Are ENFP Crazy? (A Complete Guide)

In this guide, we will answer the question: Are ENFP Crazy? 

ENFP is one of the sixteen personality types of the Myers-Briggs Type Personality Indicator (MBTI). It stands for Extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Feelings (F), and Perception (P). These individuals tend to be warm, social, and outgoing. They are creative, with a wild imagination.

Are ENFP Crazy?

Individuals belonging to the ENFP personality type have unique ways of doing things. This may not be fully understood by everyone. Hence, they might end up labeling the ENFP as “crazy”.


The term “crazy” is often used to indicate something that is different, unusual, or unexpected. It might have a negative undertone to it sometimes. However, when we try to answer this question, “crazy” here, indicates something unusual. Often personality types have certain unique quirks and characteristics associated with them. This may not be completely understood by everyone. Thus, it might sometimes be termed as “weird” or “crazy”.

When it comes to the ENFP personality type, they are often called crazy, since their actions might be different from what is generally expected of them. The ENFP person strongly adheres to their personal values and morals. They have a  strong desire to be true to themselves. They are not afraid of being their real selves around people. Being true to oneself means revealing one’s true self with their qualities and quirks. Hence, they might be labeled as “crazy” sometimes. The ENFP person has a deep need to be themselves even if that means being laughed at for their love for unicorns at the age of forty. They are not afraid to be themselves.

The ENFP person has an insatiable curiosity to learn about the world around them. They have an expansive imagination that lets them trails oceans and mountains, harboring ideas, and seeing possibilities. They have a creative bent to their mind. Consequently, they will conjure up creative solutions to problems at hand. They will visualize possibilities that might seem impractical to some. They are not firmly rooted in reality, with their wild imagination often running to different realms. The ENFP person’s approach to life might deviate from the conventional path. They want to explore the many sides of life with their own uniqueness. This might make them seem crazy to some!

Authenticity is Vital

The ENFP does not like to pretend. Authenticity is vital to the ENFP. They will embrace their quirks in the open, instead of behind closed doors. If they are excited by an idea, they will gladly express it. They do not shy away from expressing how they feel, even if it comes across as strange or crazy to others. These passionate souls are deeply romantic. They wear their heart on their sleeves. They will openly express their feelings. They seek this authenticity in their partners too. To the ENFP, putting on a facade is exhausting. They can barely keep up with a fake image that is miles away from their true selves. Even when it comes to hobbies and activity, the ENFP will not shy away from engaging in it just because it is not popular among the crown or seen as weird or crazy by others.

A Wild Imagination

The mind of an ENFP person is an interesting place to be. It is rich and complex. Their mind is replete with ideas, beliefs, and a wild imagination. They are constantly unearthing patterns and joining dots to add a deeper meaning to their observations. Consequently, they might be lost in thoughts often. It is not uncommon for an ENFP to zone out in the middle of a conversation. They will be easily distracted, jumping from one idea to another idea. Their imagination might find them creating possibilities out of the blue.  Their idealism often leads them to take a step away from practicality. To some people, who may not completely appreciate the ENFP person’s imagination, their ideas might appear to be crazy. They tend to be less focused on the present.


The ENFP is extraverted and outgoing. They might be awkward in certain situations. When they are comfortable around people they tend to embrace this side of theirs. They do not care about how people perceive them. Their extraverted nature allows them to make friends with ease. Once they are comfortable with people, they are more likely to embrace their awkwardness.

Interesting secrets about the ENFP Personality Type (source:

Generally, the ENFP person is considered to be an extrovert. However, they also need some time alone. This tendency is more commonly seen in the ENFP personality type as compared to their other extroverted counterparts. They need this alone time to make sense of their feelings, thoughts. Further, it gives them a space to visualize the many possibilities for the future.

The ENFP is adept at drawing connections between abstract pieces of information. They are able to identify patterns and hidden meanings. This stems from their dominant function of Extraverted Intuition (Ne). They are likely to spot meanings and possibilities that others may miss out on.

On one hand, the ENFP personality type is known for its open-mindedness. They will be open to the many possibilities life has to offer. They will readily accommodate different ideas and opinions. On the other hand, they are very passionate about their personal values and morals. They tend to make decisions based on these values. Therefore, they will find it hard to compromise on their morals in a situation. This adherence to their moral compass stems from the development of Introverted Feeling (Fi), which is their auxiliary function.


In this blog post, we answered the question: Are ENFP Crazy?

Frequently Asked Question: Are ENFP Crazy?

Are ENFP dominant?

According to, the ENFP personality type is considered to be highly dominant. These individuals are always eager to jump into new possibilities and plans.

Do ENFPs like to be chased?

The ENFP person likes chasing after someone. However, they also like being chased. They tend to enjoy the butterflies and excitement that comes in the initial phase of the relationship (

Are ENFPs smart?

The ENFP person ranks high on emotional intelligence. They are more likely to follow their heart than their mind. They have a deep awareness of their own emotions and that of others (

Who should an ENFP marry?

The INFP personality type’s dominant function is Extraverted Intuition. It is best matched with a partner having a dominant function of Introverted Intuition. Therefore, the ideal match for an ENFP would be INTJ or INFJ (

Are ENFPs dramatic?

Individuals belonging to the ENFP personality type do have a flair for the dramatic. They enjoy it if is harmless. They might intentionally resort to dramatics to entertain people and make them laugh (


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