Are ENFJs confident? (A 7 point guide)

In this article, we will answer the following question: Are ENFJs confident? We will talk about the ENFJs natural charm, but competitive and controlling character.

Are ENFJs confident?

Most ENFJs are confident and have the natural charm specific to cult leaders. They are excellent communicators and act diplomatically in social situations. They both like to receive and give attention and express a strong interest in people, so they tend to put their nose where it should not. 

They feel that they can understand the feelings and difficulties of each individual, and they insist on irrational beta advice. They are very good emotional manipulators (even if they rarely use such practices because they then feel loaded) and are very annoying with their constant posts on Facebook with messages of solidarity, socialist, emotional, pseudo-intellectual.

Because the ENFJ type has such well-developed communication and relationship skills, they have the ability to persuade others to do exactly what they want them to do. People of this type know how to get under people’s skin and know how to make themselves wanted. Usually, their motives are not selfish, but those less principled people are known to use their gifts to manipulate others.

In some ENFJs, this ability to trigger imagination and talents in others is unique. They want their apprentices to bring out the best in themselves and clearly communicate that each one has incalculable potential. This confidence can inspire your students to grow and develop more than they ever thought possible.

There’s no one more confident than an ENFJ

ENFJs are in tune with what others feel and really want those they care about to be happy. In whatever field they choose, Teachers consider people their highest priority. In return, they enjoy the pleasure that comes from feeling that they are helpful to others.

This need to be accepted and to feel helpful can lead them to despair for the approval of others. They have a desire to avoid conflict and this can cause them to quickly overlook situations or forgive.

They are remarkably good with language, especially face to face.  They don’t hesitate to speak up and let their feelings come out. Highly enthusiastic, teachers will express their passions with a dramatic flair, they can become very sensitive and charismatic speakers. 

This ability gives them great influence in groups and they are often asked to take on a leadership role. They tend to get others to open up easily. People will follow you without much effort due to your friendly aura and great ability to connect with others.

They like things that are established and organized. They will schedule their work hours and social commitments well in advance. They are absolutely trustworthy in meeting these commitments. They value interpersonal cooperation and harmonious relationships. Teachers are very tolerant of others and have a great sense of loyalty.

They are generally popular wherever they are so love affairs will not be difficult to start for this personality type. Relationships with an ENFJ are usually fun, they will always surprise you with something new and entertaining. They like to be surrounded by a wide social circle and will be happier if their partner is comfortable with it.

ENFJs focus on self-improvement and see no reason why this should end once they enter a relationship. They match better with people who have the same calling and who enjoy growing and evolving alongside them.

They can perceive the emotions of their partner and are open in communicating their own feelings, which makes their relationships honest and sincere. They may overlook their own needs and focus too much on those of others. It is important and healthy for ENFJ to think about its own needs for the benefit of the mutual relationship.

He can become overprotective or take criticism very seriously, a partner who knows how to approach these issues delicately will be beneficial for this personality type. When they find the right person they are faithful and dedicated companions who greatly enjoy caring for and protecting their partner.

The ENFJs natural charm

The natural ease that an ENFJ has then when speaking or passionate commitment

which he assumes on good causes, attracts the others. It is necessary to take care of these not to be above their own needs because they can become rigid in their idealism.

ENFJs have an innate tendency to be critical. However, because they feel responsible for the feelings of others, they rarely criticize in public. They are extremely aware of what proper behavior means (and does not mean) and are kind, charming, diplomatic, and know-how to promote harmony around them. 

They are innate, popular, and charismatic leaders. They are usually good communicators and use their gift of expression. ENFJs make decisions based on how they feel about a situation rather than the reality of that situation. 

They are interested in the possibilities behind what is already obvious, as well as the ways in which these possibilities can affect others. Being ordered by nature, ENFJs prefer an organized world and expect others to be the same. They like things to be clear, even if someone else makes the decisions. 

ENFJ radiates sympathy and understanding, teaches, and supports others. They decipher people well, they are responsible and caring. Being idealists, they generally look for the good in those around them. But they also have  neuralgic points.

ENFJs are so affected and attentive to people that they can become overly involved in the problems or feelings of others. Sometimes he chooses causes that are not worth the time or energy they spend. When things go wrong, they may feel overwhelmed, disappointed, or disillusioned. 

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The competitive and controlling character of an ENFJ

Truth is, most ENFJs tend to control and manipulate others. This impulse to control is mostly seen in the parent-child relationship. It is usually not easy to be the child of an ENFJ. Because they are very focused on everything that means relationships, ENFJ will seriously monitor the smooth running of things in a family. They can become hyper-protective and dominant. 

They have well-defined ideas about what is good and what is bad. They need to remember to give their children more confidence and more autonomy to grow up healthy. It is not advisable to project their dreams, personal plans on children, influencing their future. An ENFJ must learn to keep these trends in balance.

ENFJ parents will provide their children with a warm, comfortable and lively home. They will always be close to their children with a hug whenever they need it. Their attitude towards children will always be loyal, dignified, positive and full of warmth, closeness.

As in all cases, the ENFJ type, as parents, will have problems with children when they reach puberty. Because they will need more space at this age, they will feel the suffocating protection of the ENFJ parent. 

Later, the children will also feel the manipulative tendency of the ENFJ parent and will ask him about his value system that seems hypocritical at times. For ENFJ parents, the best advice is this: try to control your tendency to manipulate and control your children because it will take them away from you.

Usually, the ENFJ has no other hidden motivations, as they are very well-intentioned about their children. In general, their children remember their parents as supportive, warm, affectionate, even if strict, which helped them achieve their goals in life.

ENFJ as lover

In general, the ENFJ is intensely and enthusiastically involved in their relationships with their loved ones, doing everything possible to have a successful, happy relationship. Does this make them take control over how things happen? Maybe…!

Ultimately, ENFJ people look for intimate moments to show their love and care. They are generally interested in the happiness and satisfaction that their partner comes to have around them. Because their greatest satisfaction comes from making others happy, it is possible for them to do very well when they love. 

Like other Judges, it is possible to follow a schedule for intimate moments, risking becoming routine. For ENTJ, the most important aspect of sexuality is the opportunity to show love and affection.

However, the ENFJ will not explicitly ask for such moments, they need sweet words and statements to encourage them. They are easy to satisfy and make happy, compared to other personality types, because their satisfaction comes from making others happy. But they must learn to balance this balance, to learn to verbalize their desires and to probe more into what they would like.

A serious problem for the ENFJ is that they hate everything that looks like a conflict. It is possible to give in in certain situations only in order not to face directly, in order not to reach conflict. But ignoring problems does not lead to solving them.

The bottom line

While considered extremely confident, many ENFJs tend to be more reserved in exposing themselves, in talking about themselves than other types of extroverts. However, they have strong personal beliefs that do not stop them from doing anything. Their strongest interest is to be a catalyst for the change of others. 

That is why he interacts with those around him in a chameleon-like, adapted manner to each type of person so that they feel as comfortable as possible and are encouraged in what they do.

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FAQ on Are ENFJs confident?

Are ENFJs intelligent?

Most ENFJs value intelligence both in themselves and in others. They are interested in the possibilities behind what is already obvious, as well as the ways in which these possibilities can affect others. 

Are ENFJs rare?

ENFJs are among the rarest personality types, comprising only about 2-3% of the population.

How do ENFJs make decisions?

ENFJs base their decisions on their personal values. They use their Feeling essentially in the outside world, radiating for its heat and energy. They always look for the best of each one and they know how to find it.

Are ENFJs kind?

The ENFJ profile is a warm, empathetic, sensitive, and responsible person. They are also very sensitive to the emotions, needs, and motivations of others. The ENFJ type does not hesitate to help others reach their potential.

Are ENFJs loyal?

Most ENFJs are loyal partners. ENFJ is committed to long-term relationships with loved ones. They do everything to make the relationship successful. This can be interpreted as a little suffocating, but it is good monitoring of the well-being or “illness” of a relationship.




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