly controlling
  • Self-critical of self and others

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Workplace and job: they prefer to work in jobs involving human interaction with the possibility to serve others and impact the world positively e.G. Judge, nurse, doctor, social worker etc. 

Source of stress

  • Receiving criticism from others
  • Being unable to meet other’s needs
  • Not living up to standards or expectations from others

Enneagram 1w2 celebrities 

Following is a list of celebrities with type 1w2 personality:

Note: It must be mentioned that the following celebrity personality analysis is based on limited information of the said person available online. So, the following information is for the sake of entertainment purposes only. It is open to error and may not depict an accurate or true personality depiction of the stated people.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is a British actress who is well-known for her role in the Harry Potter Series. She has been debated to be as most like her character Hermione. She is a well-educated and hardworking individual both as a student of arts and as an actress. She has been known to use the word ‘Perfectionist’ to describe herself which is most characteristic of type 1 personality. This means that she has high standards for herself and strives to achieve these. 

She is self-critical of her own work and is always looking to improve herself as an actress. In addition to that, she is a women rights activist which may indicate her drive to stand for the rights of others as type ones usually do. It also indicates her strong sense of right and wrong and reluctance to be unethical or immoral. Additionally, she is known to be self-controlled, committed, and passionate about what she does. She is also altruistic and kind to people less fortunate than her. This is indicated by her regularaly donating to charities and UNICEF. Finally, she is popular among bookworms as she usually posts pictures of the books she has read which indicates her drive for knowledge and love for literature. 

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is an American Actress. She is well known for her work in The Princess Diaries, Interstellar, Ella Enchanted, The Devil wears Prada. She is most likely to be type one personality because she stands for the rights of others indicated by her being an environmentalist and an activist. This means that she is sensitive to the needs of others and wants to make a difference in the world through her efforts. She is also a vegetarian again indicating her sense of right and wrong and compassion towards animals. She has worked to raise awareness against child marriage, women empowerment, and LGBTQ rights. People find her to have a well-grounded personality and a person close to her friends. She has a great sense of humor. She is also anxious about her self-image which is typical of type 1w2 personality. She used the terms ‘prim and proper’ to describe herself and added that she knows how to have fun. Additionally, as an actress, she is known to be thorough and researches her work down to the dot. This indicates that she has high standards and may be a perfectionist in her work and avoids making mistakes.. 

Judge Judy

Judge Judy appears on the American reality court show and oversees proceedings of real-life claim disputes. Her personality on the show is tough and widely popular for her no-nonsense attitude. She emphasizes facts in her dealings with people and is resistant to arguments that are not supported by logic. In addition to that, she is just and fair in her way of judging. She emphasizes compliance with rules and is quick to punish those who disobey the law and break the rules. She is known to get irritated by people who are unethical. She is also smart and knowledgeable about what she does. Judge Judy has good skills of observation and is respected by people for being responsible and doing the right thing. This is typical of type 1w2 personality. 

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is an American actor well known for his work in Good Will Hunting, Saving private Ryan, and the Bourne Franchise. 

He is a humanitarian and a founder of the Africa Foundation. He also works for a hunger relief foundation, an AIDs fighting organization, and an organization for improving the lives of children around the world.  This indicates his sensitivity to the needs of other people and the drive to make a difference. In other words, he is engaging in societal level problem solving which is characteristic of type 1w2 personality. He is also expressive of his political views and stands against gender harassment. This shows his sense of right and wrong and his tendency to stand by his views. He is popular for being intelligent, focused, thorough, and sincere in his work just like type 1w2 personalities usually are. 

Jameela Jamil

Jameel Jamil is an English actress, writer, model, and activist. She is well known for her role in The Good Place.  As a young child, she suffered from medical conditions along with anorexia Nervosa. She explained that she was sensitive to societal pressure and how she appeared to others. This indicates her sensitivity to her self-image which is characteristic of type 1w2 personality. Her accomplishments include work on body positivity, racial inclusivity, activism. She has been known to critique other actresses on promoting the weight loss culture and for engaging in drug abuse, posting provocative images for fame, s*u*lizing the industry in the name of feminism. This explains her sense of right and wrong and being vocal about her thoughts. She also refuses to retouch her photos and tries that they are original. She is said to think it is ‘disgusting’ to photoshop images as it is a form of lying. Again depicting her strong sense of morality. She donates and funds charities and works for climate change which is indicative of her trying to solve societal level problems and sensitivity to the needs of others. 

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is an American actress and businesswoman who is known for her roles in Honey, The Eye, Sin city, and many others. She identifies herself as a feminist and is considered a symbol of female empowerment who uses her body to achieve her goals. This indicates her tendency to stand up for the rights of the weak. She is also an activist and donates to charity.

Jessica says “I have to go to certain lengths to use intimacy to my advantage while guiding people to thinking the way I want them to.”. This statement may explain her tendency to stick by her beliefs and use tactics to control others to think the way she does which is usually what type 1w2 does. According to her, she has never used her sex appeal to get roles which could be a sign of her strong sense of morality. Although she was brought up in a Christian household, she diverged from faith and stated that she did not want to live life the way she was dictated to. She added that she saw many flaws in religion as it was not inclusive of diversity. This may explain her sensitivity to others ever since she was young. At the same time, it shows that she viewed the world from a critical perspective. These are characteristics of type 1w2 personality. 

Apart from this, Logan Lerman, Chris o’ Dowd, Judy Dench, Song Joong Ki, Akshay Kumar, and Sadie Pink are a few other celebrities with type 1w2 personality.

FAQs: Enneagram 1w2 celebrities

What is Type 1 personality?

Type 1 personality is rational, ethical, and highly principled. They fear immorality and strive to make ethical choices. They are driven to practice justice and equality.

What is Type 1w2?

Type 1w2 or Type1 wing2 is an enneagram personality subtype. It has core characteristics of type One personality and complementary characteristics of type two personality. 

Is enneagram valid?

Yes. Enneagrams are considered to be valid and reliable measures of human personality.

Which enneagram is the smartest?

Type Five Enneagram are considered the most intelligent among the nine types. However, any type can be brilliant and intellectually gifted. 


In this article, we discussed enneagram type 1w2 personality and discussed famous celebrities with the same personality types We found that Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Judge Judy, Sadie Pink, Matt Damon, Jameela Jamil, Jessica Alba, Logan Lerman, Chris o’ Dowd, Judy Dench, Song Joong Ki, and Akshay Kumar are celebrities most likely to have type 1w2 personality.

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