Are ENFP and ENTJ Compatible? (A Complete Guide)

In this guide, we will answer the question: “Are ENFP and ENTJ Compatible?”. We will delve into understanding how the different elements of each of the personality types shape their compatibility.

ENFP stands for Extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Feeling (F), and Perception (P). ENTJ stands for  Extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Thinking (T), and Judgement (J). Are you wondering how compatible these two personality types are when it comes to the realm of romance? The information outlined in the next section might answer some of your questions!

Are ENFP and ENTJ Compatible?

The ENFP and ENTJ personality types share certain similarities, along with differences that set them apart. However, when it comes to relationships, they are generally compatible. Further, their differences can complement each other, allowing them to enrich their relationship.

ENFP-ENTJ Compatibility 

The Bond

The ENFP personality type is an Intuitive Feeling type. Therefore, individuals belonging to this personality type seek deep and meaningful connections. They are attracted to individuals who exude sensitivity, empathy, and thoughtfulness. For the ENFP, a relationship serves as a platform to grow and develop. Hence, they enter relationships with individuals who help them nurture their selves.

The ENTJ personality type is essentially an Intuitive Thinking type. Intuitive thinkers are drawn to intellectual connections. They experience a sense of closeness to a person in the midst of stimulating and intellectual conversations. Of course, the ENTJ person has an emotional side to them. However, for them, sparks fly in the midst of mentally stimulating scenarios. 

Emotions v/s Objectivity

The ENFP person is likely to adopt a more understanding stance while perceiving new ideas. They might be drawn to their ENTJ counterpart’s unconventional view on issues. However, unlike the ENFP understanding, the ENTJ person is more likely to debate over an idea. They will scan its lengths and breadths in the process of understanding it. Resultantly, the ENTJ person might appear to be blunt or harsh at times.

The ENFP person’s wheels of functioning are oiled by their values. Whereas, the ENTJ wheels are oiled with logic. For the ENFP person, their decisions are grounded on morals. They will delve into understanding the ethicality of the situation before making a move. The ENTJ person will base their decisions on objectivity. They will scout for reasons to see if the stance is rational, objective and leads to an efficient outcome. This difference in their approach might sometimes lay the ground for tiffs and arguments. They might find it difficult to agree on what is important.

The ENFP person’s sensitivity can seep into their decision-making abilities. They might take steps that are in tune with their values but do not round up to be the wisest decision. In such a situation, the rationality offered by their ENTJ partner might help them draw from a place of objectivity rather than emotions. Typically, the ENFP tends to put others before them. In situations that require them to put themselves first, a perspective from their ENTJ partner might help them make a wiser choice. In this manner, their difference can complement each other beautifully.

Consequently, the ENFP partner can help their ENTJ partner see beyond the rigid realms of logic and reasoning. The ENTJ individual’s tendency to view situations with a lens of objectivity can sometimes lead to a decision that may not be the wisest. The thoughtful and sensitive nature of an ENFP partner can help the ENTJ partner draw forth from their emotional side. After all, not every decision requires are carefully calculated equation. Sometimes, one needs to tune inside and seek answers from within.


Communication is a very essential element of any relationship. It is one of the foundations of a strong relationship. Difficulties in communication can pose a challenge in any relationship. It is important for partners to acknowledge this and work towards establishing stronger communication within the relationship.

When it comes to the ENFP-ENTJ relationship, there are many sides to their communication in the relationship. For starters, both these intuitive personalities tend to share a more abstract style of conversing. Their discussions are replete with ideas, theories, beliefs, and opinions. They will enjoy talking about a plethora of topics under the sun. From the pages of ancient history to the arts and the sciences; the two of them will always have something to talk about.

The ENTJ and ENFP communication are likely to be stimulating and enriching for both the partners in the relationship.

Despite finding common ground in their similar communication style, there is scope for problems. Firstly, neither the ENFP nor the ENTJ partner is likely to focus on the details of a conversation.  Consequently, they might skip the finer details in the conversation. Further, they tend to focus on the general idea at hand, often losing sight of the finer nuances and practicalities. Hence, while working on a plan, both the partners must strive to discuss the finer details, rather than assuming each has a similar stance.

In the ENFP-ENTJ relationship, both the partners are eager to talk. The extroversion element of their personalities allows them to enjoy conversing and learning about people, experiences, and situations. They enjoy discussing ideas and thoughts. This paves the way for stimulating conversations between the two. 

The conversation between an ENFP and ENTJ can be very interesting. For people in a relationship, discussions with their partner can be invigorating and enriching. They feel energized with the volley of ideas, possibilities, and new dimensions the ENFP-ENTJ conversation tends to offer. However, the process of conversing can often tantamount to heated discussions. Additionally, both partners might miss out on the importance of listening. This might lead to arguments and other problems in the relationship.

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Listening is a very essential component of communication. Thus, both partners in an ENFP-ENTJ relationship must strive to nurture this habit.


Values are very personal to every individual. The ENFP and ENTJ persons find common ground in their passion to improve. They believe the wheels of improvement and change can always function. They scout through their ideas and imagination to make a difference. However, the ENFP and ENTJ differ in their perception of change.

For the ENFP, change tantamounts to making a difference in the world. They wish to inspire change, uplifting people, and communities. They want to bring about a wave of peace and happiness to humankind. They will volunteer for causes like teaching the underprivileged,  or work in careers that allow them to make a difference.

For the ENTJ, change and innovation relate to a slightly less humanistic approach. They think about it in terms of the sciences, technology and the business world. They will think on the lines of how a particular innovation might help make a difference.

The ENFP person may be drawn to the ideas of the ENTJ. However, sometimes they might feel it lacks a human element. Your ENTJ partner might excitedly tell you about the latest innovation in the automobile world. The ENFP person will try to see how this will help people at large. “How is this going to benefit society?”.On the other hand, the ENTJ might find the ENFP person’s ideas heavily laden with idealism. They might find their ideas devoid of substantial logic and objectivity.

The ENFP-ENTJ values might also differ in relationships. For the ENFP person, a new relationship entails a deep interest in the other person. They want to know your story, what makes you tick and what matters to you. The intellectually stimulated ENTJ will seek to engage in a more intellectual conversation. They want to see if you are able to challenge them intellectually. Consequently, they might appear to be more emotionally distant.

Despite their different sides, and ENFP and ENFJ can complement each other. The ENFP person can help heir partner acknowledge the humane side of situations. While the ENTJ person can help their partner infuse a sense of objectivity and practicality to their approach in life.

Flexible v/s Structured

The ENFP person thrives in the midst of freedom and flexibility. They do not function with a rigid plan in mind. They tend to take on life as it comes. The ENFP person’s approach to life is akin to the famous lyrics by Doris Day:

 “Que sera sera, whatever will be will be”.

On the other hand, the ENTJ person approaches life with a plan. They are more structured in their approach, ensuring a sense of stability in their life. This might cause conflict in their relationship sometimes. The ENFP partner might find their ENTJ counterpart too serious and rigid. While the ENTJ person might find their ENFP partner a little too relaxed.

The Daily Grind

The ENFP and ENTJ person enjoy being around people. They enjoy engaging socially. From house-parties to family get-togethers; the extroverted side of their personality allows them to socialize. Further, they will be excited to introduce each other to their family and friends as a means to deepen their bond.

Both of these personality types are likely to be busy most of the time. They find their happy place in interacting with the world; through work or socializing. Their social lives are always buzzing with activity. Hence, it is important for them to take time out for each other and make the relationship a priority. Further, the hustles and bustle of their every day lives might find them missing out on time to introspect. While neither of these personality types might enjoy the idea of alone time, it is important for every individual. Taking time out for themselves will allow them to think, reflect, and focus on different areas of their lives, including their relationship.

Their shared love for intellectual curiosity will find them exploring different avenues, learning, and adding to their knowledge. They enjoy discovering new ideas. Therefore, engaging in new hobbies, activities can be a beautiful way to nurture the ENFP-ENTJ relationship.

Their common dislike for the mundane can be counteracted by infusing novelty to their relationship with new activities together.

While sharing space together, the organizational abilities of the ENTJ partner might clash with the more relaxed approach of the ENFP. There might be disagreements with respect to the order in the house, cleanliness, and other responsibilities. This might create a space for resentment in the relationship, if not acknowledged and worked through.

Further, the ENFP person works more spontaneously as opposed to the ENTJ person’s tendency to schedule and plan. This may cause conflict in the relationship, especially if the two partners share space. Thus, this must be acknowledged so that both the partners are able to find a middle ground in the relationship.


In this blog, we answered the question: “Are ENFP and ENTJ Compatible?”. We delved into the different areas of the ENFP-ENTJ compatibility in relationships.

FAQs: Are ENFP and ENTJ Compatible? 

Who should an ENFP marry?

For the ENFP personality type, the natural partner is considered to be the INTJ or the INFJ. The dominant function of the ENFP is Extraverted Intuition (Ne). It is best matched with a partner with a dominant function of Introverted Intuition (Ni) (

Do ENFPs like being chased?

The ENFP person enjoys the initial excitement and butterflies of the relationship. They like the back and forth element at the start of the relationship. They enjoy chasing after someone, while also liking being the person chased (

Who are ENTJ attracted to?

The ENTJ person is drawn to someone who is loyal. They want their partner to be loyal and caring, standing by their side through the highs and lows. They appreciate authenticity and their partners to be sincere and real, as opposed to putting on a facade (

How does ENFP express love?

The ENFP is very expressive. They tend to display their affection openly.

The ENFP enjoys displays of physical affections like hugs and cuddles. While communicating their love, they are more likely to do so verbally (


Compatibility of ENFP with ENTJ in Relationships

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