Are extroverts better than introverts? (A Complete Guide)

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In this article, we will discuss Are extroverts better than introverts?. We will do that by discussing what extroverts are  and explain the advantages of being an extrovert.

Are extroverts better than introverts? 

No. We cannot say extroverts are better than introverts. Every person is equally good and unique. Apart from that, being an extrovert has its advantages. They are optimistic, charismatic, confident, and genuine people. They express their availability, thrive better in the world, have higher mental well being, and are also happier. They are action-oriented people who know how to grasp the attention of others. Accordingly, they are more successful professionally. 


Extroverts are people who thrive in social situations.  They prefer to spend their time socializing and engaging in unique experiences.  These people are the life of the party and can converse with anyone at any time anywhere.  They are good public speakers and can draw the attention of people quite easily.  Spending time alone can be exhausting and draining for them.  It can deprive them of energy and inspiration.  Extroverts need to go back to socializing in order to recharge. 

Advantages of being an Extrovert

Extroverts are friendly and have the right attitude that makes people like them. They can use their charisma to form friends and find dates quite easily. Other people want to know them due to their lively and energetic personality. 

 People often wonder whether extroverts are better than introverts.  We know that in reality, no one is better than anyone. All people are equally unique and special in their own way. 

‘Extroverts sparkle, introverts glow. Extroverts are fireworks, introverts are a fire in the hearth.’     Sophia Dembling

If we talk about extroverts, they have evolutionary and personality traits that put them at an advantage just like introverts have their own traits like that. Since the purpose of this article is to shed light on how extroverts are attractive and special, we will discuss a few of their positive qualities and traits which make others drawn to them. These include the following:

Positive attitude

Extroverts have a positive attitude. They are optimistic people who look at the silver lining in situations. Due to this perspective, they are quite popular among others.  Their professional and upbeat approach towards maintaining physical and mental health makes them attractive to others. 

Charismatic and friendly

Extroverts can be charismatic and highly social.  They are more likely to have multiple sexual partners and success in romance due to this.  They can win anyone over with their friendliness.  They also make good first impressions and easily break the ice.  People like them instantly and feel at ease in their presence.


Extroverts are confident in whatever they say. Being self-assured elevates them socially and make them seem original and self-assured.  People are drawn to them because they feel secure and sure of themself.

“Successful people often exude confidence – it’s obvious that they believe in themselves and what they’re doing. It isn’t their success that makes them confident, however. The confidence was there first.”– Travis Bradberry


 Extroverts try to be genuine and original which makes them interesting to others.  They know how to be themself and do not worry about looking weird and different unlike introverts.  They are expressive about their likes and dislikes.  In short, this lack of fear of what others may think of them makes them liberated and truly authentic. 


Extroverts express to others that they are physically and emotionally available. They are masters of connecting with others, inviting them over and setting up meetings to check up on someone they haven’t seen in a long time. This makes them quite likeable to others.

Evolutionary advantage

According to Susan Cain,  extroverts are at an advantage because the corporal world demands extroverted traits from people.   Their energetic and outspoken qualities are rewarded by our society. Accordingly, It enables them to meet environmental demands easily and survive in this world. 

Higher mental wellbeing

Seth Margolis conducted a study and stated that extroverted people have higher wellbeing than introverted people.  Even introverted people when acted like extroverts experienced more positive emotions and felt connected to others.  Their well-being also improved in a study by Lyubomirsky and Margolis on undergraduate students.


Studies show that extroverts are happier than introverts.  This is because they socialize and engage in a lot of different experiences.  They also have a higher responsiveness to rewards.  So, whenever they are rewarded they feel happier.  Extroverts also have a good ability to regulate their moods.  This means that they can get over negative feelings quickly and maintain a happier state for a longer time.  In addition to that,  they recall their past in a positive light and do not keep ruminating over regrets and lost opportunities. Similarly, at a biological level,  their stimulation pathway is quite short which makes them quick to be happy. 


Extroverts are action takers rather than thinkers.  They do not waste their time thinking about possible consequences nor do they hesitate by thinking about their self-image.  Their focus is to take action and receive rewards.  In other words,  they stay in the moment and just do things.

Center of attention

Extroverts have higher reward sensitivity which is why they act out behaviors more likely to draw the attention of other people as a reward.  Being able to catch the attention of others enables them to make friends easily,  find potential partners, and be successful in their profession. 

Professional success

At their workplace,  due to their positive nature extroverts are less likely to experience burnout. They also make good leaders and get motivated by being rewarded for their performance.  This enables them to move towards achieving their objectives. They also receive higher ratings on their job performance.

FAQs: Are extroverts better than introverts?

Are extroverts more attractive than introverts?

Yes. extroverts can seem more attractive than introverts due to their excellent ability to form good first impressions. However, introverts are equally attractive. People just have to invest time in them to figure out their hidden attraction.

Can an extrovert be shy?

Yes, extroverts can be shy. They can possess both qualities of extroversion and introversion. Thus, they can be ambiverts. They will have the social skills to interact with others but dislike being in the limelight. They would also need alone time to recharge.

What are the strengths of introverts?

Introverts are more empathetic and insightful. They are good listeners and are self-motivated. They are thinkers and introspective. They make food writers and they are driven to please others. 

Are extroverts attracted to introverts?

Yes. Extroverts are attracted to introverts due to their mysterious and quiet way of being. They find their listening and understanding capacity quite charming. If they see an introvert in a corner reading a book, they find them interesting and are drawn to them.

Do extroverts like silence?

Extroverts dislike silence and feel uncomfortable in it. This explains why they try to avoid it and fill silence by talking about random topics. During it, they might even overshare information about themself.


In this article, we discussed Are extroverts better than introverts?. We found that extroverts are better than introverts. Every person is equally good and unique. Apart from that, being an extrovert has its advantages. They are optimistic, charismatic, confident, and genuine. They express their availability, thrive better in the world, have higher mental well being, and are also happier. They are action-oriented people who know how to grasp the attention of others. Accordingly, they are more successful professionally. 

 I hope you found this article interesting. If you have any queries or comments, please state them in the comment section 😊


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