Draco Malfoy’s Personality Type (+ 3 facts)

This article will explore the personality type of Draco Malfoy from the perspective of the MBTI test. It will attempt to relate these traits and his personality type to the different behaviors he exhibited in the movie series of ‘Harry Potter’.

What Is Draco Malfoy’s Personality Type?

Draco Malfoy’s personality type is an ESTP which is also known as an ‘Entrepreneur’; these individuals are extroverted, sense, think and perceive to understand their surroundings or express themselves. 

Draco Malfoy is an interesting character in the Harry Potter series in that he is energetic, likes drama and is quick in navigating through the situations he gets stuck in! These types of people are easily spottable in the crowd where they like to be the center of attention, keeping a good show going. 

Although they like to keep discussions to the point, intelligent and energetic – these people get quite bored with complex things or never ending logic! They like to jump into action and oftentimes don’t plan well ahead that lands them in trouble.

ESTP – Draco Malfoy.

Let us take a closer look at the character traits of Draco Malfoy as an Entrepreneur in light of the Myer Briggs Type Indicator!


He likes attention and can always be seen around a group of people; not to mention his good people skills in terms of taunting other school fellows especially ones he dislikes or considers a threat to his position. In the movie, he is seen approaching Harry and his friends whenever he can and rarely is it the other way around. As an extrovert, he likes to talk, socialize with others and speak what he has in mind. His parents, especially his mother, spoil him a lot.

He is not a good planner and this is apparent when he is tasked with killing Dumbledore. Furthermore he is impulsive, unable to think through things when thinking a decision and often says hurtful things to others without perceiving how much pain it would cause them.


Draco is someone who lives in the now and appreciates facts and what is observable rather than pondering on the deeper meaning of things. He often uses reason based on what he has observed in arguments or while taunting others. He is quick to notice what is going around in his immediate environment hence explaining why he is always able to catch up to Harry, Ron and Hermione to bash them as much as he can. He is good with his senses and this allows him to keep an eye on those he likes to target with his mean sense of fun.


People with this trait are more concerned with what is true regardless of how others feel. It describes someone who appreciates logic and reason, does not really show concern for others, may be insensitive and is task oriented, uncaring and indifferent.

Draco possesses this trait and he exhibits it quite while in the movie; he likes to get at people and on their nerves using what little intelligence he has or facts about them, he is uncaring in how his actions or words affect others and he is very task oriented in the sense that he is clear on what he must do and how. He makes decisions not based on how he feels but based on the situation at hand and the facts he has or the task assigned to him. 


Draco is more of the perceiving type because these people prefer a causal approach to life and do not like too many plans. Furthermore, such people like to intermix work and play which explains why Draco considered Hogwarts his playground where he decided who would be treated how – he seemed to feel as if he owned the place and could approach anyone he wished and tease or taunt them.

The Strengths of Draco ‘The Entrepreneur’.

Regardless of how mean Malfoy seems, he does have some strengths as a personality.

He Is Direct & Bold.

Well he appears to be. Although he seems to be scared inside, Malfoy is bold in his actions and words. He does not mind saying what he feels or thinks even if it is mean and hurting. Furthermore, he is direct; he does not like to beat around the bush or play games but get straight to the point. 

Everytime he confronts Harry or Ron or even Hermione, he goes on to ask or tell them what is on his mind without a hint of hesitation and this does not bother him one bit no matter how sensitive the topic is.


He keeps his eyes open for wherever the show is going on. When the series first started, Malfoy realized the strengths Harry had especially in terms of social standing and fame; he was quick to extend a hand to Harry but at the same time to show his preference for a certain class of people. In this scene, he was the one who boldly approached Harry in front of others and tried to create a relationship, however, he failed badly. 

Malfoy is rarely seen alone in any scene in the movie, he is an extrovert and thus social by nature and dislikes being alone. The only time he is alone is when he is extremely upset or is tense about something daunting he must do – like killing Dumbledore!


Yes these people have great observation skills and Malfoy especially needs them! Why? Well for starters, he needs to find who to tease or taunt. He is always looking for a reason to get at Harry and irritate him or make him feel uncomfortable. If he has any new information he uses that or else he resorts to whatever thing different he can notice about him or his friends.


Well at least in how he treats everyone. Malfoy is more of the doer than the talker when it comes to most extroverts. When pushed he will fight back and to keep his image unstained, he will act even if it means or fight. 

He likes to take a practical approach in the sense that he considers only those things that can be done and likes to view the world in facts and information rather than imaginative thoughts.


Let’s take a look at some weaknesses the character has.


These types of people find it hard to fit into the rules or stay within the guidelines of an institution. Yes, Draco and his friends disliked whatever rules they had to follow at Hogwarts and in many scenes you can see them discussing how to break these rules or actually breaking them.

Furthermore, it is very difficult for them to focus in restricted environments where they can’t have their fun; this explains why Draco, even during class, would try and bother Harry. For them, work and school is just another place where they can play around and have some fun.

Don’t Think Things Through – Unstructured.

Well you may say they get a bit overconfident but that is how ESTPs are! They are unable to fully visualize the consequences of certain actions they take or decisions they make and this results in poor planning or getting stuck in an unanticipated situation.

Draco, indeed bold and blunt, would take the momentary pleasure of being the tough guy but it would inevitably result in him getting in trouble. Remember the episode with Buckbeak? Yeah so let’s say Draco needs to be a bit careful when determining his ability to deal with a particular person or creature in that case!


Like we mentioned before, these individuals are so direct and in the moment that they do not understand the effect of their words or actions on others. Draco also had the same approach whether it was calling Hermione a mudblood or labeling the Weasleys as less fortunate, he was never shy of what he said.

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These people do not give emotions top priority and usually because of their work or insensitivity, end up hurting others!

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This article shined light upon the personality type of the infamous character ‘Draco Malfoy’ from the ‘Harry Potter’ series and how his traits align with his behavior from the movie series. Highlighting the character’s strengths and weaknesses, the article gave an overall picture of the personality type of Draco Malfoy.

Frequently Asked Questions: Draco Malfoy’s Personality Type.

Is Draco Malfoy A Good Person?

Although unliked by most, Draco despite his family background is a good person with a poor personality who in the end prefers to take up the good side.

Who Married Draco?

Astoria Greengrass is the spouse of Malfoy.

Why Did Draco Cry When The Bird Died?

He knew his initial plan would not work and due to not being able to fulfill his task, Voldemort would kill him and his family.



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