Best Careers for an ISTP? ( 5 Careers)

The following blog will answer the question, “what are the best careers for an ISTP?”, it will begin by defining the ISTP personality type, break down the characteristics of an ISTP, list the weaknesses and strengths, and give suggestions of some of the careers that would be ideal for an ISTP.

What are the Suitable ISTP Career Choices?

  • Construction work
  • Electrical technician
  • Building inspector and surveyor
  • Economists
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

The best jobs include construction work, economic analysts, engineers and Surveyors or Inspectors, electrical technicians, and emergency medical technicians.

Research shows that the majority of ISTP personality types pursue careers that are analytical or technical enabling them to apply practical solutions without being biased or emotional. 

This personality type values efficiency, practicality, and logic in their work. They however perform poorly in routine and repetitive types of work and therefore seek exciting and pace-changing jobs. 

Construction Work

Construction work requires practical, hands-on, and logical problem-solving skills. This type of work is ideal as it involves coming up with logical solutions as opposed to solving theoretical problems. 

It involves travel and comes to an end once projects are completed which means the ISTP will always have something new to work on.

Electrical Technician

An electrical technician conducts site visits and inspects machinery and electrical fixtures. Like engineers, an electrical technician needs to understand complex machinery.

The job also requires a vast network of electrical wiring. This job is perfect for ISTPs as it is independent hands-on work that is technical and goal-oriented.

Building Inspector or Surveyor

Inspecting and surveying are great career choices for an ISTP. These are jobs that involve a high level of attention to detail, investigation, exploration, and travel.

Surveyors ensure that construction regulations, building codes, and other safety issues are compliant to ensure the safety of people living in and working in these buildings.


An economist conducts research and collects and interprets data on economic issues. They do this by using mathematical models and statistical techniques. 

They can predict economic trends and this requires being solution-focused and possessing logical and practical thinking skills. 

These are all qualities that are well suited to the ISTP personality. Often, an economist works alone or in a small team with a lot of independence and flexibility.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

A career as an EMT is a great choice for an ISTP. EMTs provide first-aid in emergency medical care to the sick or wounded, they usually work independently or as part of the ambulance team which is ideal as they cannot do well in large groups

Careers that an ISTP should not take up.


Marketing, this job is filled with unpredictable odds. This may be frustrating for them as they love to be in control.

Social worker 

A social worker’s career path is not good for people with an ISTP personality because they prefer more analytical tasks.


Managerial work is also not the best fit. It may involve the constant interaction with people in the span of control and other managers and interpersonal interactions are not so easy for them.


Receptionist, this job can be overwhelming hence suitable for an extrovert not an introvert like ISTPs.


A painter with artistic orientation with this job will not be easy for a Logical problem-solver like ISTP.

What Are The Characteristics of an ISTP?

The ISTP personality type has very distinctive traits. These include the following:

  •    They are experts in whichever trade they have gained mastery in.
  •    Tend to be inquisitive and explorative.
  •    They are detail-oriented.
  •    They are efficient and reliable.
  •   They are flexible and easily adapt to situations.
  •   They are analytical and very logical.
  •   They are very alert and attentive.
  •    They are Practical.
  •    They are great Problem-solvers.
  •   Are mostly silent people
  •   They are very calm and level-headed.
  •  They are reflective.

Strengths and Weaknesses affect ISTP Career Choice.


ISTPs are fiercely independent which impedes their ability to work with and rely on others in the work setting.

 An ISTP desires to make their own decisions about their next step without little or no external influence therefore they prefer work environments that respect and encourage Autonomy.

The typical ISTP has low compliance to rules and regulations, as this gets in the way of their ability to do whatever they want, therefore careers with high propensity to rules are not a best fit for them.

ISTPs pay no attention to their feelings and the feelings of others. They doubt the credibility of emotions, distrust them and ignore them and value logic. This makes them very inconsiderate of their workmates and they cannot properly empathize with others.

ISTPs are prone to becoming bored and uninterested very quickly if they keep doing the same thing thus jobs that are monotonous are not applying for them. 

 ISTPs are introverts so they spend a lot of time alone and don’t enjoy social activities and being in crowds. Company dinners and events may prove to be draining and tedious which can negatively impact their chances of getting to know their workmates outside the office.

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ISTPs have a compelling drive to understand the way things work. They like to take things apart and see the way they work.

They’re good at logical analysis, solving practical problems and concerns. They are graced with a strong ability of reasoning,

ISTPs have a daring spirit and embrace challenges. They are attracted to adrenaline spiking activities such as skydiving, surfing, bungee jumping, white water rafting and motor car drifting, etc. They are usually fearless and can be useful in carrying out the more challenging tasks, in the workplace.

Though they are rebels at heart, ISTPs are compliant to their causes and beliefs and will not stray from their principles.  

ISTPs are strong advocates for fair treatment and equality for all people. This is as a result of their objectivity and so they tend to hold no prejudices against any people. They can easily thrive in a work environment with diverse cultures and races with no problems.

ISTPs are adaptable and spontaneous, they respond to what is immediately before them. Therefore, changes in the workplace are accepted.

They usually have strong technical skills and can be effective technical leaders. There for they


This blog answered the question, “what are the best careers for an ISTP?”. Some of the jobs discussed include construction work, economist, Building Surveyors or Inspectors, Emergency Medical technicians, and Electrical technicians. 

Also highlighted they should opt for such as social worker, Artist, manager and defined the ISTP personality type, broke down the characteristics of an ISTP, listed the weaknesses and strengths of an ISTP and gave suggestions of some of the careers that would be ideal for an ISTP.

They are people who are efficient, practical, and logical in their work. They are bad at routine-oriented jobs and thrive in exciting and challenging jobs.

Frequently asked questions:

What are Istps good at?

ISTPs are imaginative when dealing with practical things. Problem-solving ideas come easily and they like putting their ideas into action. People with ISTP personality are very analytical; this makes them great problem solvers. They are skilled at using their mind and hands to solve different puzzles.

Do ISTPs make things?

There’s nothing an ISTPs personality type like more than to build things. They don’t care much if what they create is useful – they just like making things. Even more than building something, the ISTP personality types enjoy taking things apart to see how they work and then putting them back together again. They’re curious about the world around them; they explore and observe their environment, and put their knowledge to good use by making things.

Do ISTPs Fix Things?

ISTP personality types have excellent analytical skills. They’re able to analyze a problem, get to the heart of it, and fix it while others are still trying to understand that a problem even exists. Don’t expect the ISTP to follow a protocol or standard operating procedure when something goes wrong; they’re independent thinkers and prefer to find their own solutions to following someone else’s.

Are ISTPs  Unpredictable?

The people around an ISTP personality type are often caught off-guard; they’ll appear to be friendly one minute, and discourteous the next. They’ll give the impression that they’re stable employees today only to take off on a new adventure tomorrow. ISTPs aren’t intentionally rude or flighty, it’s just that they hate wasting time.

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