Elon Musk’s MBTI (An Overview)

This article will delve into the discussion of what personality type Elon Musk is and why? On the way, we will discuss in detail what personality types there are and what aspects of Musk’s lifestyle and behavior reflect his MBTI!

What is Elon Musk’s MBTI?

Elon Musk has the personality type of an INTP. Based on his behavior and lifestyle one couldn’t disagree that he is quiet, thoughtful and likes to think based on logic and fact. Well hold on for a second! There seems to be a bit of a problem.

Yes. The internet is divided over Elon Musk’s personality type. There is much discussion on whether Musk is judging or perceiving but before we get to that let’s look at who exactly Elon Musk is and what personality types there are; this will help us get to the core of the question – what personality type is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk – A Personality HImself!

Better known as the CEO of Tesla and Space, Elon Musk is what any engineer would dream to become. Running multiple companies based on innovation and the latest technology, the 49-year old billionaire is adamant to make space travel as common as it could get while at the same time trying to introduce technology that would make things better here on planet earth.

Looking at all the fame and success he has achieved despite having quite the story (3 divorces and 7 kids), one wonders what type of man is Elon Musk? Well, this is where the Myer Briggs Type Indicator comes in!


The Myer Briggs Type Indicator, a popular psychological self-assessment tool, is based on Carl Jung’s theory of personality; we function on four main psychological principles that include sensation, intuition, feeling and thinking. As a person, we have all of them but are dominant in only one.

So once you take the Myer Briggs Type Indicator test you can be either one of the 16 categories based on your answers; you could be an INFP, ESFJ, ESTJ or even an ISTP! The possibilities are many. How are you awarded a category? Well the test figures out which category you fall into from the following; sensing/intuition, feeling/thinking, judging/perceiving and introversion/extraversion. Once you are given one category from the four you have a well-defined personality type according to the MBTI! For example, if you are an ESTJ that means you are extroverted, observant, thinking and judging. Such people are considered logical, value honesty and dedication and provide clear advice.

What is it that makes Musk an INTP? Is it his way of dressing or the way he talks and thinks? No, maybe it’s how he views the world. Let’s take a breath and deep dive into why Elon Musk is an INTP!


Elon Musk – The Famous INTP

This section of the article will reflect on why Elon Musk’s MBTI is an INTP; it will look at each component of the personality type and relate it to Elon’s behavior, way of thinking and his life. Buckle your seatbelts for a ride!


Despite the public appearances, the numerous interviews and speeches he has given, Elon is classified as an introvert. Why? Well look at it this way. Elon is very thoughtful; he is very focused on what he is thinking which is obvious from his facial expressions and the pauses he makes when he speaks. He isn’t very comfortable talking and adds in a lot of fillers like ‘ummm’ ‘err’ and ‘ah’. When he does talk it is about his publicly known life. Despite his ups and downs he really doesn’t reflect on his inner feelings about his personal life. He is pretty quick at comebacks which may make you think he is good with people and an extrovert by nature but it’s his in depth conversations and the expression of his inner thoughts that show you his true nature.


 Elon Musk can be described as someone who looks inside himself for answers. He trusts his gut feelings and takes decisions. It’s a special power people have rather than look at logic. Once when he talked about the most difficult time he experienced, he mentioned he was almost bankrupt and had to choose which company to put money into. When given the logic that if all the money was put into one company the other would die and if the money was split it was likely both would die, he went for the option of splitting because that’s what he believed like doing. Musk thinks for himself and uses his own judgement; that is what got him so far instead of relying on what others say!

A Thinker – A Good One Too!

Keeping things real, Musk believes in facts and logic. He likes to work with data and science and technology. Being objective, Musk can identify flaws and knows when to pivot his plan exactly and to what direction. That is what helped him bounce back from the SpaceX lift off failure. He was able to believe he could do it but more importantly he diagnosed what the problem was and fixed it every time. Being an introvert he does have a hard time expressing his thoughts but it is his thinking power combined with his objective approach and firm grasp of logic and fact that helps him be successful. Put it simple – Musk can be defined as a thinker when it comes to the MBTI!

The Big Debate – ‘J’ or ‘P’?

This is what the internet is divided over. Is Elon Musk a judging or perceiving personality type?

Well, let’s take a look at both! A judging personality is someone who likes things to be organized and established. They are more prone to a routine and like to list things down and have control over the environment.

A perceiving personality type is someone who is open and flexible to changing situations because they can adapt to change and make the best out of it. They are relaxed and want things to be open ended rather than structured and close ended; having more possibilities is a better option for them.

Now what is Musk? Is he judging or perceiving.Well, as far as it seems, it looks like he leans towards the perceiving end more. Elon has the ability to bounce back setbacks and thus adapt to change. He has had many ups and downs in his personal life but he has been able to get through it accepting the uncertainty every time. Furthermore, the nature of his work requires him to be this type; he needs to be open so that he can combat any challenges his work puts in front of him. You don’t just become the richest man in the world just like that!


Elon Musk – What Is He Like?

Now that we have concluded what Elon Musk’s personality type is? Let’s take a look at him in his real life settings; it will help us understand the personality type he has been attributed.

Elon is casual in both his way of speaking and dressing. He usually ends up sleeping at his work space rather than go home for a good night’s sleep and he tends to think more; usually during interviews you can see he has a hard time speaking up, either he is too absorbed in what he is thinking or he isn’t fond of expressing himself through words.

Elon Musk has been able to survive his business and personal life related setbacks due to his trait of adapting to change and listening to what he believes in which is never giving up. Whether it’s been the multiple divorces he has been through with his first and second wife or the companies Tesla and SpaceX which he considers his children; Elon gets through somehow.


Frequently Asked Questions: Elon Musk’s MBTI

Is Elon Musk an INTP?

Elon has the traits of introversion, thinking, intuition and perceiving. He himself has admitted that he has issues with his timing that shows he has more of a perceiving personality type as this type is far from having a structured routine and prefers a more flexible way of work.

Is INTP a Rare Personality Type?

INTP is one of the less common personality types in the population especially for woman. They make up about 3% of the population.

Is Mark Zuckerberg an INTP?

Mark Zuckerberg is an INTJ and this may be due to his personality of being very blunt and straightforward with how he views people and their opinions.

Are INTPs good at math?

Yes, but there are INTPs who are not good at math as well because INTPs are good at logic which is not exactly math itself.


This article explored what personality type Elon Musk is by not only developing a deeper understanding of the MBTI and personality but also by exploring Elon Musk’s lifestyle and behaviour. The article also took a closer look at each component of Musk’s personality and compared it to various facets of his life and behavior to help the audience justify Musk’s personality type.

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