Aubrey Plaza’s MBTI (An Overview)

This article will discuss what personality type Aubrey Plaza is and will also shine light on the personality types of the characters she has played in famous movies.

What is Aubrey Plaza’s Myer Briggs personality type?

Aubrey Plaza’s Myer Briggs personality type is an ENTP which is also known as ‘The Debater’ hence she is extroverted, intuitive, a thinker and perceiver! A debater has the following personality traits:

  • Bold
  • Creative
  • Original
  • Difficult in focusing

We will study the personality type of Aubrey Plaza in a minute! Before that, let us take a look at who Aubrey Plaza really is!

Aubrey Plaza – Your Typical American Actress!

Born on June 26, 1984 in Delaware to parents David Plaza and Bernadette Plaza,  Aubrey Christina Plaza is not only an American actress but also a comedian and producer – she began her career by performing comedy skits at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

As a child, she is described as being an overachiever, considered herself popular but not cool and also became the class president and student council president. Seems like she did interact with people? As a person she was mostly interested in people and things. When she was only 20 she experienced a brain clot but recovered shortly after!

She defines herself as a people pleaser who lets people have their way if they insist. The actress considers herself to be responsible and hard working even when she isn’t required to – on the ‘Childs Play’ set she gave an example where she would act like the producer even though she wasn’t one. She would observe how everyone played their roles instead of relaxing when on break! It shows she likes being around people.

Aubrey Plaza – The Debater

Let us take an indepth look at what traits Aubrey Plaza has as a ‘Debater’!


Yes. Although many people may disagree, Aubrey is an extrovert in that she likes to observe people and things! From an early stage in life, she was involved in people and politics becoming the president of different societies or groups, playing sports and working in different capacities to get around in life!

Like discussed before, even if she did not need to be somewhere she would prefer to to stay back and observe what people would do on sets!

Such people are action oriented, sociable and friendly as well as nice but at the same time they can be a bit blunt, find it difficult to focus or stay alone.


People who are intuitive make decisions based on what they feel or think rather than what is going on in the present or the knowledge they have at hand. It is like they know what is right without being sure. 

Aubrey can be defined as someone who focuses more on her instinct and such people usually have firm belief in their dreams. In an interview, she was said that her loyalties are not any establishment and if they prevent her from following her dreams she will quit at that instant!

A Thinker!

Her success can be attributed to her ability to think over things and understand how they work. Her ability to impress people and become their ruling head during her school years or become a celebrity shows that she can understand the way things work. 

She Perceives And Understands.

Like Aubrey said! ‘I like to observe people and things.’ How she processes information or gathers it is through perceiving it through her senses. Such people are usually laid back and do not really judge people like other personalities and are thus more tolerant of others.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Aubrey’s MBTI!

Her personality type is an ENTP – so let us examine what strengths and weaknesses these types have!


People who are an ENTP are quite knowledgeable – they don’t let the opportunity of learning go and hence they have much information with regards to how things operate.

Similarly, these people are quick in thinking. Not only do they have sufficient knowledge but they can also process it quickly and this may be a reason why Aubrey started out as a comedian! They are quick to create relationships between various elements and process it timely to provide some great entertainment. It comes naturally to them.

These people are energetic. They have much energy to expend, hence they dont mind taking part in extra activities like sports, competitions or earning some extra cash.

Not to mention, ENTPs are charismatic and original This allows people to draw towards them and increase their fame or popularity. These traits must have greatly helped Aubrey when she was running for president or when she was a comedian. It helps when people are naturally attracted to you as a person!


Yes. These personality types do have some weaknesses. Despite their ability to pull in people and be naturally likeable, they may sometimes be insensitive while propagating their ideas! Furthermore, ENTPs find it hard to focus well maybe because they dont master the skill of thinking like introverts do!

Due to their ability to think fast and the knowledge they possess, ENTPs have a thing for arguing and they don’t like giving up so easily. This sometimes ends up in them being insensitive and intolerant but that doesn’t mean they are not nice!

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Aubrey Plaza As A Movie Character – The Many Personalities.

Now that we have looked at how Aubrey Plaza is as a person and what personality type she wears – we will now examine the personality types of 6 characters she has played in famous movies!

Tatiana – ISFP

In the movie ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’, Aubrey plays the role of a sweet innocent teacher. Just kidding. She is actually a brave and reckless girl who just wants to be independent. In the movie she is just playing sweet to get some free plane tickets. In the movie the role she plays is one where the girl is competitive and creative and is open to all sorts of experiences!

Daisy Danby – INTP

The role she plays depicts a woman who is independent and values traits like honesty and integrity over people’s feelings – like that of Ira’s. She is blunt and doesn’t mind expressing her opinions no matter how much issue they may cause. This movie focuses on the odd yet complex relationship between her and Ira. 

Karen Barclay – ISFJ

In this horror movie, Aubrey adopts a role where the mother is more focused on her own thoughts and does not believe her son’s claims that the doll is possessed. Overall, she plays a mother who is loyal, brave and patient.

Lenny Brusker – ENTP

In this film, she represents a character who is quite mature, has lived a tough life and grew up a bit too quickly due to the circumstances they were in! She has good negotiation skills and thinking abilities. 

Julie Powers – ISTJ

She is practical and honest. Is very clear in her thinking and likes to plan ahead. She is thoughtful, logical and pretty direct. She doesn’t like to make things complicated and would just get on with things if it meant her own way!

Lulu Danger – INTJ

A bit confused when it comes to her romantic life, this character Aubrey plays is very analytical; she wants to know the mechanics behind everything, basically questioning the why and how of whatever crosses her mind. It’s not easy addressing her concerns.


This article approached the topic in a manner where it first shone light on the personality type of Aubrey Plaza, it then went on to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of her type while also describing her in her real life. The article then discussed the various roles she has played during her acting career and what personality types they reflected.

Frequently Asked Questions: Aubrey Plaza’s MBTI

Which MBTI type has the highest IQ?

A probable guess but INTP and INTJ have a higher probability for higher IQ and many notable figures have been categorized in the two types. ENFP and ENTJ are on similar grounds as well. 

Which MBTI type is the weirdest?

INFJ as they are the most least common types in the world.

What MBTI type is most likely to be a psychopath?

ESTP because they are focused on thinking logically in the moment regardless of what is going on.


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