The best careers for an ENTP? (5 careers)

This blog will answer the question, “What are the best careers for an ENTP?”. It will define an ENTP, highlight some of the ENTPs characteristics and discuss the best careers for an ENTP.

What are the best careers for an ENTP?

The following are some of the best careers for an ENTP:

  • Politician
  • Entrepreneur
  • Journalist
  • Actor
  • Photographer


A career in politics suits an ENTP quite well as it provides them a platform to inspire others with their many ideas and visions. They work hard at projects that they are passionate about. 

This ensures that they are capable of keeping the promises they make people at political rallies and campaigns. Additionally, politics provide an array of activities and challenging situations that the ENTP will thrive in.


An Entrepreneur is an individual who sets up a business and takes on financial risks in the hope of generating huge profits. This is perfect for the ENTP as he/she will be their own boss and will not have to be managed by anyone. 

Entrepreneurship requires creativity, originality, and the courage to take risks. It also requires great interpersonal and negotiation skills. It provides a pace of change and excitement that the ENTP would love.


Another great career for the ENTP is journalism, their dominant extroversion will ensure they stand out with their ability to naturally generate conversation with people. 

This career may often require an individual to improvise and be spontaneous when investigating a story or conducting an interview on live TV. This suits the ENTP very well. 


An acting job is also a good career for ENTPs to consider. Acting requires a person to have a great imagination to bring characters to life. 

It offers a change of pace and adventure that the ENTP will gladly embrace. Their ability to imagine endless possibilities and make them a possibility makes acting a perfect job for them.


A photography career is a great avenue for ENTPs to express their originality by creating beautiful moments with the pictures they take. 

Photography also involves a good amount of traveling and a healthy amount of interaction with people from all walks of life. An ENTP is therefore a good fit for this job.

What does ENTP mean?

ENTP stands for Extroversion, Intuition, Thinking, and Perceiving. It is one of the 16 personalities on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). 

The ENTP typically has a keen imagination that generates many ideas. They also rely on their intuition and tend to focus on the future.

ENTPs are generally interested in intellectual or philosophical concepts and enjoy arguing or debating. Their strong desire for new things often influences them to move between various careers and have many different interests. 

What is an ENTP like?

  • They tend to be impulsive
  • They are spontaneous
  • They are very comfortable and adaptable to change
  • The ENTP is able to identify new possibilities and opportunities.
  • They use a logical and rational approach to make decisions.
  • They need to spend sufficient time alone to facilitate personal reflection 
  • They apply creativity to identify solutions to problems and handle difficult situations. 
  • ENTPs work fast and have the ability to multi-task
  • They generate many ideas and initiate projects of interest
  • They often avoid detail-orientated tasks
  • The ENTP struggles to complete uninteresting jobs
  • They are easily bored with routine and often find procedures and policies to be restricting. 
  • ENTPs are great motivational speakers people 
  • They tend to neglect the needs of the people involved
  • They are emotionally detached individuals

ENTJ in the workplace

ENTJs and stress

ENTPs are stressed by routine or monotony and they can get a Ne Fe Loop. Hence, they thrive better with jobs that are spontaneous and unpredictable. ENTPs likely crave new situations and new challenges. 

They feel restless on the job and contributes to their stress proneness. When under stress, ENTPs tend to throw themselves into their work. Working under stress however is not healthy for ENJs, as this leads them to make lots of mistakes, on the job.

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

They are conflict prone

Because ENTPs are so resourceful and driven, they can be hard on people they view as incompetent or unmotivated. 

Therefore, they can be very difficult to work with especially if one is not so driven and competent. This can have the opposite effect than they hoped for, often making other people withdraw or become defeated.

ENTJ as a subordinate

They have a very curious mind, are not a huge fun of rules, they are not happy about guidelines either. However, count on them to adapt a new idea in the workplace, new technology, new way of doing things.

They are so performance oriented in the workplace and love to carry out tasks for their superiors. They take constructive criticism very well especially when based on logical thought.

ENTJ as a manager

ENTJ are open-minded and flexible managers. ENTJ are also great at accurately and objectively assessing which plan is likely to be most effective.

The ENTJ struggles with focus as they may find themselves jumping from one task to another in search of a challenge and excitement before their subordinates are able to wrap up the details of their existing goals and obligations.

How an ENTJ can manage work environment better

Take frequent breaks during work to avoid getting stressed.  Rest refreshes a person at work and helps restore a healthier headspace that ensures better performance at tasks.

If you feel that the work is getting monotonous. They learn better and faster ways to do it. This will add a challenge therefore you will not feel like you are stuck. You can also add a hobby as you work-. Listen to music.  This will add fun to your routine.

Remove yourself from other people’s personal problems. Because ENTPs are natural problem solvers, you can get upset when you can’t fix a problem. Instead, remind yourself that sometimes people just want you to listen, not fix their problems.


This blog answered the question, “What are the best careers for an ENTP?”. It defined an ENTP, highlighted some of the ENTPs characteristics, and discussed the best careers for an ENTP.

The following are some of the best careers for an ENTP:

  • Politician
  • Entrepreneur
  • Journalist
  • Actor
  • Photographer

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Frequently Asked Questions: What are the best careers for an ENTP?

What careers are best for ENTP?

The best careers for ENTP include:

  • Financial Analyst.
  • Management Consultant.
  • Market Research Analyst.
  • Advertising Manager.
  • Top Executive.
  • Operations Research Analyst.
  • Advertising Sales Agent.

Are ENTPs successful?

Yes, most ENTPs are successful because they are great problem solvers and pioneers of many new inventions in the world today.

Is Steve Jobs an ENTP?

Yes, Steve Jobs is an ENTP.

Are ENTPs manipulative?

Yes, ENTPs can be manipulative if they set their mind to it. They are able to read and manipulate people as well as imagine different possibilities in any given situation.


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