Can Enneagram type 1 be messy? (+3 facts)

In this article, we will look at – “Can enneagram 1’s be messy?” in detail. If you are new to this topic or are intrigued to know about it this is a full guide to enneagram type 1.

To begin with, Enneagram is a theory that offers an explanation for understanding the human personality in terms of nine different types. It explains the different types of personalities with the help of a geometric figure like that of a regular nine-sided polygon. According to this theory a person’s personality can be identified as one of the nine possible combinations that are inclusive of one’s beliefs, values and motivations.

Can type 1’s be messy?

Yes, it is possible for an enneagram type 1 to be messy. A one realizes how to arrange, and having things efficient causes them to feel better. They can get bothered and basic when something isn’t all together, and can’t live it up until everything is as she would prefer. This additionally goes for speculations and brain stuff, that likewise should be all together. If not a one can get extremely on edge and disappointed.

A one frequently lean towards doing things herself with the goal that she gets it the manner in which she needs it. A Perfectionist regularly needs to keep quiet all together not to be too fair in her remarking and she likewise have an impulse from their gut discipline others.

What is the Enneagram?

The word enneagram comes from the Greek word “Ennea” which means nine and “Gramma” which means something that is written or drawn. Enneagram consequently literally means nine different types of illustrations. According to this theory a person’s personality can be identified as one of the nine possible combinations that are inclusive of one’s beliefs, values and motivations.

The formal definition of Enneagram is as follows:

“A system of classifying personality types that is based on a nine-pointed starlike figure inscribed within a circle in which each of the nine points represent a personality type and its psychological motivations influencing a person’s emotions, attitudes, and behaviours.

What is the enneagram type 1?

We decide to call this character type the Perfectionist, in light of the fact that, in the event that you are a one, you endeavour to be coordinated, flawless and organized. You are additionally an individualistic (this is the reason a huge number think they are fours), you won’t be one of the sheep following the heard. You will know in your bones what is ideal for you. You will anticipate that things should be great and will be disappointed when things are not to you loving.

One assumes that they will be justified in their own eyes and in others’ eyes by being strict with themselves (and ultimately being “perfect”). But they also create their own personal hell by trying to create their own brand of perfection.

Ones avoid being impacted by their instinctual urges, deliberately not giving in to them or sharing them too freely in an attempt to remain true to their values. The outcome is a type of personality that has issues with repression, resistance, and violence. Typically, they are seen by others as extremely self-controlled, even rigid, but this is not how people view themselves.

How do type 1’s function?

To a one, the world frequently looks hard and hard to make due in. She is cynical thusly. There is a solid encounter of shortage in this sort. Ones dread not having the option to make it genuinely (get by) on the planet. This drives her to be a persevering individual. A one regularly works more diligently than she actually needs to, simply to have a sense of security that she will bring in sufficient cash to endure. Then again, a huge number like costly things, things they think about great. They can hang on hard to cash and out of nowhere purchase something costly they truly appreciate the flawlessness of.

For an enneagram type 1 at the point when organization is lacking, flawlessness is required. They should totally control themselves. They feel that nothing is ever sufficient. To redress, they become unyielding, firm and have extraordinary trouble with analysis. They judge others basically and discover flaws to feel prevalent.

They are body types, and they resist rage because of that. In reality, anger is the inspiration for a person to organize and to perfect herself and her environment. If she cleans the house with the rage as the engine, a person will feel good. She’ll feel like the emotional charge is being cleaned away. This inspiration can make a person work too hard and too frequently. It can feel just too good to do anything for her, to get the job done. You may have a tendency to zoom in on information if you are a human, and correct them if appropriate. One sees discipline and laws as an essential way of preventing others from causing confusion or, in other words, destroying their vision of perfection.


In this article, we answered the question – “Can enneagram 1’s be messy?” the answer to which is a yes. It is possible for an enneagram type 1 to be messy.

Each character type is “controlled” by an alternate inspiration. At the point when “worn softly,” this inspiration manages our conduct through broad propensities and connections. As this inspiration gets more grounded, it turns out to be progressively essential to see ourselves with a specific goal in mind and to guarantee that others view us as such, as well. To achieve this objective, we stress certain practices (and repudiate others) by assuming a part. Once in a while we need to control others or even sabotage them to drive them to consider us to be, we need to be seen. Tragically, the more connected we become to our mental self-portrait, the less we consider ourselves to be we truly are.


What does an enneagram 1 go to in stress?

When under stress, an enneagram type 1 goes to type 4 (the individualist). They tend to become very emotional and dwell in feelings such as melancholy, feeling misunderstood. They become very aware of their surroundings as they get highly sensitive. Their creative side is also likely to take over for a bit as they engage with artistic outlets – relating to song lyrics and films.

What does an unhealthy 1 look like?

Unhealthy ones often come across as highly intolerant. They tend to go over board with their principles and values. Fixated on their own goals and qualities, undesirable Ones have no tolerance for any activities that falter from their centre convictions. They implement their standards with overbearing accuracy and are shut leaning to substitute perspectives and recommendations

What is the most difficult enneagram type?

Obviously, various types can be uncertain and ambivalent, however for 6s, that is what normal level resembles. All other types at normal level is either affable, intriguing or has a positive outlook on themselves (regardless of whether it’s adverse), while normal 6s are simply uninvolved forceful masochist invisible girls who life in dread every minute of every day.

What it’s like to be a 1 enneagram?

Enneagram Type Ones like to do things accurately and to exclusive expectations, are fanatics for rules, and give close consideration to detail. They additionally try not to commit errors. To other people, they seem perfectionistic, capable and demanding.

What is the rarest enneagram type?

Enneagram 8s are the rarest of all enneagram types. 8s are challengers and are said to have born leadership qualities. They enjoy challenging themselves and have enormous willpower and vitality. Some of the famous 8 personalities include Donald Trump, Pablo Picasso, & Indira Gandhi.

Which enneagram has the most anxiety?

Enneagram type 6’s are the most prone to have anxiety issues. Type 6’s often question everything and everyone around them and end up feeling fearful. They often struggle with decision making which can add to the anxiety as they begin overthinking and analysing each and every single word they hear and say.


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