Can an ENFP date an ENFP? (A guide to ENFP dating)

In this brief guide we will look at the question “Can an ENFP date an ENFP?” and other relationship-related issues with regards to both MBTI and ENFP. 

Can an ENFP date an ENFP?

Yes, an ENFP can date an ENFP, as they are both quite excitable and intuitive, and in an ENFP-ENFP couple, chances are that the communication and understanding are going to be very good, as this personality type is known for both of these things.

ENFP-ENFP couple may often be blessed with a highly satisfying relationship, but it only becomes possible if both the ENFPs in the relationship are comfortable being themselves in the first place, so that when they start looking at someone who is so much like them, they don’t feel odd or uncomfortable.

The ENFP personality type is ruled by intuition, which is their dominant function friend to the external world, and due to this, these personality types may understand one another on an instinctive level and the ENFP-ENFP couple may also run into very few problems in the department of understanding.

While the ENFP-ENFP couple may be good at understanding each other due to their traits of intuition and feel that they don’t have any pitfalls in that area, they may also tend to get rather competitive with each other the way they tend to with others.

In addition, intuition can fail the best of people, so when and if this happens to the ENFP-ENFP couple, conflict arises. 

The ENFP personality type is very ambitious and people and goal-oriented, and they want to accomplish many things, so it is natural that there might be heightened tensions in the couple if they cannot balance being humble and supportive of their partner’s ambitions with their own ambitions.

The ENFP personality also tends to be somewhat scattered sometimes and they may frequently have emotional responses, so when there is a conflict between the ENFPs that are dating, they may find that they find it slightly harder to resolve them due to emotions getting in the way.

Another thing that may work in the favor of an ENFP dating another ENFP, is that they may match on their energy level, value self-improvement, and finally feel as though they’ve found someone with whom they share a similar wavelength. 

Another bad part of the ENFP-ENFP relationship, however, is that these individuals are likely to not tolerate weaknesses or problems in someone with much grace, and sometimes accepting their partner may be challenging for some ENFPs, which may be bad for both of their morales.

Rollo May, a prominent American psychologist, said of love:

“To love means to open ourselves to the negative as well as the positive – to grief, sorrow, and disappointment as well as to joy, fulfillment, and an intensity of consciousness we did not know was possible before.”

The ENFP needs to remember this when they are dating another ENFP, as they are not just dating someone random, they are dating someone who has the same cognitive functions as them, and is therefore almost like a reflection, which even though may pose challenges, can also be incredibly comforting.

ENFP Personality

To understand if an ENFP can date another ENFP, let us take a look at the ENFP personality first, which tends to be open, warm, considerate, and very energetic and enthusiastic.

Extroverted Intuition is the ENFP’s core or dominant function and they use this for gathering information about the eternal world, which happens in the form of patterns and their underlying principles or even to see future possibilities, and construct theories and frameworks about these patterns.

The ENFP uses the Extroverted intuition to form connections with their environment as well, which gives them their trademark extroverted tendencies, and in relationships, this function helps the ENFP with as they are very understanding and welcoming to all the possibilities before them. 

It may also often seem like the ENFPs may have their head in the clouds, and they are good at thinking of ideas, thoughts, and theories, and also at the same time trying to make them work and this may make it seem like they’re totally in sync with reality. 

ENFPs tend to be positive and magnetic, and they are some of the most popular people among the ENFP personality types, probably due to their charismatic nature and good communication skills, which also come in handy in case of relationships and being open to the society in general.

According to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, ENFP stands for Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Prospecting, and this personality type is also known as the Campaigner.

Extraversion in the case of the ENFP or in MBTI, in general, does not refer to the kind of extraversion most think of as being very outgoing and meeting friends all the time and getting along with strangers with much ease, though these traits may be present in the ENFP subtype, it is more attributed to their other functions rather than their extroversion.

Extroversion in the Jungian theory of personality refers to an ability to be oriented to the outer world and being able to process information coming from there in an adequate way.

ENFPs are very extraverted, even compared to all the other MBTI subtypes, and they are extraverted in the typical sense, that is, they are extremely oriented towards people in a way that makes them want to hang out with them, work with them, or help them somehow.

The ENFP has an innate and natural enthusiasm and creative energy, which is usually also the reason for their popularity, because who doesn’t like someone that is bustling to help them and eternally making their life full of energy and enthusiasm that is so infectious.

In addition, the ENFP’s extroversion is also evident in the fact that they feed off social energy, and they need the people around to be that extroverted and gregarious, because if they didn’t have the society around them, the ENFP may feel quite dark being by themselves.

The second function that is important in the ENFP personality type is Intuition, which is actually the dominant function in the ENFP function stack and the ENFP tends to drift into alternative methods of thinking very often, which is because the intuition is constantly gathering information and they are constantly trying to make huge networks of information in the ENFP brain.

The ENFP is tremendously curious and seeks knowledge constantly, and they are more likely to go out and explore the world to understand how it works rather than sit and assess what they do know already in hopes of having an insight they have not had before, which may also be why they enjoy open-ended questions a lot more than having options.

The thinking function like in ESTJ, that involves minute or detailed organizing, is not their strong suit, and they are attracted instead to areas where big and, even abstract, ideas and concepts are being discussed, and they are likely to live in the moment rather than think about the future or past.

The ENFP decision-making process is ruled by the feeling function, which in this case does not only refer to emotions, and actually means that the ENFPs follow their hearts and their belief systems, and they may have a good value-based system in place to guide their thoughts and behavior.

Logic and analysis of things they come across are not the ENFP’s repertoire of behavior, which is why they do better where people are involved and not that well where systems or mechanical things are to be handled.

The feeling function is also why the ENFP gets along better with people and tends to be popular because even though this function is turned inward and not outward, it gives the ENFP an appreciation of humanity in general.

Perceiving, the last function in the ENFP is the opposite of the decision-making process of judging, and this process shows that the ENFP is eager for change and hopeful for turns in events, because perceiving is usually the reason why someone is more present in the moment rather than analyzing things and basing things towards the future.

This function may make the ENFP averse to routines and monotony of any kind, which may put them off of any project or job they take on, and monotony in a relationship may very well put the ENFP off it and may lead to some very hasty departures on the part of the ENFP.

ENFP Talents

Here is a list of some of the best ENFP talents:

  • The ENFP is highly curious and seeks knowledge constantly, and they are smart enough to make sense of new things as and when they come along.
  • The ENFP is also very observant, and this aids them in their curiosity.
  • The energy and excitement of the ENFP are infectious and may make things happen wherever they go.
  • ENFP is also known for their excellent communication skills and tendency to get along with everyone they meet.
  • The ENFP tends to be very popular and charismatic.
  • The ENFP is a mine of ideas, and they share them with great gusto, with anyone willing to listen.
  • They are good at relaxing and knowing when it is time to recharge.
  • They are also very empathetic people and always listen to their friends if they need them.

ENFP and ENFP Friendship

An ENFP and ENFP friendship is likely to be full of fireworks and energy and they may constantly be doing things and exploring their environment together.

Two ENFPs in a friendship can get things done, and they can pool their substantial energies together and make great things happen for both themselves and others around them.

In addition, an ENFP-ENFP friendship may also be great and fulfilling when they have both matured out of their energetic and youthful age, and they may both become even-tempered individuals and able to give each other time to “bounce around”, rather than talking over each other as they might when they are younger. 

Mature ENFPs may be able to tone down their judgemental pronouncements in an ENFP-ENFP friendship and maybe even reach a level of “agree to disagree” attitude.

ENFP Dating Problems

Here are some common ENFP dating problems that one might face when dating an ENFP:

  • They may be too energetic and it may be hard to get some downtime.
  • They may like attention a little too much at times.
  • They may be a bit hard to pin down in any respect.
  • They may constantly be consumed with the next big idea.
  • They may be too emotional.
  • They may overwork themselves and when things get too bad they may have an outburst.
  • It may be hard to get your presence noticed when these people are around, especially if you are an introverted or slightly less extroverted kind.

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.


In this brief guide we looked at the question “Can an ENFP date an ENFP?” and other relationship-related issues with regards to both MBTI and ENFP. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments or suggestions that you may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Can an ENFP date an ENFP?

Is Enfp compatible with Enfp?

Yes, ENFP can be compatible with ENFP, but like all relationships, these two personality types may also have their share of problems, like being too emotional with each other or being judgmental towards each other in equal measures.

Usually, the most compatible personality types for ENFP are INTJ and INFJ, as they complement the extroverted energy of the ENFP with introverted energy of their own.

Who Should an Enfp marry?

The ENFP should marry someone with introverted intuition, like the INTJ, as they tend to be complementary to the ENFP function stack.

The ENFP can also marry someone like an INFJ, as they need someone slightly more introverted to be able to match their energies properly.

What is an Enfp attracted to?

ENFP is attracted to a challenge, intelligence, passion, and a zest for life, even if it is not expressed as emphatically as the ENFP expresses things.

The ENFP needs to feel a great deal of intensity for them to be truly attracted to someone. 

ENFP may also find themselves being attracted to people who are understanding and let them be themselves.


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