Do BTS Members Have Anxiety?

In this blog, we will answer the question “Do BTS Members Have Anxiety?” and also cover topics like the famous South Korean boy band BTS, anxiety struggles of BTS members, symptoms of anxiety, treatment of anxiety, and answer frequently asked questions.

Do BTS Members Have Anxiety?

Yes, no matter how famous, rich, poor, beautiful, etc., a person is, no one is immune to mental health issues like anxiety and it can affect anyone even members of BTS. Suga from the BTS has always been very vocal about his anxiety and depression. 

A few BTS members have been vocal about their mental health-related struggles and we will discuss all that but let us first introduce you to BTS, and then get to who have talked about their anxiety. 

What is BTS?

The Bangton Boys are still going strong, having wrapped the entire globe around their fingers. Some think it’s less of a boyband and more of a family, with big and devoted fans known as the ARMY. The lads began when they were very young, and it is an understatement to say that they have made their impact on the world. 

They have even surpassed the records of the iconic boy band, the Beatles. While millions of people listen to K-pop, and specifically BTS, the faithful following is loyal for reasons other than the musical talent these young men possess. Something more profound than wonderful music binds this family to the incredible boyband. And that is the tale of their adventure.

While they are still highly popular and successful today, things haven’t always been easy for this group. Each of the seven members’ adventures is unique, yet similar. And their bravery in openly discussing them may be what makes the ARMY stronger than ever.


Kim Seokjin, also known as Jin, is the eldest of the group’s seven members. On December 4, 1992, he was born. He was chosen for an audition for the Big Hit Company on the street at the age of 20 because he was attractive but lacked experience in singing and dancing. Despite the fact that he was learning to be an actor at the time.

Big Hit was a tiny firm that invited him to audition in 2010 because, in Korean pop culture, aesthetic appeal is one of the most important qualities that people look for whether you are doing anything in the performing arts area. 

It is critical to look beautiful and meet the Korean beauty standard. So, despite the fact that he was not a skilled singer or dancer, he was tutored and eventually learned to sing and dance after joining the group.

Despite being extremely dedicated in his practice, he still receives criticism for not being able to dance and sing correctly, or should we say, in a more professional manner.

BTS and their difficult challenges

The BTS made its formal debut in 2013. However, they were not well received in the early years. In 2014, they were even seen handing out brochures inviting people to free performances.

They chose to disband due to a lack of good reception, but in 2015 they received their first award, and people began to recognize them and their music on a global scale. Of course, things didn’t get much better after that. They battled a lot and are still dealing with issues, the most serious of which being racism.

BTS songs and their strong messages

While all of the members are honest about their difficulties with mental health, Suga is the most forthright about it, confessing in one of his songs as a youngster that he suffered from anxiety, self-hatred, and despair.

‘The Last,’ one of his songs, is about the various difficulties he has faced. “My skull hurts from the fight between values. I acquired social anxiety around the age of 18. That’s when my thinking became increasingly corrupted. I’m afraid of myself at times as well. Because of the despair that has taken over my life. And all of my self-disgust.”

Concerning psychological health, Suga told Entertainment Weekly that they’ve been provided a chance to voice these topics more openly. “We feel that those who have the place to talk about these topics should talk about it more since people say depression is something you go to the hospital and get diagnosed with, but you don’t really understand until the doctor talks to you.”

RM also discussed why their tracks connect with the mental wellbeing theme. He stated to EW, “That is why the notion of “Love Yourself” exists. We don’t want to preach ‘Do this or don’t do that,’ because that isn’t how we want our message to be transmitted.”

“We are all born with distinct lives, yet certain things are unavoidable. So we reasoned that love, in its true sense, begins with loving oneself and accepting those ironies and fates that we are born with “He went on. Suga also stated how they get their fans’ support, calling them “their biggest influence.”

BTS Members Discuss Anxiety And Loneliness

Suga spoke about his fear and loneliness in a conversation with SBS PopAsia. He stated that he thinks a lot about how his life would turn out. “Emotions are so diverse in every scenario and every instant, therefore I suppose agonizing every second is what life is,” Suga said, according to the website.

Fans got a peek of the idols’ efforts to offer their ARMIEs the finest show in the documentary series ‘Break The Silence.’ BTS member V stated how his bandmates made him feel wonderful in one of the episodes. He remarked that after attending the ‘Love Yourself’ concert series, he no longer had as many melancholy thoughts.

The K-pop idols have even worked with UNICEF, launching their “Love Myself” campaign in 2017 to stop violence and neglect and improve children’s and young people’s ego and well-being.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is the body’s normal reaction to stress. It is uneasiness or fear about what is to come. Most individuals are afraid and apprehensive during the first day of school, heading to an interview process, or making a speech.

However, if your anxiety symptoms are severe, linger for more than six months, and interfere with your daily life, you could have an anxiety disorder.

What are the different kinds of anxiety disorders?

Anxiety disorders are classified into numerous kinds, including:

Anxiety disorder in general (GAD)

GAD sufferers are concerned about everyday matters including health, money, job, and family. Their concerns, however, are severe, and they have had them virtually every day for at least six weeks.

Anxiety disorder

Panic attacks happen in those who suffer from panic disorder. These are brief, recurring bursts of extreme panic in the absence of a threat. The episodes are sudden and might last several moments or more.


People who suffer from phobias are terrified of something that provides almost no actual harm. Their phobias might be spiders, flying, crowded areas, or social settings (known as social anxiety).

Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety has distinct sensations depending on who is experiencing it. From fluttering in your gut to a pounding heart, you may experience a variety of emotions. You may feel lost, as if there is a schism with your mind and body.

Night terrors, panic attacks, and terrible emotions or memories that you can’t control are some of the other ways people feel anxiety. You may experience a broad sense of fear and concern, or you may be afraid of a specific location or event.

Among the indications of general anxiety are:

  • elevated heart rate
  • fast respiration
  • restlessness
  • focusing difficulties slipping off to sleep
  • Your anxiety symptoms may be quite different from those of others. 

That is why it is critical to be aware of all the different ways worry can manifest itself. Learn about the many forms of anxiety symptoms that you may encounter.

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

Causes and risk factors of anxiety

The actual source of anxiety is unknown to researchers. However, it is probable that a mix of variables is at work. Genetic and environmental variables, as well as brain chemistry, are among them.

Furthermore, experts believe that the parts of the brain involved in fear management may be affected. The risk factors for various forms of anxiety disorders might differ. 

GAD and phobias, for example, are more frequent in women, while social anxiety affects both men and women equally. The following are some broad major risk factors for all forms of anxiety disorders:

  • Certain personality qualities, such as being timid or distant when confronted with new situations or making new friends, should be avoided.
  • Early life or adulthood traumatic incidents
  • Stress or other mental illnesses run in the family.
  • Some physical health concerns, such as thyroid issues or arrhythmia

Treatment of anxiety

Once you’ve been identified with anxiety, you may talk to your doctor about treatment choices. Some folks do not require medical care. Changes in lifestyle may be sufficient to alleviate symptoms.


However, in moderate and severe situations, therapy can assist you in overcoming the symptoms and leading a more tolerable day-to-day existence.

Anxiety treatment is classified into two parts: psychotherapy and medicines. Meeting with a psychotherapist or psychologist can assist you in learning techniques and methods for dealing with anxiety when it arises. 


Antidepressants and sedatives are common medications used to manage anxiety. They act to regulate neurochemistry, reduce anxiety attacks, and avoid the disorder’s most severe symptoms.


We answered the question “Do BTS Members Have Anxiety?” and explored what BTS is, challenges faced by BTS, BTS songs and their powerful messages, members of BTS discussing anxiety and depression, types of anxiety disorders, risk factors of anxiety, and also the treatment of anxiety. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Do BTS Members Have Anxiety?

Why is BTS so famous?

BTS’s song is successful because of the topic matter. While many K-pop songs are about love and romance, BTS’s songs also address bullying, elitism, and mental health.

What are the types of depression?

  • Major Depression
  • Persistent Depressive Disorder
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  • Psychotic Depression
  • Peripartum (Postpartum) Depression
  • Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)
  • ‘Situational’ Depression
  • Atypical Depression
  • Treatment-Resistant Depression

What are the top 5 anxiety symptoms?

  • Feeling uneasy, restless, or tense are common anxiety indications and symptoms.
  • Feelings of imminent danger, terror, or catastrophe.
  • Having a faster heart rate.
  • Rapid breathing (hyperventilation)
  • Sweating.

What exactly is anxiety?

Tightness/stiffness, apprehensive, or difficult to relax, having a sensation of dread or being afraid of the worst, a sense that the world is speeding up or slowing down as if others can sense your anxiety and are staring at you. it also feels as if you were sitting on a chair if someone pulled it from behind. That sudden feeling of heart dropping in your chest is exactly what anxiety feels like.  

Who writes in BTS?

Among the seven members of BTS, RM, J-Hope, and Suga are recognized, songwriters. So, have you really wondered what motivates the trio to write such wonderful lyrics for BTS songs? At least one of them, Suga, has spoken publicly about the motivation for his songs.

Which members of BTS are depressed?

BTS is one of the most popular k-pop groups. The band has had a number of triumphs, with several of their songs breaking world records. However, success comes with a lot of obligations and responsibilities, which has led to despair in Suga and Taehyung.