Are ENFP Indecisive? (A Complete Guide)

In this guide, we will answer the question: Are ENFP Indecisive?. We will also look at other interesting aspects of the ENFP personality type.

The ENFP personality type is one of the sixteen personality types of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Individuals belonging to this personality type are considered to be charismatic, independent, creative, and enthusiastic.

Are ENFP Indecisive?

Yes, individuals belonging to the ENFP personality type tend to struggle with indecisiveness.

The ENFP personality tends to struggle with indecision. Generally, this is considered to be a feature of the NP type. This element of indecisiveness can seep into different areas of their lives; relationships, work, identity. Oftentimes, indecision can rear its bad head with respect to many important decisions. It is likely to put the ENFP person in an uncomfortable place. They might struggle to find firm ground, often swaying between the many options that stand before them. This can further lead them to harbor doubt about their ability to make decisions. They might not feel confident about the steps they have taken.

The ENFP person is very creative. They are able to conjure up creative, out-of-the-box solutions for problems. However, every time they come up with a solution, they are likely to doubt it. They will question the relevance and plausibility of the solution. “Does this make sense?”. “Will this work out?”. “Is this the best choice?”. The few minutes of certainty they experience with respect to their decisions is soon replaced by a looming lack of surety. This might lead to the ENFP person feeling frustrated.

They have a natural inclination to inspire change in the world. Their thoughts often border on the lines of “How can I bring about a change?”, “What can I do to make a difference?”. In response to this, they are likely to come up with different plans and ideas. However, they find themselves in the pit of constant questioning. Hence, even though they might start something with enthusiasm, their indecision might lead them to not being able to see their idea to fruition.

The ENFP has certain ways of counteracting this looming doubt and indecision that plagues their life. They feel questioning their idea or decision allows them to search for more information. This leads to clarity and refinement of the idea or decision. They openly embrace more knowledge and information. It provides them an opportunity to learn. This enables them to refine their idea, while building on their confidence and competence to carry out their activities.

They may also rely on the idea of self-knowledge. For them, seeking knowledge allows them to generate a more authentic form of the idea or knowledge. When they doing the right things, the ENFP is likely to feel more satisfied with themselves.

The ENFP mind is a storehouse of ideas and imagination. This quality allows them to explore the many possibilities that life has to offer. While their openness is a beautiful quality, it often turns out to be the root cause of their uncertainty. They will ruminate over an idea, ponder upon it multiple times, chart out the other possibilities, and constantly cater to the “what ifs”. This makes it difficult to settle down with a decision. For the ENFP, the process of coming to a conclusion is often rife with questioning, doubts, uncertainty, and indecisiveness.

This indecisiveness may vary across situations. They might feel certain about some situations/ objects and ideas while swimming in a pool of doubt with others. A person might feel a sense of surety when it comes to their relationship; strongly committed. However, they might feel doubts propping up frequently when it comes to their career decisions.

There might not be a peculiar remedy for the ENFP when it comes to grappling with their indecisive tendencies. However, it is important for them to acknowledge this aspect of their personality. This gives them the space to work on it. They can learn to take decisions and actions without having complete knowledge about it.

With their excitement for life, the ENFP often fears missing out on the many opportunities that life has to offer. They are drawn to new and exciting stimuli. They tend to keep their options open. Sometimes, this may lead them to become very indecisive. When they are sure about something, they will put their heart and soul into it. Hence, they do not want their decision to be casual or half-hearted.

The ENFP Personality Type

The ENFP personality has a way around people. They are empathic individuals who are able to experience the feelings of another person from within their frame of reference. They harbor a genuine concern for people. They will readily step to motivate a person, offering courage and support. Along with a deep desire to bring about change, they are also able to visualize possibilities for the future. They will always show a concern for the people they lead, believing in each person’s potential. This essentially makes them adept at leadership positions.

They are constantly seeking new stimuli. This keeps life exciting for them. Hence, they tend to get distracted readily. They are extremely creative individuals. They will be able to conjure up many ideas for the future. However, they might struggle to see it through fruition. Their dislike for routine finds them approaching life with a flexible stance. They will grapple with leading an organized life and often tend to give in to procrastination.


The ENFP person is warm and caring. They harbor a genuine concern for people. They are deeply empathic individuals, who tend to be aware of how someone is feeling. Consequently, they thrive in atmospheres that allow them to empower others. They are eager to bring about a change in society. The ENFP person has very good communication skills. Their inner world is replete with ideas, theories, and a wild imagination. This allows them to be very creative in different areas of their life. They are spontaneous, ready to go about without a plan at hand. They are extremely fun to be around. They value their relationships and tend to be very loyal to their partners.


The ENFP person struggles with overthinking. There is always a lack of surety looming over their decisions. They tend to go back and forth, analyzing their action or decision. This can create many problems for the ENFP. They are unlikely to be organized. Consequently, they find themselves struggling to maintain a routine. This might lead to procrastination. They do not work too well with deadlines. If they find themselves bogged down by work, they can become easily stressed.

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In this blog, we answered the question: Are ENFP Indecisive? We also looked at other interesting aspects of the ENFP personality type.

Frequently Asked Questions: Are ENFP Indecisive?

Are ENFP stubborn?

Even though they are open-minded, the ENFP personality type can be stubborn. They strongly adhere to their values. They will fiercely guard their personal values and morals in situations. They are likely to make a decision based on it. They also harbor respect for others who do the same (

Do ENFPs like being chased?

The ENFP person enjoys the initial excitement and butterflies of the relationship. They like the back and forth element at the start of the relationship. They enjoy chasing after someone, while also liking being the person chased (

Who should an ENFP marry?

For the ENFP personality type, the natural partner is considered to be the INTJ or the INFJ. The dominant function of the ENFP is Extraverted Intuition (Ne). It is best matched with a partner with a dominant function of Introverted Intuition (Ni) (

What does ENFP hate?

The ENFP person does not like criticism. To them, it almost feels like a personal confrontation on their self-esteem. Further, it feels like a threat to their personal values. When they are criticized, the ENFP person is likely to internalize their anger. They are unlikely to express it for the fear of hurting others (


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