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Do extroverts find introverts boring? (A complete guide)

In this article, we will answer the question ‘Do extroverts find introverts boring?’. We will do that by initially discussing key differences between extroverts and introverts. This will follow up by discussing how extroverts perceive introverts along with the boredom threshold of extroverts. We will move on to what extroverts want introverts to know. 

‘Do extroverts find introverts boring?’ 

Extroverts do not find introverts boring. It’s just that they have different preferences for how they want to spend their time or what they get excited by compared to introverts. This can make them seem as if they are not interested. However, extroverts find introverts mysterious and interesting especially when they find them engrossed in a book alone at a social event. They also feel like their interactions with an introvert are rewarding for them in terms of gaining insight and growing as a person. 

Extroverts and introverts

Extroverts and introverts are different from each other. Extroverts gain their energy by talking to a lot of people and spending their time at various social events. They gain energy and recharge their batteries by engaging in different and exciting experiences. This includes going to different parties and taking risks.  Extroverts process their thoughts and emotions by talking to other people. They are quick and efficient decision-makers and more likely to take action rather than spending their time thinking through things. Spending time alone is quite hard for extroverts because it Tires them out and depletes their energy. 

In contrast to them, introverts gain energy by spending time away from people and participating in activities that do not include a lot of people. They gain energy through alone time and by thinking and processing their thoughts and emotions. They take their time while making decisions and are less action-oriented compared to extroverts. Spending time with a lot of people and going to different events can be quite draining for introverts.

An Extrovert’s perception of Introverts

Due to differences in In how extroverts and introverts gain energy and prefer to spend their time, it is often questioned whether extroverts find introverts boring due to their lack of interest in socialization and having innovative experiences.   

The main distinction between them comes in terms of how they get stimulated and, activities that an introvert might find rejuvenating and fun might not work out for extroverts.  Similarly,  an introverts’ preference for alone time would be difficult for extroverts to understand as they may find silence quite mind-numbing.  As a result, whenever introverts propose to engage in things they like, extroverts may not be so excited which can give off the idea that they find them boring. 

However, Extroverts do not usually find introverts boring.  Rather they think introverts are interesting people who are different from them.  Whenever they see them in a corner engaged in a book or some other solitary activity,  they find them mysterious and interesting and feel like interacting with them. 

In addition to that, an extrovert learns a lot by spending time with an introvert about themself due to an introvert’s ability to empathize and pick out feelings of others.  They are also helped by getting in touch with their introspective side which gives them deep insights about themself. So their interactions with introverts are rewarding for them at an emotional and psychological level.

Extroverts have a low boredom threshold

Studies have indicated that extroverts have a higher tendency to get bored compared to an introvert. This is because they have a higher need for maintaining their levels of stimulation to be interested in things. Compared to them, introverts can function at less levels to keep their interest in something. This points to the idea that extroverts can get more bored as they continue to need stimulation to reach optimum arousal levels. However, it must be mentioned there are additional factors that may play a role in how bored an individual gets in a certain situation,

What Extroverts want introverts to know

An extrovert wants an introvert to know a few things about them in order to understand them better:

Extroverts push introverts to be social not because they find them boring but because they want to help them

 Often, when extroverts try to push introverts out of their comfort zone, it can get give off the impression that they do not like them. However, extroverts are just trying to help introverts in their own way. Being social is natural for extroverts and they find it difficult to understand that introverts do not like it. As a result, they push introverts to be more extroverted which can be, In a way, extroverts are just trying to help them. They have good intentions behind their actions and words that suggest an introvert to be more social. 

Extroverts want introverts to communicate with them

Extroverts preferred direct communication which is clear and straightforward. They have difficulty picking out indirect cues or hints. so, they prefer that introverts are honest with them and verbally expressive if they want extroverts to understand them.

Extroverts do not overshare to make introverts uncomfortable

 Extroverts do not feel comfortable with silence. They prefer to fill the gaps with random topics and by being social. This can make them overshare or be more talkative. This is opposite to introverts who enjoy the silence and speak only when they have something important to say. Introverts need to understand that extroverts are not being over-talkative on purpose, they cannot help it.

An extrovert does not invite a lot of people to avoid spending time with an introvert. 

An introvert likes to spend time having a one on one conversation with an extrovert. They dislike it when extroverts make plans that involve huge crowds and a lot of noise. This can make them seem boring to extroverts. However, extroverts love being around people and invite more to a social gathering as according to them’  the more the merrier’.  They want introverts to understand that it is not because they don’t want to be alone with them.  They just like being surrounded by people as it is fun for them.

Extroverts invite introverts because they like them

 Extroverts like hanging out with people which is why they are often extending invitations to others. They want introverts to understand that they genuinely mean it when they invite them. It is not because they are trying to be polite.

Extroverts like alone time too

 Extroverts also like to spend time alone in order to relax and process their thoughts. They want introverts to understand that.

Extroverts can understand introverts

 Being extroverted does not mean that they are not shy and do not have trouble making friends.  So extroverts can relate to introverts and their problems. 

Extroverts dislike silence. They are not over-talkative on purpose

Extroverts in cages in small talk because they do not like silence. 

Extroverts are not flirty. They are friendly 

Extroverts are often misunderstood as flirting with people when they are just being friendly and talkative. They just have a good way of connecting with other people. This can often come across as flirtatious behavior.  So,  it is better for an introvert to remember that about them next time when they think an extrovert is friendly with them. 

FAQs: ‘Do extroverts find introverts boring?’

Are introverts boring?

Introverts are not boring. They just get stimulated by different activities compared to extroverts. They prefer being with people they are comfortable with. They are also good observers and have great insights that make them one of the most interesting people. However, they keep these observations to themself. Being quiet does not mean they don’t have great and exciting ideas.

Are extroverts more attractive or introverts?

Usually, in social situations, extroverts appear more attractive because of their self-confidence, friendly, and expressive nature. In contrast to them, introverts are quiet and less social and seem less attractive apparently. However, they are equally attractive. One needs to spend time to get to know them in order to understand their charm.

How do introverts flirt?

Introverts do not flirt by talking. They spend their time listening and absorbing what other people are saying. However, if an introvert starts talking to you and takes the initiative in a conversation, it is a sign that they are flirting with you.

Is being shy unattractive?

Being shy is not unattractive. It just makes it difficult for shy people to talk to others and express themself. If they overcome their shyness, they will find that a lot of people find their shyness quite cute and loving. 


In this article, we discussed ‘Do extroverts find introverts boring?’. We found that extroverts do not find introverts boring. It’s just that they have different preferences for how they want to spend their time or what they get excited by compared to introverts. This can make them seem as if they are not interested. However, extroverts find introverts mysterious and interesting especially when they find them engrossed in a book alone at a social event. They also feel like their interactions with an introvert are rewarding for them in terms of gaining insight and growing as a person. 

 I hope you found this article interesting. If you have any queries or comments, please state them in the comment section 😊


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