ENFJ Careers: (9 of the Best Options)

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In this brief guide, we will look at ENFJ careers, and some other information about the ENFJ personality, like the ENFJ careers to avoid.

ENFJ Careers

The best ENFJ careers are centered around people, and some of them are as follows:

  • Preschool Teacher
  • College Instructor
  • Lodging Manager
  • Flight Attendant
  • Fundraiser
  • Psychologist
  • Medical Professional
  • Actor
  • Artist
  • Journalist
  • News Reporter
  • Social Worker
  • NGO Volunteer

ENFJ careers tend to revolve heavily around people and their tendency to motivate and drive people to do the best they can, and ENFJ careers will always have an element of their capability to organize others to implement positive change in their surroundings.

ENFJ careers need to be arenas where their capacity for being enthusiastic problem-solvers is put to good use, and it is always best when they are in a position where they can use their and their strong intuition about people which may be a defining characteristic of the ENFJ career.

ENFJ careers are marked by their tendency to strive for cooperation and work with their teammates or coworkers as well, and therefore this worker will likely thrive best in a harmonious environment where they have the association of other people and they are also able to support other people and encourage their growth. 

ENFJ careers that may be somewhat ideal may consist of any work environment that is characterized by a forward-thinking and people-centered role, and because ENFJs want to help people so much, they may often do very well in careers that have some humanitarian element, and generally an emphasis on constructive action regarding people.

The ideal ENFJ career may be something that allows them to develop and implement ideas that are centered around people, and decisions that improve the circumstances and well-being of other people are something the typical ENFJ would feel most comfortable with in a career.

That being said, the ENFJ will likely also seek positions where they are central, in a sense, not necessarily in an ambitious way like the ENTJ, but something that allows them to do things themselves or call some of the shots, if not all.

An ENFJ career may also feature a mentor role, because their primary aim tends to be helping other people become better at what they do and encouraging them to do the best that they can at all times.

ENFJ careers may also often feature leadership roles, and again, this is not because of their tendency to want to be in power, like the ENTJ or because they want to get other people to do things, like an ESTJ, but it may be because they have the tendency to organize people and it comes very naturally to them, and they need to advantage of their unique talents. 

An ENFJ worker will likely go very well with their employer, because they have a rather strong vision in their work, and they are very creative and also enjoy being able to use their creativity to develop innovative initiatives with a humanitarian focus. 

Because of their natural people abilities, ENFJs also appreciate teamwork, and they have great organizational resources that they will inadvertently apply their ideas, and they will then put their ideas into action just as easily.

Based on these qualities of the ENFJ personality, a more comprehensive list of ENFJ compatible careers is as follows:

  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Actor
  • Producer or Director
  • Landscape Architect
  • Art Director
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Adult Literacy Teacher
  • School Principal
  • College Administrator
  • Childcare Center Director
  • Floral Designer
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Physician Assistant
  • Recreational Therapist
  • Anthropologist or Archaeologist
  • Forester
  • Historian
  • Psychologist
  • Sociologist
  • Speech-Language Pathologist

High Paying ENFJ Careers

When looking for a career, the most important things to look for apart from whether it fits with the personality of that individual is to see if it is high-paying, and therefore, we have discussed below some of the most high paying ENFJ careers.


A pediatrician in the United States can earn up to $187,540 or more, as this tends to be the median salary, and therefore this is one of the highest paying jobs for an ENFJ.

A specializes in providing care for infants, children, and teenagers and it is obvious why this is such a great career for an ENFJ, because they tend to be people who have great empathy and skill with people, and they can use it to put their young patients at ease more so than other people.

Pediatricians might treat illnesses and injuries or illnesses in some cases, but in other cases they may also monitor the health and administer vaccines to children.

There is also the possibility of a pediatrician specializing in pediatric surgery or the treatment of chronic childhood conditions and this may be an option for particularly ambitious ENFJs.

There is obviously very rigorous medical training required for this position, and often in most cases, pediatricians also require high communicative skills, which is something the ENFJ personality has tonnes of, and they will be able to interact with children well and will likely be some of the most memorable doctors the child ever goes to.

ENFJs are also great at understanding non-verbal cues, which is something a pediatrician needs to be good at as well.

Being a pediatrician, or a doctor of any kind, needs the individual to have a highly empathic nature and also needs them to be extraverted and social which makes ENFJs a great choice for pretty much all medical fields, and given that they are often very much in demand, medical field jobs make often be some of the highest paying jobs for the ENFJ personality.

Human Resources Manager:

The median salary for a human resources manager tends to be around $110,120, which makes it another high paying job for ENFJ personality types.

This career involves being an essential figure within an organization, and being in charge of connecting the employees with the managers, and making sure both parts work in harmony towards achieving the institutional goals and there are no problems in the workplace.

These are all traits that the ENFJ personality has, and they will likely be individuals who are able to get their co-workers working together very well.

The main duty of a human resources manager may also be to plan, develop, execute and review most of an organization’s administrative functions and in case of new and potential hires they may also frequently be concerned with evaluation, recruiting, training and hiring of staff, which are also things that the ENFJ is likely to be good at.

Industrial Psychologists 

An industrial psychologist may be someone that works in a corporate arena as someone who the workers may count on to help with their mental health issues and they may be people who are great with social psychology, and spend a lot of time studying this field.

The median salary for industrial psychologists tends to be around $102,530, which makes it one of the best and most high paying jobs for an ENFJ personality because they have great understanding of the way people and groups work, and they are therefore likely to be great at taking care of people in the workplace.

Industrial Psychologists may also be in charge of studying, analyzing and understanding human behavior and in the corporate conditions they may often focus more on social interactions, emotional state, and cognitive processes, which may make them extremely important additions in this field.

ENFJs may make great industrial psychologists because they tend to be people who are great at understanding people and they are often looking to make things better for those around them, which means they will adapt to their workplace role very well.

Public Relations Manager

Public relations manager is another great high paying career for ENFJ personalities because it involves both working in the limelight at the forefront of their field, and also involves working with people and making them look good.

The role of public relations manager can often pay up to $111,280, which makes it a great career for an ENFJ, coupled with the fact that it involves extroverted tendencies and being able to come up with creative and innovative ideas to make someone look great, this is a great ENFJ career.

ENFJ Careers to Avoid

While there are some great ENFJ careers because of their personality traits, there are also some really bad fits which the ENFJ should avoid.

ENFJ careers to avoid might be:

  • Something that does not involve people
  • Something that involves being stuck analyzing data
  • Something too repetitive
  • Something that offers no growth
  • Something that has no place for innovation
  • Some place that has no place for creativity of any kind.

Therefore, some main ENFJ careers to avoid may be as follows:

  • Laborer
  • Accountant
  • Bank officer
  • Programmer
  • Computer systems analyst 
  • Chemist
  • Surveyor
  • Tour operator
  • Engineer
  • Security guard
  • Researcher
  • Waiter or waitress
  • Mechanic
  • Math teacher
  • Auditor
  • Attorney
  • Police officer
  • Manager
  • Technician

ENFJ Famous People

Here are some of the most amazing ENFJ famous people:

  • Barack Obama
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Kate Winslet
  • Johnny Depp
  • Martin Luther King Jr
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Michael Jordan
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Ben Affleck
  • Matthew McConaughey
  • Ben Stiller
  • Lauren Graham
  • Mikhail Gorbachev
  • Andy Griffith
  • Dennis Hopper
  • Kirstie Alley
  • Abraham Maslow
  • Pete Sampras 
  • Craig T Nelson
  • Randy Quaid
  • William Cullen Bryant
  • Ralph Nader
  • Francois Mitterrand
  • Tommy Lee Jones
  • Bob Saget 
  • Peyton Manning
  • James Garner


In this brief guide, we looked at ENFJ careers, and some other information about the ENFJ personality, like the ENFJ careers to avoid.

ENFJ personality, also known as the Protagonist, is a personality type that is characterized most of all by their people-pleasing and people-oriented tendencies, and this makes them very suited for careers that have anything to do with people.

If you have any questions or comments about ENFJ careers, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): ENFJ Careers

What careers are good for Enfj?

Careers that are good for ENFJ are:

Art director.
Human resources director.
Public relations account manager.
Sales manager.
Guidance counselor.

Are ENFJs rare?

Yes, ENFJs are rare, in fact they are the second-rarest personality type, and they make up only about 2.2% of the population.
ENFJs have characteristics like insightfulness and being compelling in their ideas and tendencies, which means that they also know the right buttons to push so that they may motivate people.

ENFJs may also be rare because they are the intuitive types, which is a relatively rare type of personality due to the way they think and function.

Do ENFJs make good doctors?

Yes, ENFJs make great doctors, and they may be great at being primary care physicians or even in more specialized areas, such as hospice. 

The reason ENFJs make great doctors is because they are great at people skills, and they tend to be the kind of people who are able to motivate and help out everyone around them.

Who should Enfj marry?

ENFJ should marry someone like an INFP or ISFP, because ENFJ has the dominant function of Extraverted Feeling, which may be best matched with a partner whose dominant function is Introverted Feeling. ENFJ and INFP are particularly ideally matched, because in addition to the matching thinking functions, they also have the same Intuitive way of looking at the world.






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