Can an Enneagram 8 be an Introvert? (& 7 tips to spot one)


In this brief guide, we will take a look at the question “Can an Enneagram 8 be an introvert?”, as well as the wings on enneagram type 8, which as 8w7 and 8w9, and other topics related to this personality type.

Can an Enneagram 8 be an Introvert? 

Yes, an Enneagram 8 can be an introvert, as being outgoing and social are not necessarily part of their basic desire or their basic fear, and as result, even though they may have great intuition and be able to understand their environment, they may need alone time frequently.

The Enneagram 8 is known as the protector or challenger, and it is often considered to be a rather intimidating sort of personality type in the enneagram, and when they are introverts they can be somewhat scary, as it may be a little hard to get through to them and be intimate with them.

Another thing to consider is what an introvert is and does it simply mean being outgoing or social because there are many different types of introverts, and some may simply be the kind that has more introverted thinking than anything else, which is also entirely possible in the enneagram 8.

In some cases being introverted may simply mean that the person may feel like being around people takes energy from them and they feel the intense need to recharge, and this may happen even in an enneagram 8, regardless of how social they are.

The extrovert maybe someone who gets energizing feelings from their environment, and this may not necessarily mean that they like to be hanging out with someone all the time, but they will try to seek it out and they will not be exhausted after the gathering as much as an introvert may be.

The enneagram type 8 that is introverted may look the same when they are surrounded by people, but they may not be the same as the extroverted enneagram 8, and they may need more downtime to recover from being social.

The enneagram type 8 may be protective of their energy and even though they might hang out with others often they will still get drained if I have to work a room full of people constantly and not be able to get some time with their own thoughts.

8w9 enneagram

The 8w9 is a combination of the core traits of enneagram 8 and a few of the traits of enneagram type 9, and this type may be characterized by the tendency to be strong-willed and protective of those around them with a tough approach to challenges and conflict, which s more peaceful than the approach the typical 8 may take.

The 8w9 is also known as the Diplomat due to their enneagram 9 inspired mellow approach to conflict than their pure 8 friends.

The traits that truly personify the enneagram 8w9 personality are confidence, patience, and protectiveness, and they are usually more gentle and subdued than the other eight types, as well as less externalizing behaviour than the type 8s.

The enneagram 8w9 answers the question “can an enneagram 8 be an introvert”, better than other types, as they tend to be more introverted than pure 8 or pure 9, and they are likely to go about their peacekeeping purposes in a more quiet and subtle way.

The 8w9 also may not be great at following orders but even their rebellion might be more calm and laid-back than the other variant of the Type 8 personality, which is the 8 wing 7.

The 8w9 personality may struggle to openly share emotions, which suggests an introverted nature as well, and they may also not be able to express their affection, but they may be able to express discomfort or displeasure, as they work to avoid the anxiety that may come from being harmed in some way.

Like type 8, the 8w9 may have a fear of being controlled by others and they may constantly and neurotically seek autonomy and independence.

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Some strengths of the 8w9 personality are given below:

  • Able to see different perspectives
  • Strong and ruthless against challenges
  • Head-on approach to new things
  • Naturally energetic and confident
  • Goo leaders, but maybe a bit strict sometimes
  • disciplined and confident as leaders
  • Not interested in unnecessary emotion, but genuine when they express them.
  • Good at commanding respect
  • Protective of people they care about
  • Attentive to the needs of others.
  • Can solve conflict with peace

On the other hand, the weaknesses of the 89w9 may be the following:

  • Temper problems may be prevalent.
  • May have trouble following people
  • May not be able to deal with small roles
  • May sometimes be stifling
  • They can be stubborn or rigid
  • They hate rules or orders and may rebel often
  • Can be arrogant, too confident, or emotionally detached
  • May have difficulty in emotional conflicts
  • May not be good at sharing things, especially emotions, with the people close to them
  • May not be good at asking for or receiving help

8w7 Enneagram

The 8w7 enneagram type is characterized primarily by the need to have power and control, while also being in pleasurable and challenging situations, as they have the wing 7 influence on the core traits of the enneagram 8 personality.

8w7 is highly motivated towards new experiences and often seeks out situations that allow them to exercise control, over themselves, and sometimes others.

The 8w7 may be a rather protective individual who seeks to protect and help others and maybe even their community, but instead of the affectionate reasons behind the enneagram type 2 doing it, the 8w7 may do it because it combines being in the external arena and a high degree of power.

8w7’s main defence towards the anxieties and fears that drive them is defending themselves by denying vulnerability and protecting their outer shell at all times. 

The 8w7 enneagram may also be characterized by their desire to not appear weak and avoid situations that may leave them exposed or defenseless against the challenges of the external environment they are so oriented towards.

Given below are some core strengths of 8w7:

  • 8w7 can be focused and hardworking
  • These people may be quite tough and face challenges well.
  • They can be good at doing risky things for the thrill
  • They can get things done efficiently 
  • They are confident and can lead well
  • They are good at tackling new situations as they are extroverted 
  • They tend to make logical and fair decisions
  • They easily form connections with others
  • They are good at being optimistic and innovative plans
  • They have the ability to share their thoughts and opinions openly

Here are some weaknesses of the 8w7 personality:

  • The 8w7 may be arrogant and too blunt sometimes
  • They may not like others being in the lead
  • Can be hard to tame and rebel against authority
  • They may not like routine or rules
  • Can struggle to remain patient
  • May have a tendency to overindulge themselves
  • They can lack sensitivity to the feelings of others

Enneagram 8 Female

The enneagram 8 traits usually tend to be described in males as the kind of rebellion and authority defying tendencies they have are often seen as more male roles, but this is a stereotype that Enneagram 8 females break constantly, as they have the tendency to defy gender roles and they don’t care much about stereotypes that are meant to hold them down.

Some enneagram females may suppress their inner anger and frustration which may only make it worse over time and erupt at inopportune moments.

These may also be some of the strongest women on the enneagram and they are not very different from the men as they may have the same emotional detachment and tendency to avoid submission of any kind, and a tendency to want to be invulnerable, which may make itself known in their rejection of gender roles.

Personality traits change very little according to gender, and what does tend to change is how the behavior is affected by those traits.

In the enneagram theory of personality, therefore, it may be seen that the type 8 females may feel the same thing as their male counterparts but they may act out differently in that regard, like men may not have as many opportunities to rebel as they may not get as called out for their aggressive tendency and need to avoid control or authority.

The enneagram 8 female is also likely to feel offended or upset at being analyzed or “figured out” and may see it as an invasion of her privacy, and this is also likely to be a person that might have issues with the society seeing her as a function of her gender rather than that of herself.

The enneagram 8 female will be just as strong-willed, confident, ambitious, or seeking power, and these traits may often get her into trouble or put her in positions where people may try to tell her to be more feminine, but this will only enrage her and this may cause some emotional problems.

The enneagram 8 female will also not tolerate any sort of injustice or attempts to put her down in any form due to her gender, and these women may be known for this as well.

This woman may also be fiercely and aggressively independent, and they are the least likely to feel that they need to conform to society’s expectation of them.

The enneagram 8 female will also like to seek newness and explore her surroundings, although this is more likely when there is a wing 7 involved.

Enneagram 8 in Relationship

Enneagram 8 in a relationship tends to be wonderful and protective, and they may be chivalrous and attentive and try to make sure their partner is well at all times, but at the same time they may also be hard to reach emotionally and they don’t share things easily.

The enneagram 8 in a relationship when they are angry with their partner in some way may not resort to the discussion, but to aloofness and detachment towards the partner, which can be rather hurtful and frightening at the same time and the partner may have trouble getting used to it.

The enneagram 8 in a relationship may have strange tendencies to pull at what they like strongly and push away what they don’t like just as hard, which may cause emotional issues between the 8 and their partner.

An enneagram 8 personality may have trouble being vulnerable in the relationship, and often the partner may need to give them time to come around and trust them, which may require monumental patience in the part of the partner.

Rushing the type 8 to a relationship will serve no one as they might see it as you encroaching on their space, and they might stand rigid as a rock as first, waiting for you to back down, and if you don’t, you might scare them off, and then you may suffer from heartbreak.

Enneagram Test

The most significant test used for assessing enneagram personality is the Riso Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI) which was created by the proponents of this theory.

Many different instruments are available for free online as well but these may not be valid as validating the questions on a test is an important process that may not have been done for the free online ones.

An enneagram test consists of statements that the person either agrees or disagrees with on a scale, and they are matched with a personality type that most closely matches their personality.


In this brief guide, we took a look at the question “Can an Enneagram 8 be an introvert?”, as well as the wings on enneagram type 8, which as 8w7 and 8w9, and other topics related to this personality type. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Can an Enneagram 8 be an Introvert?

Which Enneagram types are introverts?

Enneagram Type 4, 5, and 6 are more likely to be introverted, whereas type 1 and 9 may be more of ambiverts.

Who Should an Enneagram 8 marry?

The enneagram 8 should marry someone with a tendency to not threaten their personal space as well as challenge them unnecessarily, and someone that can keep the peace, like type 9, or someone that will be very loyal like type 6.

What Enneagram type goes to 8 in stress?

The Enneagram Type 8 goes to the unhealthy type 5 in stress, which may also say as they disintegrate to type 5 in a position of stress.

Type 8 in stress may think more than they do and there may develop a tendency for rumination.


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