Are ENFJs Weird? (A Complete Guide)

In this guide, we will answer the question: Are ENFJs Weird? We will delve into understanding the other interesting aspects of the ENFJ personality type.

ENFJ stands for Extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Feelings (F), and Judgement(J). It is one of the sixteen personality types of  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Are ENFJs Weird?

The ENFJ person only has different ways of doing things. Consequently, they often get termed as “weird” for doing something differently!


Often, the term “weird” might have a negative connotation attached to it. However, sometimes it may be used only to express something “unusual” or “out of the normal”. Then, how is being weird attached to one’s personality type? Certain personality types might have some unique behaviors, quirks, and characteristics associated with them. They might appear to be “weird” to other individuals who do not understand it completely. When it comes to the ENFJ personality type, these folks are often drawn to the uncommon. Individuals who do not appreciate this side of the ENFJ might label them as “weird” or “unusual”.

The ENFJ person is friendly and popular. They are drawn to things that others may perceive as unusual. They have a unique way while looking at things. Their inner world is bathed in many layers. This makes them seem complex to some. Oftentimes they try to hide this side of theirs. Their rich inner world allows them to view the world differently.

The ENFJ person is drawn to things that others may label as unusual or weird. They are also interested in the uncommon. Their interests may not be the most popular among the crowd. However, for the ENFJ, if something stirs even an iota of passion, they are instantly drawn to it. They have an innate desire to discover and explore. They wish to unravel the beauty that lies within. Thus, even when people ignore certain things, the ENFJ person will be eager to learn more about it. Sometimes, even if something appears to be weird, but unique, the ENFJ will pursue it. Resultantly, they tend to have unusual hobbies and interests. People might label them as “weird” since their likes and interest don’t fit the typical idea of “usual”. Then again, some might appreciate this side of the ENFJ. However, individuals who are rooted in tradition might find this strange and weird.

For the ENFJ, too this can tantamount to a tug of war. While sometimes they are drawn to tradition, other times they are drawn to the other extreme. This may be confusing for some, especially while growing up.

Complex Inner Minds

The ENFJ mind is an interesting place to be. It is rich and complex, with many layers. It is not uncommon for an ENFJ to find themselves tied up in their own thoughts. Typically, the ENFJ person is an extrovert, enjoying the company of others and socializing. Yet, they are in tune with the workings of their inner minds. Their intuition is remarkable, allowing them to connect with people. They are receptive to the feelings and emotions of other people and will not shy away from helping them when needed. Due to this understanding of people, the ENFJ person is able to sense what people may typically expect of them.

Thus, in the presence of many people, they might not readily show their unusual and ‘weird” side. They will build walls of normal, expected-of-them behaviors. They feel that not everyone will appreciate the different sides of them. They keep it to themselves.

Helpful ENFJ

Individuals belonging to the ENFJ personality type are helpful. They are engaged in reaching out to people and helping them. In doing so, they wish people to accept them completely, with all their unusual quirks in tow. They wish to open themselves to people they care for. Deep down they want to reveal their authentic selves yet, the fear of being judged puts them in an unpleasant spot. They mask this side of their personality in hopes of not being misunderstood by people. Their innate desire to care for people leads the ENFJ to prioritize people over themselves. Resultantly, they tend to ignore their own needs, desires, and likes. Often, leading them to hide their unusual and “weird” side. They may not be able to completely embrace themselves in hopes of not distressing others.

When Awkwardness Strikes!

The ENFJ person is extroverted. They enjoy connecting with people, hence they might not seem to be awkward at first glance. They might appear to be very friendly and charming. They know how to navigate their way through a conversation in a room full of people. As mentioned earlier, they are extremely receptive to the needs of others. They are able to sense others’ emotions and feelings. Consequently, they might also be very concerned with how others think of them. The ENFJ person might become very awkward in such a situation. They tend to become very nervous around people, in hopes of not appearing unusual or weird. They might respond awkwardly in conversations.

It is important to understand, the ENFJ person likes the company of others. They enjoy being around people and want to draw them. They don’t want to behave in a way that will push people away or make them distant in any way.

ENFJ Personality Type – Strengths

Individuals belonging to this personality type are adept at ensuring peace and harmony in a situation. They are master peace-keepers!

They are known for their confident communication style. They are able to put their thoughts into words with great ease. They can converse proficiently in diverse settings; from small crowds to larger gatherings.

The ENFJ person is great at persuading people. They are able to get people to do what they want them to. However, the ENFJ intention is not manipulation or personal gain. It is generally to benefit people or help them notice their potential.

ENFJ individuals make for great leaders. they can motivate people. They thrive in situations that allow them to work towards implementing change in society. they have a beautiful way while engaging with people. Their personalities are replete with a sense of idealism that allows them to see the potential in people around them.

ENFJ Personality Type – Weaknesses

They can be very selfless. So much so, that they lose sight of their own needs and desires. They tend to prioritize others over themselves.

The ENFJ person finds trouble saying “no”. They tend to say “yes” to every situation that comes their way. This is partly due to their openness to the many opportunities that life has to offer. However, in the process of over-committing, they end up with more than they can handle. They end up starting tasks without being able to finish all of them.

The ENFJ person may find it hard to make decisions that require them to leave their heart out. They struggle with impersonal reasoning.

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In this blog, we answered the question: Are ENFJs Weird? We also delved into understanding other interesting elements of the ENFJ personality type.

FAQs: Are ENFJs Weird?

What makes ENFJ sad?

According to, the ENFJ person becomes sad when they feel they aren’t meeting others’ needs. They feel sad when people close to them are in distress and they are unable to help them. Additionally, the ENFJ person always strives to see the best in other people. They feel sad when others don’t do so. 

Are ENFJs selfish?

Typically, the ENFJ personality type is inclined to think about others. They are empathic, considerate, and understanding. Often times, people may take advantage of their helpful nature in order to guilt-trip them into offering more or to make them feel bad about themselves (

What are ENFJ attracted to?

The ENFJ person is drawn to a person who is confident and carries themselves with a sense of sureness. This mysterious demeanor is very appealing to the ENFJ personality type (

How do ENFJs show love?

The ENFJ person shows they care by acts of service towards the partner, having long conversations about the partner’s needs and wants. Their highly emotionally intelligent self allows them to have open conversations with their partners about how they feel (

Are ENFJs clingy?

The natural tendency of the ENFJ personality type leads them to help others. They will go out of their way to make sure others are happy. Sometimes, people may misconstrue this as being clingy or overbearing. For the ENFJ, being supportive of a loved one is a natural habit (


Awkward ENFJ: Why ENFJs Are So Weird

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