Are misanthropes depressed? (+Understanding how they feel)

This article will discuss if misanthropes are depressed. For that, the article will discuss what does it mean to be a misanthrope, what depression is, and why they can develop depression. Aside from that, the article will discuss are ways misanthrope people can cope with depression. 

Are misanthropes depressed? 

Misanthropes can be depressed. They are people that usually have a negative view of humans in general, including themselves. It can be that they turn into misanthropes because they are depressed, or even anxious. Which can cause them to have trouble looking at the positive aspect of things. 

It can be hard for them to consider other possibilities than the set line of beliefs they have. Which can have a huge impact on their relationships and thoughts. But let’s understand what does it mean to be a misanthrope and what depression is, so to discuss what are ways misanthropes can handle depression. 

What are misanthropes? 

A misanthrope is a person that has an overall dislike for humankind. It is not a clínica disorder, but rather perception. They will see society differently than other people, which can cause them to isolate themselves.

Misanthropes usually have a hard time making friends and establishing healthy relationships.  But they can have people in their lives. They might just have a small circle of people close to them because it is hard for them to trust others. 

Since they have this negative view of humankind, this also directs to how they feel about themselves. So they usually have a negative view of themselves as well. The relationship with humans is usually based on fear and mistrust, which puts them in a cycle of cynicism.

Because they don’t trust people, they always assume the worst of them, they might think, for example, someone is a killer. And if they get along with that person, they become afraid this person will be a killer, which feeds the cycle. 

Misanthropes might have trouble in school because they don’t want to work with their colleagues. And because it can impact their relationships, they can come to consider suicide or even hurting other people.

Someone can be a misanthrope because they had experiences in life that caused them to believe the worst of mankind. So they can start to make assumptions and judgments on everyone else based on those previous experiences. 

It can also happen because they expect that other people would act and react the same way they would. And instead of questioning or understanding the difference, they just dislike anyone whose values don’t match theirs. 

People can become misanthropes because of the lack of self-love. Once a person doesn’t love themselves, it might be hard for them to love others. They can start to project all their loathing for themselves in others.

What is depression? 

Depression is a mental illness that causes people to have a negative view of ice and themselves. It can make a person experience intense sadness, along with the loss of interest in things, even the ones they used to love. Not only that, they can feel empty, hopeless, and with less energy to do things.

It also affects people’s self-esteem, causing it to be lower, and their sense of self-worth to decrease. A person is considered depressed when they experience those, or other symptoms of depression for more than two weeks. 

And since not everyone will experience the same symptoms of depression, here are some other common symptoms of depression:

  • Change in eating habits
  • Change in sleeping patterns
  • Excessive crying or inability to cry even when they feel like it
  • Guilt
  • Isolation
  • Fatigue
  • Self-harm
  • Thoughts of death and suicidal thoughts

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

How can misanthropes handle depression? 

If you identify with what was said about misanthropes and think you might be one, it can leave you feeling hopeless. But here there are some ways you can handle the depression that is caused by misanthrope beliefs.

Sense of humor can be a great way to go

While you look and value humankind by all its achievements, you might keep in mind all the negative things, the destruction of nature, wars, how people mistreat one another. 

But if you can look at it also by the achievements, how we have developed, and advanced over can house humor to laugh at the slip-up men made along the way. This will take some of the heaviness of the negative point of view.

Look at the positive aspects of menkind 

Another way to move from the negative view around mankind is taking a look at all the magnificent things that have been done by men. Countless works of art, buildings with gorgeous architecture. We are also capable of greatness and never-ending love.

If you can take a look at things from this perspective, you might broaden your horizon, and even though it might not change from one moment to the next, it can improve how you feel. 

Work on self-love 

If you don’t feel good about yourself, you will hardly feel good about anything or anyone else. So try to work on caring for yourself. You can start to do it by taking care of what you eat, which can make you feel more energetic, and healthy. It can even improve the quality of your skin.

And with that, you might take in another self-care routine, by doing your skincare routine. By taking care of your body, you can feel more in touch with yourself, and change a little of the perspective you have on yourself. 

This will help you get in touch with positive things about yourself, in physical characteristics, but also about what you like to do. You can discover you like going to the movies, or a coffee shop. And by discovering that, you can put those activities as part of your life and enjoy some quality time with yourself.

Let go of let downs

You might be let down when people act differently than you would expect. But if you practice letting go and forgiving, you might find a new appreciation for others and even for yourself. Understanding that mankind has its flaws, but also its beauty can change how you see life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Are misanthropes depressed? 

How can I stop being a misanthrope? 

Since being a misanthrope is mostly related to how you view humankind, and also yourself, there are some ways you can try to stop being a misanthrope. You can read about things that make you believe in humanity, such as news about people that help animals, or the great achievements of humankind.

You may want to try and set a connection with something that interests you. Through that, you might not only connect to the activity, but you might meet people doing it, that you can like and connect to.

Are misanthropes narcissists? 

Yes, misanthropes can be narcissists. Narcissists are people that have an elevated sense of self. And even though they try to perceive to others that they are flawless, this can come from an intense sense of insecurity. But narcissists tend to think that other people are not good enough. 

Similarly, misanthrope has a notion that all humans, including themselves, are not good. So if you take how they view others, and themselves, it is possible to say that a misanthropic person can be a narcissist. 

For those, it will be hard to develop some sort of empathy for others, since showing empathy is not something that narcissistic people are capable of. In that case, no amount of positive news, or looking for things that will show men kid has a positive side, will do. 

What are good careers for misanthropes? 

Some careers are good for a misanthrope person to do. It will usually be ones in which social contact is not necessary, or in which the skepticism that misanthropes have are useful.

For example, they can make great journalists. They will use all the skepticism and mistrust to investigate things deeply, and if they are reporters that write for newspapers or magazines, they will most likely have a solitary job routine. Which can be beneficial to them.

You can also be a veterinarian, this career choice will give you very little human contact. And it can leave you to enjoy the contact with animals that are usually brutally honest. 

Or you can be a detective, in this career your district or others will come in hand to investigate what is going on. But if you are thinking of becoming a detective, you should also know that it is a career where you are in close contact with others.

Is being a misanthrope a disorder? 

No, being a misanthropic, not a psychological disorder, it seems to be rather a defense mechanism. People may become misanthropic due to a feeling of isolation, or some traumatic experiences. This can make them start to distrust everyone, and doubt any possible good that can come from humankind.

But even though misanthropic is not a disorder, it can be a symptom of one. As seen, it can be related to depression, but it can also be related to antisocial personality disorder, or even some forms of anxiety disorder, such as social anxiety. 

What does hate do to the brain?

Hare is a feeling of intense hostility directed at other people, an activity, or an object. It is a sense of intense dislike that can generate violence. Everyone will experience hatred at some point in their lives, even though it can be something that causes even more negative emotions. 

As for how it acts on the person’s brain, experiencing hate can change your brain chemistry. When you feel hate, it directly stimulates that area of your brain that is responsible for planning and execution. 

This part is the one that initiates aggression and makes you feel hate, and if you need to defend yourself, or attack. This process is also connected to the fight or flight response, which causes the level of cortisol and adrenaline to go up. 

When those hormones are up for a prolonged period, It can cause weight gain, depression, insomnia, and even anxiety. Experiencing hate can also cause the person to think they are being hated as a way to defend themselves, which can increase their anxiety, inability to relax, and even paranoia. 


This article explains if misanthropes are depressed. For that, it showed what misanthropes are, along with what depression is. Not only that, the article ex0lained how they can manifest depression, and what are ways they can cope with it.

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