Can an ENFJ be a doctor? (ENFJ Career Matches &Tips)

In this brief guide, we will discuss ENFJ career matches and options, specifically “Can ENFJ be a doctor, and Personality types of surgeons.

Can an ENFJ be a doctor?

Yes, an ENFJ can be a doctor, in fact, due to their heightened sensibility towards people and their tendency to care about people around them, ENFJs can make excellent primary care physicians, psychiatrists, and other medical professionals like clinical psychologists or occupational therapists.

ENFJ personality is also known as the protagonist and these people tend to be extremely empathetic and affectionate towards people around them, and as a result, they tend to be very involved in helping them, which is a trait that is great to have in a doctor.

Doctors are meant to have a good bedside manner, most of all, and an ENFJ doctor would likely be very popular with the patients, for example, one might often find an ENFJ doctor running around with pediatric patients in their own ward, with not a care in the world like they’re there to play with them.

ENFJ also has an intuitive sense and good thinking abilities, which may come in handy in reaching diagnoses as a doctor, and while their intelligence and ability to study hard may be determined by other factors, the ENFJ may generally have great intuition about the patients they see as a doctor.

Apart from a doctor, an ENFJ may also be an excellent nurse or another kind of medical professional like a psychiatrist or occupational therapist, where they have a better chance of getting hands-on and helping people in a more involved way.

An ENFJ doctor may thoroughly enjoy what they do because they may get to delve deeper into people’s issues and be a resource to them.

An ENFJ doctor may sometimes find that situations that involve lesser contact with patients may not make them as happy, and something like being a primary or general physician, or working in a live-in facility like a hospice may work much better for them.

ENFJ Career Matches and Personality traits 

ENFJ career matches are many, given the fact that these people tend to fit in in most places pretty seamlessly, and they may find that they especially have a lot of prospects in areas where they get to deal with people, obviously, due to their feeling function.

Before we look at possible career matches for the ENFJ personality it is obviously important to take a look at their personality traits, specifically what their strengths and weaknesses are.

ENFJ Strengths and Weaknesses

ENFJ strengths are given below in detail:

  • ENFJ is tolerant: An ENFJ is a true team player and they are able to listen to other people and consider all points of view, even ones that are contradictory to theirs, and one may find that they are quite receptive to discussion or arguments as long as it is helpful.
  • ENFJ is Reliable: This personality type hates letting people down, and they try their very best to not do so, which makes them very reliable people.
  • ENFJ is very charismatic: This personality type is also known for its charm and popularity, and this is one of the reasons they are so beloved, and they may often instinctively know how to capture an audience.
  • ENFJs may be smooth talkers: These people also tend to know exactly what to essay and in which tone or manner to say it.
  • ENFJ is altruistic: perhaps the quality the ENFJ is most known for is the fact that they are altruistic and they have an almost unyielding desire to help people, and they may be very nice and selfless in this quest.
  • ENFJ can lead: These people also tend to make great leaders, and often the kind that people willingly want to follow, and not the kind that pushes people into doing things they don’t want to do.

Here is a list of some ENFJ weaknesses:

  • ENFP may be overly idealistic and want some things for the community that are simply not possible.
  • They may sometimes be too sensitive and too vulnerable to any criticism.
  • They may be too selfless and not take as good care of themselves as they do for others.
  • Their self-esteem may be somewhat fluctuating as they may sometimes feel that they are not able to live up to their ideals. If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.
  • If they are caught in a place between their ideals or reality, the ENFJ may struggle to make the right decision.

ENFJ Career Matches

Based on their strengths and weaknesses, it is clear that the ENFJ tends to be a big humanitarian and they want to be around people and do things that fit their sense of the ideal.

Some best career matches for ENFJ personality types are given below:

Manager/Team Leader

As discussed before, the ENFJ makes for a great leader, and they tend to inspire loyalty and affection among the people they lead, and they would do very well in the roles of managers or team leaders of some type.

The ENFJ personality is known as the protagonist pretty much because they have natural leadership qualities, and their excellent communication skills and enthusiasm are pretty fantastic at rallying others to work towards a common goal.

The ENFJ will be beloved by the people that work under them, as they lead through inspiring, not dominating, and they will be a popular boss, unlike some other extrovert personalities, like ESTJ for instance, who might be too focused on achieving goals and forget about the human aspect of the situation completely.


ENFJ likes to inspire and motivate, and they inspire good feelings and the drive to do as well as someone can in most people who are under them, which makes the teaching profession great for these individuals.

Having an ENFJ teacher would also be great for the students they teach, as they will learn more than just the subject the ENFJ teaches them, they might learn the value of honesty, loyalty, and good communication, which are real-world skills that will undoubtedly help them eventually.

Social Worker

Another career match that may be made for the ENFJ is that of a social worker, where the ENFJ may use their caring personality to be a reliable mentor and inspire personal growth for those they come in contact with.

ENFJs can intuitively identify the needs of the people that need their help due to their introverted intuition function and they are very capable of adapting their methods of interaction to suit these needs.

ENFJ’s listening skills and empathetic nature are other assets his personality type may bring to the role of a social worker.


While journalism may sound like a choice for more adventure-seeking or sharp and cutthroat people like perhaps the ESFP or ESFJ, or even ESTJ, the ENFJ may do very well as the kind of journalist that needs to have strong interpersonal skills and a level of intuition, which may lead them to get to the heart of a story. 

Another reason why the ENFJ may make a good journalist is that they tend to have great communication skills.

Other possible ENFJ careers may include:

  • Psychiatrist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Entertainer
  • Artist
  • Human Resources
  • Politician
  • Musician 
  • Designer
  • Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Nurse

ENFJ: Careers to Avoid

While there are amazing careers that the ENFJ may be a part of, there are some careers ENFJ needs to avoid as well, here are some careers ENFJs should avoid, as well as the reason why they should avoid them:

  • Analyst/Number Cruncher: The ENFJ is not suited for a job that puts them in a monotonous role that involves minimal human contact, ENFJ will feel suffocated in such a role.
  • Lawyer: While there is an argument to be made about ENFJ lawyers being able to deal directly with people, there is also the fact that their ideal nature may sometimes get in the way of their practice.
  • Principal/Top Executive: ENFJs make for great leaders, but they don’t make the kind of leaders that are too big on discipline or being strict, and as such, they need to stay away from roles like this.
  • Researcher: This is similar to the first point in terms of lack of involvement with others and just a general feeling of being stuck away somewhere with no company.

Surgeon: Personality type 

If someone wonders “Can an ENFJ be a doctor?” they may also wonder if the ENFJ may make a good surgeon, or if they have seen too much Grey’s Anatomy they may wonder if their ENFJ abilities are suited to this field as well as what other personality types may be found commonly in surgeons.

It is common knowledge that surgeons often tend to be very driven and focused people who don’t care much about the interaction with patients, and they may be more included in the analyst or technical arena than the interaction with patients.

Research also indicates that surgeons tend to be high on personality traits like narcissism and they tend to be quite serious and ambitious, which makes them quite sharp and allows them to dissociate in a healthy way to be able to do what they do and still be around people afterward.

Some stereotypes about surgeons’ personality types also exist, namely that surgeons are arrogant or mean or too selfish or driven, but of course, as with all stereotypes this is not based in much real information, and merely serves as a caricature based on tv shows and movies, where surgeons are shown to be basically sharks who don’t care.

Under MBTI, most surgeons are likely to come under some kind of thinking heavy personality types, like ESTJ, or ISTJ, and they are also likely to identify with a perosnality type that is introverted but intuitive, like INTJ or INTP.


In this brief guide, we discussed ENFJ career matches and options, specifically “Can ENFJ be a doctor, and Personality types of surgeons. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Can an ENFJ be a doctor?

What personality type are most doctors?

The personality type of most doctors according to Myers Briggs type indicator is ISTJ, in which it was seent that around 23.7% were doctors.

Other personality types that included many doctors were INTP with 12.8% and ESFJ 10.3% as well as ESFJ, which were 15.8%.

What are good careers for Enfj?

Some good careers for ENFJ are:

Guidance counselor. 
A manager or team leader
A sales manager or Salesman
Art director
Human resources director.
Clinical Psychologist

Who should an ENFJ marry?

An ENFJ should marry someone like an INFP, as these individuals have a function stakc that is complementary to the ENFJ function stack.

The ENFJ is best matched with someone with an introverted feeling function, so they can marry someone like INFP or ISFP.


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