Enneagram 1w2 anime characters (a complete guide)

In this article, we will discuss enneagram 1w2 anime characters. We will do that by giving a brief overview of the enneagram 1w2 personality type. We will then move on to discussing anime characters having 1w2 personalities and describe their traits. 

Enneagram 1w2 anime characters 

Prominent anime characters with type 1w2 personality are as follows:

  • Inuyasha: kagome
  • Inuyasha: Kikoyu
  • Fate Stay Night: Shirou Emiya
  • Sailor moon: Luna
  • Soul eater: Maka
  • Bungou stray dogs: Kunikida doppo
  • The seven deadly sins: Bartra liones 
  • My hero academia: Tenya Lida 
  • Naruto: Uzumaki Naruto
  • Fate stay night: Shiro 
  • Kyo kara maoh: Yuri 
  • Samurai warriors: Mitsuhide 

Overview of enneagram 1w2

Enneagram type 1w2 have dominant traits of type 1 personality and secondary traits of type 2 personality.

Basic fear: they fear immorality. Hence, they strive to make ethical choices.   

Basic desire: they desire to fight for the rights of the weak and less fortunate. They are driven to make a difference in the world. Regarding emotions, they have a tendency to redirect their feelings in order to feel in control. This backfires at times when their emotions spill in the form of sudden outbursts externally. 


  • Stand for the rights of others
  • Sensitive towards the needs of others
  • Try to serve humanity
  • Engage in societal level problem solving
  • Put the needs of others before their own


  • Easily get frustrated
  • Obsessive about self-image
  • Can be overly controlling
  • Self-critical of self and others

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Workplace and job: they prefer to work in jobs involving human interaction with the possibility to serve others and impact the world positively e.G. Judge, nurse, doctor, social worker etc. 

Source of stress

  • Receiving criticism from others
  • Being unable to meet other’s needs
  • Not living up to standards or expectations from others

Enneagram 1w2 anime characters 

Following is a list of anime characters with type 1w2 personality:

Inuyasha: kagome

 Kagome is one of the main characters of the hit tv series Inuyasha. She is depicted to be a kind and pure person who is empathetic and always ready to help others. She knows the difference between right and wrong and stands by her opinions. She opposes anyone who goes against her sense of justice. She helps Inuyasha in his quest to find the jewel. Along with that she also helps other characters who you need any type of assistance. She is shown to be emotionally manipulative and controlling at times. Furthermore, she tries not to express her emotions but they leak out at times in the form of sudden outbursts.

Inuyasha: Kikoyu

Kikoyu was one of the priestess on the show Inuyasha. She has been shown to be compassionate, kind, caring, and considerate of other people. During her life, she fulfilled her duties as a priestess. She had the tendency to be incorruptible. This is because even though she had a chance to save herself but she did not as she knew that her body could be abused against evil if it fell in the wrong hands. So, she chose death to prevent that from happening. This shows her strong sense of justice.

Fate Stay Night: Shirou Emiya

 Shirou Emiya is one of of the characters on fate stay night. He is shown to be a kind, humble and helpful person who is always ready to serve anyone who needs is help. He has a strong sense of fairness. This is depicted by him giving up his life to helping others. He strongly stands by his opinions and others find it difficult to change his mind. He also protects innocent people from the world’s dangers. He always strived to protect others and to become ‘a hero of justice’’.

Sailor moon: Luna

Luna is a lady in the body of a cat on the show sailor moon. She is polite, respectful and a focused person who takes her duty as a guardian and advisor seriously. She often gets frustrated when others don’t fulfill their duties. She cares about her friends deeply and has a maternal attitude. Furthermore, she is always ready to listen to others and help them even if it means fighting for her friends in the face of danger.

Soul eater: Maka

Maka is the protagonist of the show soul eater. She is a determined, brave, intelligent, and studious girl. She has been shown to be emotionally controlled and always willing to help out her friends. She is kind and has a deep desire for true friendship. She has been shown to follow rules and helps out anyone. She also has a good sense of right and wrong and stands by her principles.

Bungou stray dogs: Kunikida doppo

Kunikida doppo is shown to be a diligent and professional character on ‘Bungou stray dogs’ . He is a person who is driven to uphold the reputation of his agency above anyone else. He is organized, detail-oriented, and practical. He uses his notebook as a guide to gathers data. He especially gives value to human lives and tries to save all innocent people in different incidents on the show. Kunikida is shown to right many wrongs but without killing people. He uses compassion to protect people and find it difficult to bend the rules. Particularly, he struggles to see other perspectives than his ideals.

The seven deadly sins: Bartra liones 

Bartra Liones is a caring and respectable father on the show ‘The seven deadly sins’. He is a peace-loving person. Yet, when it comes to helping others, he is ready to give up his life.

My hero academia: Tenya Lida 

Tenya Lida is an important character on the show ‘My hero academia’. He is shown to be an intelligent, straightforward, disciplined, and noble person. He takes everything seriously and follows the rules diligently. His friends hold him in high regard. He has a strong sense of justice and fights evil. He particularly gets frustrated when faced with corruption and evil in the world. He tries to do the right thing. Furthermore, he strives to protect others and fulfill his duties as a hero.

Naruto: Uzumaki Naruto

 Uzumaki Naruto is shown to be a brave, cheerful, and hard-working person who is ready to do anything to help other people of his city. He plays the role of the protector and has a strong sense of right and wrong. He is kind and empathetic as he is able to relate to other characters’ feelings and never wants them to experience the loneliness he did as a child. HE stands up for the weak and occasionally gets involved in solving big problems at the village level. At times, he can be stubborn and does not change his mind after he decides to do something that is ‘the right thing to do’ according to him.

Fate stay night: Shiro 

Shiro on ‘Fate stay night’ is shown to be a kind, idealistic and self-sacrificing character. He is often ready to be a martyr as he wants to save other people. Over the series, he gains self-confidence and skills to protect other people.

Kyo kara maoh: Yuri 

Yuri is one of the characters on kyo kara maoh. He is shown to be a cheerful, idealistic, and likable demon king. He does not like war and conflict. He tries to change the world and believes that anything can be solved if people took the time to understand each other. He tries to prevent battles and conflict from taking place and uses his power to make things happen. He is willing to risk his life for other people. 

Samurai warriors: Mitsuhide 

Mitsuhide is an important character on samurai warriors. He is shown to be a modest and genuine person who cares for other people. He is polite, practices humility, and dreams of the war ending in the world. He has a strong sense of justice and uses that to judge other people. Anyone who falls off the mark, he questions them. He is self-righteous and has a white and black judgment of the world.

FAQs: Enneagram 1w2 anime characters

What is Type 1 personality?

Type 1 personality is rational, ethical, and highly principled. They fear immorality and strive to make ethical choices. They are driven to practice justice and equality.

What is Type 1w2?

Type 1w2 or Type1 wing2 is an enneagram personality subtype. It has core characteristics of type One personality and complementary characteristics of type two personality. 

Is enneagram valid?

Yes. Enneagrams are considered to be valid and reliable measures of human personality.

Which enneagram is the smartest?

Type Five Enneagram are considered the most intelligent among the nine types. However, any type can be brilliant and intellectually gifted. 


In this article, we discussed enneagram type 1w2 personality and discussed famous anime characters with the same personality types We found that (Inuyasha) kagome, (Inuyasha) Kikoyu, (Fate Stay Night) Shirou Emiya, (Sailor moon) Luna, (Soul eater) Maka, (Bungou stray dogs) Kunikida doppo, (The seven deadly sins) Bartra liones , (My hero academia) Tenya Lida , (Naruto: Uzumaki) Naruto, (Fate stay night) Shiro, (Kyo kara maoh) Yuri and (Samurai warriors) Mitsuhide are most likely to have type 1w2 personality.

 I hope you found this article interesting. If you have any queries or comments, please state them in the comment section ��





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