Are ENFP-ENFP Compatible? (A Complete Guide)

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In this guide, we will answer the question: Are ENFP-ENFP Compatible? We will also delve into understanding other interesting elements of the ENFP-ENFP relationship 

Are ENFP-ENFP Compatible?

Many aspects of the ENFp personality make the ENFP-ENFP relationship a compatible one.

Outgoing Personalities

The ENFP personality is extroverted, outgoing, and loves to socialize. They both enjoy being around people, hence they are likely to have a large circle of friends. They might enjoy attending parties, and large social gatherings together. Together, they might have a large network of friends. They may also readily introduce each other’s friends and family as a means of deepening their relationship. 


The ENFP person enjoys discussing the many possibilities in life. ENFP-ENFP partners will enjoy discussing the future. Their shared sense of vision will allow them to chart out possibilities for the future. They will appreciate each other’s uniqueness. These viewpoints are embraced across different aspects of life. Further, they are both extremely creative individuals. The ENFP has a rich inner world. It is replete with ideas, theories, and a wild imagination. Often, others are not completely able to embrace this aspect of the ENFP personality. They might be termed as “unusual” or “weird”. However, in an ENFP-ENFP relationship both the partners are likely to share an appreciation for each other’s creative pursuits. This will leave room for them to nurture their creative side together!  

The ENFP is energetic and enthusiastic. They love talking and engaging with people. Resultantly, this may leave little room for listening. It is understood that listening forms an important element in a relationship. With two energetic communicators, constantly conversing their thoughts, the ENFP-ENFP relationship might lack the necessary listening skills. Further, the ENFP person might reach out to others outside the relationship to discuss their problems, if they feel their partner does not listen to them enough. This could add to problems in the relationship.

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Relaxed and Flexible

The ENFP person tends to be relaxed. They have a very flexible approach to life. They do not enjoy plans, schedules. They may be uncomfortable with structure and rigid rules. While sharing space, this might create trouble for ENFP-ENFP partners. They may find it difficult to delegate duties. Carrying out daily chores, adhering to a routine, and implementing organization at home; these tasks can be difficult for both partners to manage. While they both might appreciate creative ideas and the many possibilities of life, they tend to neglect the finer nuances of a situation.

They tend to be comfortable with disorganization. When it comes to sharing space, the ENFP-ENFP couple might most likely be okay with a messy household. Routine is not their greatest company. They might struggle to perform activities/tasks based on a routine. They feel uncomfortable adhering to a routine. They might struggle to make important decisions since they tend to think of other plausible options. Hence, they are likely to put off important decisions for the future.


The ENFP is spontaneous. They enjoy making decisions impulsively. This makes it interesting for both the partners in the relationship. They will always be up for trying out an adventurous activity together. They will be okay, going with the flow. The ENFP-ENFP couple won’t find any problem in making decisions on a whim.

Expressing Emotions

Both the ENFP partners are likely to appreciate the warmth, kindness, and sensitivity in each other. They are likely to be very receptive to each other’s needs and desires in the relationship. They may be able to sense if the partner is in distress. They will not shy away from offering help and support to the partner. They wear their heart on their sleeves. When it comes to expressing their feelings. ENFP partners will not veer away from big displays of affection. They will make an effort to let their partner know about their feelings. They place great importance on relationships. Hence, the ENFP person will be faithful and loyal to their partner. To them, once they commit, they will put their heart and soul into the relationship.


Conflict is often uncharted territory for the ENFP. In the midst of conflict, both partners are likely to evade confrontation. Their desire to maintain harmony in the relationship may lead them to brush important issues under the carpet. They may give in to the situation, often neglecting their true feelings. These issues may pile up, eventually spilling onto the future and other areas of the relationship.

Their tendency to make decisions from the heart might find them missing out on the practicalities of their action.

Tips for the ENFP-ENFP Relationship:

  1. Inculcate the habit of listening. Since both partners tend to love to talk, they might miss the part where listening is important. 
  2. Don’t look at each other as competition. When an ENFP-ENFP enters the relationship, they tend to look at each other as a competition. Try to keep this element out of the relationship. See this as a place to help one another grow.
  3. It is important to encourage your partner with their dreams and plans. Show your support!
  4. In general, the ENFP fiercely guards their values. It forms an important element of who they are. At times, they might refuse to let go of their opinions while discussing important topics. This might create rifts in the relationship.

ENFP – Overview

The ENFP personality has a way around people. They are empathic individuals who are able to experience the feelings of another person from within their frame of reference. They harbor a genuine concern for people. They will readily step to motivate a person, offering courage and support. Along with a deep desire to bring about change, they are also able to visualize possibilities for the future. They will always show a concern for the people they lead, believing in each person’s potential. This essentially makes them adept at leadership positions.

They are constantly seeking new stimuli. This keeps life exciting for them. Hence, they tend to get distracted readily. They are extremely creative individuals. They will be able to conjure up many ideas for the future. However, they might struggle to see it through fruition. Their dislike for routine finds them approaching life with a flexible stance. They will grapple with leading an organized life and often tend to give in to procrastination.


The ENFP person is warm and caring. They harbor a genuine concern for people. They are deeply empathic individuals, who tend to be aware of how someone is feeling. Consequently, they thrive in atmospheres that allow them to empower others. They are eager to bring about a change in society. The ENFP person has very good communication skills. Their inner world is replete with ideas, theories, and a wild imagination. This allows them to be very creative in different areas of their life. They are spontaneous, ready to go about without a plan at hand. They are extremely fun to be around. They value their relationships and tend to be very loyal to their partners.


The ENFP person struggles with overthinking. There is always a lack of surety looming over their decisions. They tend to go back and forth, analyzing their action or decision. This can create many problems for the ENFP. They are unlikely to be organized. Consequently, they find themselves struggling to maintain a routine. This might lead to procrastination. They do not work too well with deadlines. If they find themselves bogged down by work, they can become easily stressed.


In this blog we answered the question: Are ENFP-ENFP Compatible? We delved into understanding different sides of the ENFP-ENFP compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions: Are ENFP-ENFP Compatible?

Who should an ENFP marry?

The INFP personality type’s dominant function is Extraverted Intuition. It is best matched with a partner having a dominant function of Introverted Intuition. Therefore, the ideal match for an ENFP would be INTJ or INFJ (

What do ENFP find attractive?

AN ENFP person is attracted to someone who understands them and sees them for who they truly are. They are attracted to passion, intelligence, and depth (

Are ENFP dominant?

According to, the ENFP personality type is considered to be highly dominant. These individuals are always eager to jump into new possibilities and plans.


ENFP – ENFP Relationship

ENFP and ENFP Relationship

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