Are ENFP Flirts? (A Complete Guide)

In this complete guide, we will answer the question: Are ENFP Flirts?. We will also delve into understanding the ENFP personality type when it comes to dating and relationships.

ENFP stands for Extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Feelings (F), and Perception (P). They are outgoing, warm, and creative individuals. When it comes to romantic relationships, the ENFP person brings an element of passion, fun, and devotion, when they are serious about someone.

Are ENFP Flirts?

Yes, individuals belonging to the ENFP personality type tend to be romantic and flirtatious in nature.

ENFP Flirting

ENFP individuals are considered to be outgoing. They are charismatic, confident, and great communicators. This allows them to make their way through a roomful of people with ease. When it comes to flirting, the ENFP knows their way about. There is a tinge of playfulness to their flirting skills. They are able to articulate their thoughts with a certain charm that can leave one smitten.

However, when they are very interested in someone, they are likely to tone it down slightly. They might be nervous. They might tend to more reserved, fearing they will come across too strong. They will subtly flirt with the person, through actions like text or by just making an effort to be around them. In the realm of romance and relationships, they might feel they are coming across as awkward while flirting. This is the ENFP tendency to be critical of themselves at times. However, when the person reciprocates, they are more likely to bring forth their flirt side with ease.

In a Relationship

The ENFP person is often misconstrued to be an infidel in relationships. This is generally seen in unhealthy manifestations of the ENFP personality type. They are constantly drawn to novel perspectives, jumping from one idea to another, seeking excitement. However, when it comes to relationships, the ENFP person tends to stay in it for the long haul, when they are truly committed to a person. In relationships, they are always seeking a deep and meaningful connection with people. They are in tune with their principle and morals. They are fiercely loyal to their partners. They are unlikely to act or behave in a way that will betray their partner’s trust. 

They wear their heart on their sleeves, openly expressing their affections for their love interest. They expect their partner to reciprocate these affections, showing they care for them. They want their partner to show they love them and care for them.

They want their partner to stand by them with the same commitment they show them. They are individualistic and will be aware of their needs. They are not clingy or needy. They only want words of affirmation from their partner. They want to be accepted for all that they are, without being rodded to change.

Casual Dating

Considering the qualities of this personality type, they are not the most suitable candidates for casual dating. They are extremely serious about relationships. Often times, in the quest to explore, they might dip their feet in the pool of casual dating. Their curiosity might lead them to find out what they want from a relationship. Oftentimes, it can be a result of the current trend in society. They might be interested in getting to know a new person and learn about them. In the process, they might learn a thing about themselves. However, once the ENFP knows what they want from a relationship, they are looking for a long-term commitment. They dislike small talk and seek a certain depth from their relationships. They do not waste their time in a relationship they do not feel strongly about.


They are drawn to individuals who are sincere. They are drawn to authenticity. They want their partners to reveal their true selves. They do not like people putting on a facade. They appreciate  individuals who are passionate and express their passion unabashedly. They want their partner to be understanding, accepting them with all their qualities and imperfections in tow. They want their partner to embrace their shortcomings, with the same acceptance for their positive qualities. A relationship is a place for the ENFP to nurture and grow. Hence, they are looking to be inspired by their partner. They are drawn to a partner that stimulates their intelligence allowing them to harness their thinking prowess. The ENFP can be very critical of themselves. When a partner is aware of this and chooses to stand by them, embracing them, the ENFP will not let go. Their auxiliary function of Introverted Feeling (Fi) allows them to gain a deeper understanding of other people delving into their potential.

Signs an ENFP is Flirting With You

The ENFP person is extroverted and outgoing. They are rarely going to feel bored or lonely in a room full of people. Social interaction is more likely to energize the ENFP. At a party, the ENFP will talk to everyone present. Their impeccable communication skills, coupled with their charisma make them adept at forging social bonds. When the ENFP is interested in you, they are likely to spend a lot of time talking to you. Especially, in a room full of people, if the ENFP spends half the evening talking to you about everything under the sun; this is a sign they may be interested in you. They might throw a volley of questions your way; from your profession to your favorite holiday spot. The ENFP will make the effort to learn more about you.

The ENFP has a way with people. In general, they are considered to be charismatic personalities. They have a deep understanding of people. These extraverted feelers, easily absorb the emotions and feelings of others. Due to their understanding of people, they are able to navigate through the complexities of human connection with great ease.

Their charismatic nature allows them to sway people with ease. However, when they are interested in you, they might use their charisma to influence your decisions. Of course, this is done with a noble intention. Their ability to see possibilities in seemingly hopeless situations, allows them to share this motivation with the people they care for. If you have a dream that you are unsure about, the ENFP person will encourage you to pursue the dream with their charismatic appeal.

When the ENFP person is interested in you, they will not only coddle you with flirtatious texts and memes. They carry an awareness of others’ emotions and feelings. They will take the effort to make you feel special. The ENFP person is known for its big display of affections. This translates through gifts, words, and other meaningful gestures. When they buy a gift for someone they love or maybe interested in, it is most likely going to be very meaningful. They put a lot of thought into buying gifts. Further, their interest might also be evident in their words. They will go the mile to offer you words of encouragement when needed. If their aware of a particular quote/ poem or statement that stirs you, they will pay attention to it.

The ENFP person is outgoing. They enjoy exploring and traveling. Their open minds fuel their innate need to explore the world far and wide. They are excited about the many possibilities that the world offers them. This is enriching for the ENFP, enabling them to learn and grow. Chances are if they invite you to one of their expeditions and adventures, they might be interested in you! Travelling is not just another annual routine for the ENFP. It is an important element of the ENFP personality type. It is not uncommon to find an ENFP with a travel journal outlining all places they have visited or wish to visit someday. It offers them an opportunity to learn and grow. If they have you let you in on this opportunity, this surely holds some meaning!


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Frequently Asked Questions: Are ENFP Flirts?

Who should an ENFP marry?

The INFP personality type’s dominant function is Extraverted Intuition. It is best matched with a partner having a dominant function of Introverted Intuition. Therefore, the ideal match for an ENFP would be INTJ or INFJ (

What are ENFP good at?

ENFP individuals are very enthusiastic. They harbor a genuine concern for other people. They are adept at understanding what others are feeling. Their zeal, creativity, charisma, and people skills make them very efficient leaders (

Can ENFPs date each other?

An ENFP-ENFP relationship has the potential to be a beautiful one. However, both partners are likely to bring in an element of competition (

How does an ENFP fall in love?

The ENFP person tends to fall hard and fast in love. Love and relationships form an important part of their life. They tend to hold on to these feelings for a long long time. (


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