Are ENFP Lazy? ( A Complete Guide)

In this guide, we will answer the question: “Are ENFP Lazy?”. We will delve into understanding what triggers the lazy side of the ENFP personality and tips to combat it!

Further, we will also look at other interesting aspects of the ENFP personality type.

Are ENFP Lazy?

The ENFP person might struggle with laziness sometimes.

ENFP is one of the sixteen personality types of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It is a rare personality type. ENFP stands for Extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Feelings (F), and Perception (P). In general, the ENFP person is extraverted, outgoing, and cheerful. These individuals tend to adopt a very relaxed approach to life. They do not prefer living with a structure or system. They are unlikely to have a schedule to plan the day of the year ahead. They are relaxed. They ENFP like to see life unravel. They go with the flow!

Compared to many of their counterparts, the ENFP person might appear to very laidback. They might be labeled as “lazy” due to this. To others, it might appear the ENFP is flaky, casual, and unmotivated.

The ENFP person is very passionate about making a difference in the world. They are people-centered and will make the effort to offer their help and support when needed. The life of an ENFP is strongly rooted in their personal values and ethics. They make an effort to lead a life that is true to themselves. Hence, when it comes to working, the ENFP must feel a strong passion for the work they do. When they find interest in what they’re doing, they are likely to work very efficiently. They want their job to stimulate them intellectually and inspire them. They will not shy away from pursuing a challenging job if it adds to their growth as individuals. Considering this side of their personality, the ENFP will be easily bored in a career that does not inspire them. If they feel their job is not helping them develop themselves or adding to their growth; they will be unmotivated.

The ENFP is well – suited for a flexible work environment. They tend to get worked out in a structured system. For this reason, they might feel overwhelmed with deadlines piling up. The ENFP personality type is drawn to new possibilities. They are continuously seeking novel stimuli to feel energized. While working, if they are expected to carry out a task repetitively, they tend to easily lose the drive and motivation. Oftentimes, this might translate to procrastination. The ENFP will find themselves unmotivated to carry out a particular task with the same zeal they started with. They might appear to be lazy. They tend to lose their attention. Monotony is not the best company for an ENFP. Hence, in such situations, the ENFP person must find ways to cope. Breaking the task at hand into smaller parts might be helpful. For example, if they have to complete ten articles a day, they should divide the articles throughout the day in a manner that allows them sufficient breaks. This helps in decreasing the monotony that might set in. Further, this will increase their productivity. The ENFP person might not do well in situations that demand long hours of working on a particular task. They might beat themselves when there is a discrepancy between the expected outcomes and their input. They are likely to work well in tasks that cater to their creative side and offer a fresh opportunity for the ENFP each time.

Tips to Combat Laziness

The ENFP might find themselves bogged down by long hours of work, especially if includes a repetitive task. It is important to take time out for sufficient breaks. Indulging their senses with novel stimuli might add to their productivity. Taking time out for a walk, drinking a warm cup of tea, and changing their workspace might be very helpful!. It is all about striving to maintain a healthy balance between working and leisure.

The ENFP person’s tendency for new and exciting stimuli might find them easily distracted. While working they might be pulled to different ideas. However, in the midst of distractions, the ENFP person might find it difficult to go back to work. This might further affect their productivity. Hence, it is important to inculcate some discipline. Dividing their work time and break time might help. If they find themselves particularly distracted by technology and social media, putting their phone away might help.

Further, it might be very useful to plan one’s day out. The ENFP is likely to engage in multiple tasks at the same time. Therefore, adhering to a basic schedule will help them keep tabs on the tasks at hand. It will also help the ENFP function more efficiently.

ENFP – Overview

The ENFP personality has a way around people. They are empathic individuals who are able to experience the feelings of another person from within their frame of reference. They harbor a genuine concern for people. They will readily step to motivate a person, offering courage and support. Along with a deep desire to bring about change, they are also able to visualize possibilities for the future. They will always show a concern for the people they lead, believing in each person’s potential. This essentially makes them adept at leadership positions.

They are constantly seeking new stimuli. This keeps life exciting for them. Hence, they tend to get distracted readily. They are extremely creative individuals. They will be able to conjure up many ideas for the future. However, they might struggle to see it through fruition. Their dislike for routine finds them approaching life with a flexible stance. They will grapple with leading an organized life and often tend to give in to procrastination.


The ENFP person is warm and caring. They harbor a genuine concern for people. They are deeply empathic individuals, who tend to be aware of how someone is feeling. Consequently, they thrive in atmospheres that allow them to empower others. They are eager to bring about a change in society. The ENFP person has very good communication skills. Their inner world is replete with ideas, theories, and a wild imagination. This allows them to be very creative in different areas of their life. They are spontaneous, ready to go about without a plan at hand. They are extremely fun to be around. They value their relationships and tend to be very loyal to their partners.


The ENFP person struggles with overthinking. There is always a lack of surety looming over their decisions. They tend to go back and forth, analyzing their action or decision. This can create many problems for the ENFP. They are unlikely to be organized. Consequently, they find themselves struggling to maintain a routine. This might lead to procrastination. They do not work too well with deadlines. If they find themselves bogged down by work, they can become easily stressed.

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In this blog post, we answered the question: “Are ENFP Lazy?”. We delved into understanding what triggers the lazy side of the ENFP personality and tips to combat it!

Further, we also looked at other interesting aspects of the ENFP personality type.

Frequently Asked Question: Are ENFP Lazy?

Are ENFPs smart?

The ENFP person ranks high on emotional intelligence. They are more likely to follow their heart than their mind. They have a deep awareness of their own emotions and that of others (

Who should an ENFP marry?

The INFP personality type’s dominant function is Extraverted Intuition. It is best matched with a partner having a dominant function of Introverted Intuition. Therefore, the ideal match for an ENFP would be INTJ or INFJ (

Are ENFPs dramatic?

Individuals belonging to the ENFP personality type do have a flair for the dramatic. They enjoy it if is harmless. They might intentionally resort to dramatics to entertain people and make them laugh (

What are ENFP attracted to?

The ENFP person is drawn to someone who is passionate, intelligent, and intense. They want a partner who truly understands them. They want their partner to love them for who they are (

How does an ENFP fall in love?

For an ENFP, falling in love is an intense process. They fall hard and fast in love. They tend to hold on to these feelings for a long time (


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