23 ENFP Anime Characters (A complete list)

In this brief guide, we will discuss 23 ENFP anime characters and look at some features of the ENFP personality.

List of ENFP Anime characters

Here are come well-known ENFP anime characters:

·       Misa Amane

·       Touta Matsuda

·       Wizard Howl

·       Unalaq

·       Mayuri Shiina

·       Osono

·       Rinko Yamato

·       Camie

·       Ochaco Uraraka

·       Himiko Toga

·       Misato

·       Carrot

·       Sora

·       Yuffie

·       Ash Ketchum

·       Aang

·       Minori Kushieda

·       Wolfgang Grimmer

·       Lucy Heartfilia

·       Jaden Yuki

·       Marle

·       Kushina

·       Monkey D. Luffy

What is ENFP?

ENFP stands for Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving, and it is a personality type in the Myers Briggs personality type test.

ENFPs are also known as Campaigners, and these are popular, friendly people with big ideas and dreams, through which they are able to get other people to follow them and achieve great things as well.

ENFPs are truly free spirits who are often the life of the party due to their friendly, outgoing traits.

ENFPs are however more interested in enjoying the social and emotional connections they make with others than the excitement and joy of the moment or how the event makes them feel.

ENFPs are often described as charming, independent, energetic, and compassionate.

ENFPs makeup about 7% of the population and may be felt in any crowd due to their desire to be around people and form new relationships all the time.

Unlike their other extroverted cousins, the ENFPs tend to see the world through the lens of more emotional and sentimental rather than analytical and logic-based, given their Feeling trait. The function stack of ENFP would be heavy on intuition and feeling, making decisions based on what they feel and how it relates to their emotional world and the environment around them.

ENFPs can tend to be somewhat flighty, however, and may sometimes forget to pay attention to the finer details in their rush to look at the ideas and grand scheme of things.

They may also sometimes ignore the logic and analysis needed in favor of finding a more feelings-based way of doing things.

The fact that they are sensitive and feeling based may also make them somewhat sensitive to criticism or frequent heartbreak and make them more prone to stress.

ENFP Anime Characters

Misa Amane

Misa Amane is a character from the popular show D-Note and she makes a rather good example for an ENFP Anime character.

Misa Amane is outgoing, popular, and prone to emotional outbursts. As such, she displays classic extroverted tendencies of the typical ENFPs.

While visiting Light near his school, she even attracts a large crowd, which shows her extroverted tendencies and her ease with people.

She is also seen to be quite hyperactive, impulsive, and childlike, which may sometimes be noticed in the way she speaks about herself in the third person.

Her emotions also manifest in the way that she often takes decisions to let Light know how much she loves him with little regard to how he would respond, which is something that may be considered rather typical of ENFPs as well.

Touta Matsuda

Touta Matsuda is another ENFP anime character on the show D-Note.

He is a police officer who, despite his young age and lack of experience eventually helps bring down a number of Mafia criminals trying to misuse the d-note.

He is often shown to have brash ways and a tendency to lead with his heart, which is in line with the feeling aspect of his decision making or judicial process.

He can also be described as a reckless and naïve young detective who lacks real-world experience and the seriousness it begets and therefore gets into numerous pickles that might be avoided by more serious people who think analytically.

He also has a good attitude towards other people, treating them with care and gentleness, which many ENFPs do due to their tendency to be around people and the natural orientation they have to the external world.

Wizard Howl

Wizard Howl appears on the show Howl’s Moving Castle in a role secondary to the protagonist and he is an ENFP anime character with traits like a genial and flamboyant personality as well as a charming and nice demeanor.

He also tends to have typical ENFP traits such as understanding the way the world, and the people in it, work, and this can be seen in his justification for why he wears fancy clothes, where he says “No one’s going to employ a wizard if he looks like he can’t make money at the trade”, but then he also displays his childlike naivete because upon Sophie’s suspicion at this quote he admits that he actually just likes the clothes.

Another ENFP thing about Wizard Howl is the generosity of spirit he displays, and his ability to forgive people quickly. He is welcoming and kind to people around him and grants favor freely.

He also shows traits like kindness and a penchant for attention-seeking, both of which also appear frequently in ENFP individuals.


Unalaq from Avatar is not a typical ENFP, but as an antihero, on occasion, he can display some traits that may be found in other ENFP anime characters.

He appears benevolent and kind on the surface, but underneath the surface, he can be rather sociopathic and malicious. However, the thing to keep in mind is that his negative decisions and feelings still come from feelings, and like a true ENFP he often finds himself ruled by his heart rather than a cold, logical head.

He has a tendency for dealing with the spiritual as well, which is somewhat evident in his ability for waterbending as well. The spiritual tendencies he displays may be considered an extension of the typical Intuition aspect of an ENFP’s personality.

Mayuri Shiina

Mayuri Shiina shows traits of some other personality types as well, but this character from Stein’s Gate is also quite fitting of the ENFP anime characters list due to her great perceptiveness and tendency to be good at understanding how others are feeling.

Her ability to empathize and help others makes her a pretty good ENFP, as these people can be extremely people-centric, taking care of those around them with ease and getting along with most people they meet.

However, the thing about her that is perhaps not very ENFP is her tendency to be rather socially inept, which usually isn’t typical of an ENFP, given how social they can be.


Osono is a character from the anime Kiki’s Delivery Service, and she displays some authentic ENFP traits like her altruism and caring attitude towards Kiki, and her good intentions towards those in her life.

She also presents as a warm, caring person, who likes doing things like baking ad looking out for her ward (Kiki), and she looks out for even strangers around her.

ENFP’s are typically very good with people and have trademark ways of getting along with nearly everyone they meet. They are also able to be nice and gentle all the time, and usually make decisions based on their feelings and emotion towards a certain concept.

Rinko Yamato

Rinko Yamato has been discussed a few times when discussing anime personality traits and this perhaps is a good example of how people may sometimes display different types of traits, and may even develop different traits over their lifetime due to events and circumstances.

Rinko usually appears as a pleasant, kind girl that seems to get along with everyone in general, even if it may seem like she has insecurities, on occasion.

Rinko appears on the show Ore Monogatari, and she features on the list of ENFP anime characters due to her tendency to be emotional and driven by feelings. Her love for the protagonist often takes the center stage in a scene and this is something almost all ENFPs go through at some point or another.

Camie Utsushimi

Camie Utsushimi is an ENFP anime character on the show My Hero Academia.

Camie is a talkative, fun-loving, and laidback sort of girl, who is described by her teachers as bubbly. She is a typical easy-going teenager who usually does not take things seriously.

She can also be quite flirtatious and funny and tends to make rather emotionally ruled decisions, in the spirit of a true ENFP.

Camie believes that she has excellent “Interaction techniques”, which may not be too far from the truth, considering how good ENFPs are at meeting and dealing with people.

She has also been described as having a carefree attitude which is something else that ENFPs are often characterized by.

Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco Uraraka also appears on the show My Hero Academia and has ENFP traits as well.

Ochaco has been described as “the most laid back girl” along with traits like being very bubbly and something of an airhead at times.

As an ENFP, she can be blunt sometimes as well, but without being aware of it.

IN addition to her lively and cheerful personality, Ochaco is dominated by feelings and emotions in her outward behavior and repertoire of actions, and therefore sometimes her reactions tend to be exaggerated and humorous.

She is also easily amused, and quick to burst into laughter at times.

Ochaco is typical in her ENFP traits sometimes like her tendency to be a warm, lively individual who can think about things positively.

Like a true ENFP, she is also empathetic in general, friendly to those she meets, and will try to help or defend anyone who is in need of help.

Himiko Toga

My Hero Academia seemingly has many ENFP anime characters as Himiko Toga is another one that has some outward ENFP traits.

She also has traits that imply sadistic tendencies that are not ENFP, but generally, she seems to have a cheerful, bubbly demeanor that seems to be in line with ENFP personality traits.

She has some obvious issues like wanting to become the person she loves and wanting to kiss in a different way than normal because it is her normal, but these might be seen as sort of metaphors of the extremely emotional and intuitive cognitive processes of ENFP individuals.

Given that Himiko is an anime character and not a real person, it cannot be expected that the ENFP traits would appear in her exactly as they would in the real world, so what is her tendency to want to become the person she loved or her exaggerated ideas of love, may just be seen as the quality of empathy that one might frequently find in ENFPs.

Misato Katsuragi

Misato Katsuragi is a character on the show Neon Genesis Evangelion, and she is another one that fits into the list of ENFP anime characters due to traits such as the desire for attention, paving her own way and behaving as she feels justified and getting along with people she meets with great ease.

ENFPs tend to be quite gregarious and dealing with attention is never a problem for them, and this can be seen in Misato’s tendency to easily draw attention to herself, wearing clothes she wants to wear as opposed to the gender normative ones that others around be might be wearing and so on.

Misato also tends to be rather professional and capable, and this can imply the ENFP ability to work hard towards the achievement of a goal with a single-minded focus.


Carrot is an ENFP anime character from the show One Piece, and she has many ENFP qualities that make her suitable for this particular classification.

Carrot is fiercely protective of those she cares about and can have rather emotionally charged displays when the security of her loved ones is threatened.

She also feels things strongly and is not able to hold back on showing her emotions, which is another strong ENFP trait.

She is happy-go-lucky, cheerful, and tends to be in a good mood when she is not sad about her friends possibly dying or angry about someone attacking them, which are also tendencies one might find in a real-world ENFP person.


Sora is the male protagonist of the show No Game No Life.

Sora has tendencies of being a shut-in which is not something one might find in an ENFP, who are supposed to be intensely extroverted people, however, Sora can also be extremely outgoing, confident, and full of endless vitality and virility.

He is also not afraid to play with people face to face, even when they are cheating.

Sora also tends to be manipulative, but he calls it “negotiation and diplomacy skill”, which may be another ENFP tendency, of using one’s insights into other people in order to get their way.

Sora’s decision making and other cognitive faculties make use of the typical ENFP methods which are made up of emotions, observations, deductions, behavior, language, and tactics, which play into the ENFP traits that are Intuition and Feeling.

Yuffie Kisaragi

Yuffie Kisaragi is an ENFP anime character on the game Final Fantasy VII and she has traits like an open and cocky personality that may be seen in many ENFP people.

Yuffie also has a tendency to be proud and brash, and she may be aggressive at times.

She also acts in a tomboyish manner and works unashamedly towards her goals.

She also says, in a somewhat typical ENFP fashion, that everyone is “Dyin’ to talk to a girl like [her]”.

Her outgoing and brash ways as well as the tendency to act according to her emotions and intuition often lead her into trouble with her father, who tends to be more of an old-fashioned individual.

Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum is the protagonist on the popular show Pokemon, and he is also a good example of an ENFP anime character.

Ash has the typical ENFP tendency to be good-natured and gregarious, as well as a strong sense of love and care for those around him.

He has extraordinary determination and his passion for raising and training Pokémon, which is something that may be seen in a lot of ENFPs.

In addition, another trait that makes him very similar to any real-world ENFP is that he is incredibly selfless and may go to extraordinary lengths to earn a Pokémon’s trust and respect and to understand and help any pokemon who might be troubled.

Another ENFP trait that Ash displays often is his strong sense of justice, especially when it comes to Pokémon.

ENFPs can move heaven and earth to help those that they love, and in that same fashion, Ash will do pretty much everything he can to help a Pokemon in trouble.

This selflessness and kindness make Ash a very strong ENFP anime character.


Aang is one of the protagonists of the show Avatar, and he is a good ENFP anime character to understand some of the core ENFP personality traits.

Aang is always searching for new people and places, which probably makes him very similar to most ENFP people, as they enjoy other people tremendously and are always making friends.

Aang is also fun-loving and somewhat naive, as well as adventurous with a sense of humor.

These are some rather common ENFP traits, and add to that his deep respect for life and freedom, it makes him quite complete in terms of ENFP traits

Lastly, quite possibly something that every ENFP would relate to a lot, Aang always prided himself on a complex social network of friends extending over all four nations.

ENFPs are always extremely social people, and at any given time may have a rich and complex social network.

Minori Kushieda

Minori Kushieda is a character on the show Toradora and encompasses many typical characteristics of an ENFP anime character.

Minori is shown to be very athletic and she is also the captain of the girl’s softball club at school.

Eventually, when the schools are merged, she also becomes the captain of the boys’ and girls’ softball team.

The typical ENFP personality traits one might see in her include he never-ending energy and her tendency to always be cheerful, and she is even able to turn mistakes and stuff that is not naturally funny into something that can be laughed about.

She works hard and holds many small jobs because as she later expresses, she does not want to be dependent on anyone.

This kind of independence can also often characterize ENFP individuals.

Wolfgang Grimmer

Wolfgang Grimmer appears on the show Naoki Urasawa’s Monster.

Grimmer shows traits such as always being cheery and entertaining his children, which actually makes them love him a lot.

He is shown to be a wonderful man who is always smiling, no matter how difficult the situation is.

A major ENFP trait he possesses is that he is very concerned for the well-being of others, especially children, and wants to help them achieve the best possible futures.

He seems to be a person who is able to find joy in the bleakest things despite the fact that he is actually not able to feel joy or sorrow due to the treatment he received.

He is helpful to everyone he meets, however, which can be witnessed in him giving a shoe to a poor child who he sees by the road.

Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy Heartfilia is an ENFP anime character from the show Fairy Tail.

She shows traits such as exceptional pride in her appearance and great confidence, even a certain amount of vanity.

However, though she might seem ditzy and obsessed with her appearance and so on, she is a clever, kind, and genuinely caring person.

She is also passionate about literature and is writing a novel but is too shy to tell people about it.

ENFP people can be quite similar, engaging in artistic activities but might experience shyness in areas where they are not quite so confident.

She also displays tremendous ambition and independence, which may be seen in the way she left her home after her mother’s loss, to forge her own path and do her own thing.

Another great ENFP trait about Lucy is her kind and empathetic nature, which may be seen in how good she is to her Celestial Spirits and refuses to utilize them as shields or think of them as such.

Jaden Yuki

Jaden Yuki is a lead and an ENFP character from the popular show Yu-Gi-Oh!

He shows many ENFP traits, for instance, Jaden is very enthusiastic and passionate about Dueling. He loves Dueling and even believes that all problems can ultimately be solved through it.

He shows strong ENFP tendencies in how friendly and easy-going he is as well, and he shows remarkable optimism in how he approaches everyday life.

He also keeps going no matter how hard things get, for the most part, which is another ENFP trait found in many ENFP individuals.


Marle is a character in Chrono. She is officially a princess and her name is also Princess Nadia.

Marle shows some ENFP traits like being fun-loving in general, a tendency to seek new experiences, and meeting new people.

She meets the main character outside the castle and does not tell him who she is, instead of pretending just for the sake of curiosity and trying to discover things as a commoner.

When they eventually get to the castle and it is a tie for her to reveal her true self to Chrono, she calls him into a different room where she tells him who she is. As she does so she disappears into a cloud of green, which may be seen as a metaphor for all the energy these people seem to emit, due to their outgoing and boisterous personalities and easygoing nature.

Kushina Uzumaki

Kushina Uzumaki appears on the show Naruto and she is a pretty significant ENFP anime character.

She was a headstrong, impulsive, eccentric, and stubborn girl as a child, and also tended to be talkative and tomboyish.

She also tends to be nervous and it is seen that when she gets nervous she ends her sentences with the same word, sort of like a verbal tic. While this is not a typical ENFP trait, they are ruled by emotions predominantly and if they ever get into particularly difficult situations they may deal in different, maybe not so healthy ways.

When she grows up, Kushina is very level-headed and cheerful with a noticeable sassy side to her.

She is fearless and sometimes may also lash out at others when they are getting on her nerves, but generally, she has a calm and happy demeanor.

Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D Luffy is a rather strong figure on the show One Piece, and he shows some remarkable ENFP traits.

Monkey D. Luffy is a good leader and has sort of become an unofficial leader to a large group of people simply owing to his courage and a penchant to attract followers.

ENFPs can be rather good at attracting people so it is not such a surprising thing that this ENFP anime character has been able to attract so many followers who have made him an unofficial leader.

He is also hardworking and determined and is able to gain many victories, which is something that may be found in many ENFP personalities.

He also has patience for people who may ordinarily be annoying and he tends to get confused by simple things sometime while handling complex ones.

He also genuinely enjoys being around people and seems to admire strength, even though he has no desire to be a hero or savior of any kind himself.


In this brief guide, we looked at 23 ENFP anime characters, as well as some typical ENFP traits. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): ENFP anime characters

Who Should an Enfp marry?

An ENFP should marry an INTJ, ideally, as their traits seem to complement each other rather well. 

However, two well-developed individuals of any type can marry without problems, as long as they love and respect each other.

ENFP is generally okay marrying anyone with an Introverted function.

Is Enfp a good personality?

ENFP is a good personality as they have excellent people skills.

ENFPs are also good at understanding what other people are feeling, that is, they are quite high on empathy. 

ENFPs also have a lot of zeal, charisma, and creativity, and generally, due to these traits, they can also make great leaders.

ENFPs might not care much for routine in daily life and making too many plans for the future.

What do Enfp find attractive?

ENFP may find themselves attracted to a challenge, but they need to at least see sparks of intelligence, passion, and intensity to be truly attracted to someone.

ENFPs are usually most attracted to people who are understanding and empathetic, like them, to a certain extent.

What is the rarest personality type?

INFJ is the rarest personality type, followed by ENTJ and INTJ.



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