11 Beautiful and Moving Depression Drawings(& their Analysis)

In this brief guide, we will look at some beautiful and meaningful Depression drawings and try to assess their meaning.

Depression Drawings

Many people may find that it helps them to draw when they are depressed, and depression drawings often show the internal struggle of someone dealing with depression.

Depression drawings may often be rather monotone and bizarre, and they may be more abstract than others, displaying a convoluted sort of thought process that may underlie the problematic behavior of someone suffering from depression.

Depression may also stop many artists from drawing and they may at the same time feel bad that they are not drawing like they used to, putting them in a bad place where they feel stuck and feel like they are not able to move forward.

This may happen because depression can make previously pleasurable activities seem pointless and not that pleasing, and it may continue to the point that they may feel like they are not able to do anything anymore.

Does Drawing help with Depression?

Drawing can help tremendously with depression as it is an artistic form of self-expression which means that it may help individuals suffering from depression to get out of their shell and share their issues in the form of art, which can be therapeutic.

Art Therapy is a widely accepted and artistic form of measure of intervention for many disorders, depression included.

It allows for people suffering from depression to be able to express their dark thoughts in an artistic manner which has been shown to have a great effect on the thoughts and emotions associated with depression.

Drawing things in depression may help individuals who don’t feel like talking that much to express their innermost thoughts in a succinct way and there are many methods to analyze depression drawings that one may be able to get trained in.

Depression Drawing 1: Art Therapy for Depression

This depression drawing has been created by someone as part of their Art Therapy or process of dealing with depression and it displays a great deal of detail that makes it evident that the person may have a degree of assertiveness and trying to control everything in their environment.

Strictly speaking, the figure is being controlled by their mind which in an artistic sense may be seen as an indication that the depressed mind is controlling the individual, and they feel like they are not able to make any difference to their own thought processes.

However, psychological analysis of the picture implies that the person likely has a broken self-concept, and they are not able to figure out who they are inside while all their energies are focused on making the outer world as perfect and correct as possible.

Depression Drawing 2: Blue girl

This depression drawing is simply titled Depression and appears on Deviantart on this artist’s account.

A preliminary and artistically oriented analysis tells us that the artist likely uses blue as that is frequently thought of as the color of depression, and they are trying to portray a girl in depression by making her look blue and covering half her face, which may imply a shyness or sadness.

Psychological analysis of the drawing implies that if someone draws a figure like that while they are depressed there may be a chance that they are feeling very emotional and they are not able to take back control of their life.

The use of a cloth-like shadow that is covering the girl’s face implies a need to hide away and isolate and also a need for affection and security, which is something someone might experience in depression.

Another thing that speaks of depression in this drawing is the small and shallow eyes, which frequently imply that the person is likely younger or not very mature in terms of their ego.

Depression Drawing 3: Colorful and Optimistic

This depression drawing implies a need or desire to break out of the negativity and find joy and pleasure, though the person may be finding it hard due to their current mindset.

The use of color artistically indicates optimism and contrast that may imply a happy and cheerful outlook.

Psychological analysis of the drawing indicates a need for isolation even though the person wants to get better and feel happier.

This type of drawing may also be done by someone who is maybe very emotional and uses fantasy as an escape frequently, and they may often spend more time dreaming or imagining things rather than doing them, additionally, they may also be somewhat unsure of themselves, and still be in the process of self-discovery.

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Depression Drawing 4: Two-faced Depression

This depression drawing may also be considered to be about Bipolar disorder because of the two faces and the clear dichotomy of emotional experiences.

The artist has tried to capture the muddled feelings one may experience in depression when they are not feeling totally alone and lost, and it is evident in the two faces that are overlapping.

Analyzing the picture from a psychological perspective may tell us that such a person experiences emotions in a very intense way and may even find them hard to deal with.

A person who makes a drawing with gentle and soft strokes like this may also often be considered as having a shy and unsure personality, and they may frequently experience low energy levels frequently, which indicates a depressive state.

Depression Drawing 5: Colorful Tears

This depression drawing features a common symptom of depression, which is weeping spells.

People suffering from depression may often experience episodes of crying when they may not even know why they are crying but they may not be able to stop.

This type of drawing in depression indicates someone with high emotional responses that they want to keep to themselves and possibly some form of sexual problems or sexual dysfunction, which may occur frequently in people with depression.

The drawing also indicates a need to be impulsive and assertive, and this type of person may often want to seek or regain control.

Depression Drawing 6: Monster 

This depression drawing displays depression as a monster trying to claim the girl suffering from it, which many sufferers of depression might be able to relate to.

This type of picture shows the ambiguity of emotions that are anything but negative as the negative ones take the forefront and start consuming the person and controlling every aspect of their lives.

This kind of drawing may also indicate a slightly more immature style of dealing with external situations and a weak self-concept, and likely feelings of vulnerability and shame about self.

Depression Drawing 7: Van Gogh Depression

It is well known that Vincent Van Gogh suffered from psychosis which made him cut his ear off, but this depression drawing by Van Gogh also shows that he may have suffered from depression.

A preliminary psychological analysis of this drawing shows someone who is experiencing a lot of very strong emotions and they want to deal with them but are not able to.

It also shows a normal and mature individual, and one who seeks a lot of affection and warmth from the environment, and perhaps wants healthy and positive interpersonal relationships.

The drawing also indicates a tendency to self-isolate and feel unworthy of the life the person has been given, and a tendency to detach from the surroundings as a result of the shame and guilt.

Depression Drawing 8: Withering Away

This depression drawing shows someone withering away under the weight of their depression and not being able to deal with their thoughts and emotions, which are obviously negative given the darkness they are depicted by.

The person also shows a tendency to isolate themselves and possibly shy away from relationships, but at the same time, they may crave security and love from interpersonal relationships, but maybe unsure about how to get it.

The person may also be assertive and confident and they may not have trouble getting things done otherwise, but due to depression, they may be feeling particularly helpless and untethered.

Depression Drawing 9: Demons

This depression drawing features an individual that is surrounded by their inner demons that may be made up of negative thoughts and emotions and they are hiding away from them.

The artistic flair of the drawing is seen in the three main colors used, which strike the viewer as the typical red for emotion or feelings, and black and white for depression or sadness.

The psychological assessment of this drawing indicates someone with a mature ego but a tendency to be intensely introverted and isolated, whether by choice or against their will is not too clear, and they may have an intense need for security that they may deny to themselves. 

Depression Drawing 10: Breaking down

This depression drawing indicates someone who feels like they are being dismantled by their environment but unable to stop it from happening because the situation has gotten so out of control.

This may be seen as having been done by someone who is likely an extrovert but their social life is taking a toll on them and they feel like they are crumbling under the pressures they have taken on themselves.

The level of detail in the drawing also implies someone who is maybe too invested in the environment around them and may even show slightly obsessive tendencies about liking things a certain way.

This person may also have somewhat aggressive tendencies that are hidden under a usually friendly and extroverted exterior.

Depression Drawing 11: Depressed Superheroes

This depression drawing is reminiscent of the arc that Thor has in Avengers Endgame, where he gets extremely depressed over having lost, and it has been highly praised as being a good portrayal of depression and how everyone can suffer from depression, even superheroes.

This drawing also indicates the same thing, superheroes, like anyone else, can suffer from depression, and like others, they may feel like abandoning their responsibilities when they do.


In this brief guide, we looked at some beautiful and meaningful Depression drawings and tried to assess their meaning.

If you are suffering from depression or know someone who is, you may want to seek help from a professional, and try to reach out before you suffer too much.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or comments about this topic or suggestions for topics you might want us to cover.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Depression Drawings

Why Does drawing make me sad?

Some people may feel like drawing makes them sad because they are aware that they are being vulnerable and expressing themselves, which may not always make people comfortable.

Another possibility behind why drawing makes you sad maybe because you are aware that you are opening yourself up to criticism, which may be hard to do.

What is the number 1 cause of depression?

The number 1 cause of depression may be interpersonal difficulties or problems with a job or academic life.

Is painting good for depression?

Yes, painting can be very good for depression as it involves the brain in a creative process that can create better neural pathways in the brain.

Painting can also be good for depression because it is a form of expression and expression is very important for anyone that is suffering from depression. 





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