Best Paying Jobs for INFP (Detailed Career Guide for INFP)

In this brief guide, we will look at some of the best paying jobs for the INFP personality type and look at strengths and weaknesses of the INFP personality. We will also look at some INFP famous people and some ideas for INFP majors in college.

Best Paying Jobs for INFP Personality 

The best paying jobs for INFP personality are:

  • Psychologist: INFP is great with people, so this is a good profession for INFP
  • Architect: INFP is incredibly creative, so they can build great things.
  • Human Rights Lawyer: INFP is idealistic and likes to stand up for the rights of others.
  • Medicine: INFP also likes to care for others.
  • Writer: INFP can build great worlds for readers to get lost in.
  • Editor: INFP also likes to get lost in worlds themselves, and this profession may help.

Some other jobs for the INFP that may pay well the more time they spend in it are:

  • Human resources
  • Museum Curator
  • Archivist
  • Librarian
  • Professor
  • Painter
  • Inventor
  • Guidance counselor
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Speech and Language Therapist

Ideally, the best paying job for an INFP personality should include the potential for newness and challenge, and an ability to exercise their creative muscle, otherwise no matter how well-paying the job is, INFP may get bored and stop performing at their best level.

INFP needs something where they can interact with people as well, and if they are able to help people in a well-paying job, or interact with them at the very least, it can be very satisfying to them.

INFPs might also feel comfortable in fields where they are able to influence people in some way, like marketing or advertising, because they like the idea of being on their own but also affecting other people’s lives in some small way.

The best paying job for an INFP, in more than just the monetary sense, will be something they are not stifled in, something that does not involve mindless data analysis and where they are also able to take some time off to relax on a regular basis.

Best Jobs for INFP with ADHD

The best job for an INFP with ADHD needs to be something that engages their attention and helps them to stop being lost in their fantasy world.

ADHD in INFP can be seen in their propensity for inattention and, and they may be easily distracted by their own internal stimuli because they have such a rich inner world and the best job for them would be something that harnesses this.

An INFP with ADHD caught in the wrong job may often be agitated, or they may get so lost in their daydreaming and thinking up possibilities and ideas, that they may forget to actually focus on the deadlines and projects in the real-world, which can put them behind.

Some of the best jobs for INFP with ADHD will be ones that are able to engage their attention process intimately so that they don’t feel their attention slipping and their work suffering.

Another thing INFP with ADHD might struggle with is detailed instructions and too many rules and regulations, as people with ADHD struggle with this anyway and combined with the free spirited nature of the INFP personality, they might have a tougher time with it.

This means that the INFP with ADHD would not fit into jobs that involve too much conflict or confrontation, or something like the Military, which involves a lot of structure all the time.

Some of the best jobs for INFP with ADHD may be:

  • Writer
  • Fine artist (Painter, Sculptor)
  • Multimedia artist or animator
  • UX designer
  • Design technologist
  • Librarian
  • Museum curator
  • Archivist
  • Guidance counselor
  • Mental health professional
  • Physical therapist
  • Photographer
  • Film editor
  • Videographer
  • Interpreter or translator
  • Editorial director
  • Fundraising manager
  • Massage therapist
  • Speech-language pathologist

INFP: Strengths and Weaknesses

To understand what some of the best paying jobs for INFP may be, it is also important to consider what strengths and weaknesses they may bring to the role.

Strengths of the INFP personality

  • INFP is very generous, and they, and they don’t like too much competition or succeeding at others’ expense. 
  • The INFP can share things well, and they will not hoard the good things in their lives. 
  • INFP likes equality, and they help every voice and perspective to be heard.
  • INFP is open-minded, and they will listen to every new perspective.
  • INFP is tolerant of other people’s beliefs, lifestyles, and decisions. 
  • INFPs is very thoughtful and cares about other people’s feelings.
  • INFP is capable of great change, especially if their actions hurt anyone
  • INFP personalities also like to stand up for others’ rights.
  • INFP is also creative, and they are very good at seeing the more unconventional perspectives.
  • INFP is also very loyal to their values, and they will insist on doing the right thing and stay the course as much as possible.
  • INFP also likes to do meaningful things and get involved in things that help others, and they have a deep sense of purpose and courage.
  • INFP can be very good at making unexpected connections, and this also draws them to any creative or artistic field.
  • INFPs are passionate, and they can focus a lot on things in their imagination, and bring them to life.
  • The INFP may often be reserved, but they have very strong feelings towards just causes and their own ideals, and they will usually stand up for those.

Weaknesses of the INFP Personality

  • INFP can sometimes lose the motivation to get things done, and they are prone to burnout as well.
  • INFP have ingrained beliefs and values, and they may often get disappointed because something doesn’t fit well into their beliefs.
  • INFP is very self-critical and their expectations from themselves can cause them to fall short and make them very sad. 
  • INFP might also think they are selfish or extremely inadequate sometimes and this may start to show in how they work or what they choose to work on. 
  • INFP can be overly idealistic and ignore nor forget about the reality when they are caught up in their ideals.
  • INFP can be prone to idolizing things in their life, like their romantic partner and their career, and their expectation that everything can feel meaningful or perfect all the time can affect them adversely.
  • INFP can be impractical sometimes, especially when they are caught up in their imagination, and they may, as a result, neglect other things.
  • INFP is also prone to ignoring pragmatic things, because they may prefer being in their inner world more often than not.
  • Sometimes they can get so engrossed in what is at hand that they may neglect eating or sleeping as well.
  • INFP also hates conflict, and they may invest a great deal of time and energy into trying to please everyone. 
  • INFP can sometimes ignore their inner wisdom in favor of being calm and nice in the outer world.
  • INFP can sometimes get too hung up on one idea, and they may then be afraid to act on it because they might not do it perfectly.
  • INFP is also very emotional and sometimes they may be too focused on their emotions and lose track of what is going on in the real-world.
  • INFP may also find it to slow down and analyze, rationally, the true facts of a situation.
  • INFP can also be painfully sensitive to even constructive criticism.
  • INFP is very private, and they can be somewhat difficult to get to know

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

INFP Famous People

Here is a list of some of the best INFP famous people:

  • Vincent van Gogh
  • William Shakespeare
  • J. R. R. Tolkien
  • Publius Vergilius Maro (Virgil)
  • Bill Watterson
  • George Orwell
  • William Blake
  • C. S. Lewis
  • Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  • Virginia Woolf
  • Hans Christian Andersen
  • Johnny Depp
  • Tom Hiddleston
  • Nicolas Cage
  • Jude Law
  • Mia Farrow
  • Emily Blunt
  • Richard Gere
  • Louis C.K.

INFP Careers to Avoid

While the INFP is creative and imaginative, they also have some traits that make some careers the wrong choice for them, and therefore, some of the INFP careers to avoid are given below:

  • Sales: INFP does not like competition or conflict.
  • Military: INFP cannot work with rules, bureaucracy and routine.
  • Law: INFP does not like the kind of confrontation the law might often involve.
  • Analyst: INFP hates mundane and repetitive things like being a data cruncher.
  • Office/Desk Job: INFP does not like dry and boring work without human interaction.

INFP Majors

If you are looking for options for further education, here is a list of some of the best INFP majors that you can try:

  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Graphic Arts Management
  • History
  • Human Resource Management
  • Interior Design
  • Journalism
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Dietetics
  • Education
  • English
  • Family Studies
  • Legal Studies
  • Medical Technology
  • Modern Languages
  • Music
  • Nursing
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology

INFP needs to be stimulated creatively, and they also need to be situations where they are able to stretch their imaginative muscles, otherwise they can feel stifled and stuck, which means that an INFP major, like an INFP job, needs to be something that allows them to learn new things every day.

The best INFP major would be something in the humanities and arts field, as this field involves all the things INFP would enjoy, interaction with people, creativity, and likely some idealism.


In this brief guide, we looked at some of the best paying jobs for the INFP personality type and looked at strengths and weaknesses of the INFP personality. We also looked at some INFP famous people and some ideas for INFP majors in college.

It can help a lot to know what career your personality type fits in best before you jump into something that you may not like down the line, and for this looking at your MBTI personality type can be great.

Before you choose your major or your career it usually helps to see a guidance counselor (which, incidentally, is a great career option for an INFP), or take some aptitude tests to figure out what you are best suited for.

If you are having trouble finding the best paying jobs for INFP personality types, we hope this blog gave you some ideas, and if you have further questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Best Paying Jobs for INFP

What careers are good for INFP?

Here are some of the best careers for the INFP personality:

Guidance Counselor.
Psychologist or Psychiatrist. 
Mental Health Professional
Occupational Therapist
Graphic Designer. 
Human Resources.
Public Relations.

Can an INFP be successful?

Yes, INFPs can be very successful, and they believe in positivity and this can often enable them to achieve their dreams with the sheer force of optimism.

INFPs have a great ability to stay focused, and they are quite good with people, which means they can also keep success minded people around them, which can often make them too, quite successful.

Are INFPs useless?

No, INFPs are not useless, in fact, they are constantly in the process of growth.

If the INFPs keep up their original thought, and continue discovering yourselves, they can outsmart all the other people around them, and they can prove anyone who says they are useless.


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