Canadian Men’s Personality (A Complete Dating Guide)

This article will explore the dominant aspects of canadian men’s personality and why they make the list when it comes to choosing the best guys to date.

How Are Canadian Men Like?

A Canadian man’s personality is best defined by words ‘polite’, ‘intelligent’ and ‘warm hearted’. Yes they do fit the typical profile for a canadian, however, is that all to these men when it comes to personality? What is it that makes them stand out and how well do they score when it comes to the world of dating?

This section of the article will look at the dominant personality traits canadian men exhibit in their day to day life!


They are thoughtful because they want to make sure things go smoothly and they are also very good when it comes to controlling their behaviour which means they have good impulse control. They pay attention to details like opening the door for you and getting you your favorite flower or morning snack. Also, they hold up to commitments like gentlemen and like to take care of matters properly.

Friendly and Social.

Being a gentleman doesn’t mean they are exactly quiet. These men like to be heard and have no problem voicing out their opinion or concerns. Also they like to be the center of attention, start or keep the conversation going and entertain people as well. They find it easy to get along with other people and don’t get tired easily by interacting with others. Instead they feel refreshed after having a good discussion.

They Dont Mind Agreeing.

Canadians like to go with the flow. They are interested in how people they interact with think or feel and like to keep that in mind when they are having a discussion. They deal with others respectfully and try to assist others in whatever they can. They don’t like to impose their opinions on others nor necessarily prove they are right.

Neurotic – I Don’t Think So?

Canadian men can be described as those who look at the brighter side of life. They are not typically the ones who are consistently obsessed with their low moods, bad experiences or anxiety. They are mature in how they go about their behaviours, thoughts and feelings and hence do not expend too much energy on any negative feelings they might experience.


Yes these men are energetic. They are not lazy or dull. They like to take the initiative and stay fresh and ready for things. They won’t expect you to get much of the things done but instead work on it themselves. 


Yes these men are protective of you and will take a stand but they are not the immature types to pick a fight with anyone over just about anything. With canadian men, you will feel safe and protected and have a sense of security that if anything does go wrong he will take care of it. At the same time, you will be assured that you are not with a hot head who will just about get upset at anything!


These men like to be useful! They are strong and independent in that they know how to take care of themselves and others and are also careerists. You don’t have to worry about them not having plans for the future or not taking responsibility when the time comes. They have resources, whether it’s a great education, a stable job or good money.


Unlike most men in other countries, Canadian ones are way more healthy. They are conscious about what they eat and make sure they get enough walk or exercise to keep themselves just about fit and active. It’s not to say they don’t enjoy food and what it has to offer, it is just that they are more conscious in their choices and tend to keep things balanced.


When meeting a Canadian man, you may feel like they are extremely cautious and shy however that is just how they are. You may even mistake their politeness for that! However, as soon as they start opening up you will see that they are extremely friendly and enjoy having conversations.

Why Date A Canadian?

Now that we have discussed the major personality traits of Canadian men, let us take a look at why they should be dated?

Equal Rights – For Everyone

Yes. Canadian men believe in equal rights and opportunities not just for themselves but for women too. They don’t mind having an independent wife who can earn for herself and spend as she wishes. The notion that a woman needs to be obedient to her partner or she needs to be dependent on him does not interest them. So next time you are looking for someone who won’t have a hard time dealing with your independence, why not try out a Canadian guy?

They Are Very Caring.

Yes. They notice the small details, remember what you like and dislike and even do the cute things women would die for like open the door, get you flowers and a card and smile a lot and make you laugh or plan great dates. Most of all they are very nice and kind; they can tell when your mood is off and consider that a huge no no!

They Like The Outdoors.

Love traveling? Well then get yourself over to Canada! Canadian men are fond of traveling and it’s probably because they want to take advantage of any good weather they get because bad weather isn’t in shortage over there right especially when the temperatures drop! 


What does a woman want in a man? She wants responsibility and yes you will find that in Canadian men. They like to plan out their life in that they believe in hard work and being resourceful for themselves and others. They know how to do the house chores, clean up after themselves, make sure they get the major tasks done and plan for ahead. When it comes to Canadian men, you can trust they either have a good education to settle on, a stable job with some good income or some money up their sleeve.


A great reason to date Canadian men is because they are extremely handsome! We all know that one guy who comes to our head when they talk about handsome Canadian men. Yes. Justin Trudeau is a good example of how the world, not just women but men also, view Canadian men when it comes to good looks or that boyish smile. So when you need some spice in your love life and are looking for an attractive guy with all the great qualities, there’s no harm in glancing over to Canada.

What To Expect When Dating A Canadian Man?

So there are a lot of surprises, pleasant and unpleasant (salty) ones, you can experience when dating a Canadian guy. Here are 3 things to expect when dating one and they are super handy!

They Reject You Politely.

So rejection is something that is very tough to go through. It’s not easy to experience or do to someone. So when it comes to Canadian guys, keeping in mind they are very polite and friendly, they want to do the least harm when it comes to saying no. Due to cultural and language difference, you may not even notice they have politely said no to you or conveyed their intentions for you. So when you are dating a Canadian guy, don’t be surprised if you missed any signs that he has rejected you – they just do it so politely that you can’t even tell. Keep your eyes peeled girls!

They Are Used To Long Distance Relationships.

Here is a good one! Yes they are used to long distance relationships which is not just a good thing but is something you need to meet up to! They will go out of the way to meet you and say ‘Hi’ but expect the same. So be ready if you are committing to a Canadian man.

Dress to Impress?

They dress for practicality and that is what they value especially because it gets so darn cold over there. So don’t get surprised if you and your date end up wearing the same sweater! It is way better than dressing in something that is not fit for the occasion but stylish – like I said, they value practicality and that is what you should aim for!


The article explored the dominant personality traits of Canandian men and also delved into the reasons why they should be dated. Also, the article shined light on what to expect when dating a Canadian man.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Canadian Men’s Personality

What is the Canadian personality?

They are known to be one of the most peace loving and kind people on Earth to the extent that they often apologize even if it is not their fault.

Why Should You Date a Canadian?

They accept people of other traditions and backgrounds. So it makes it interesting and fun to date them as not only are they accepting but they will have a lot to share.

What is Considered Rude in Canada?

Being late more than 15 minutes is very rude and may offend a Canadian.


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