Are ENFJ Sensitive? (A Complete Guide)

In the guide, we will answer the question “Are ENFJ sensitive?”. We will also look into other interesting aspects of the ENFJ personality type.

ENFJ essentially stands for Extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Feeling (F), Judgement (J). It is one of the sixteen personality types of the Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The ENFJ person is considered to be warm, affectionate, helpful, and social. Further, they have very strong personal values and a desire to help people around them. They make for very efficient leaders and motivators.

Are ENFJ Sensitive?

Yes, the ENFJ person is sensitive in nature. The term “sensitive” has commonly been associated with the ENFJ personality type. It is a quality that allows them to understand the people around them better.

Sensitivity is a very evident quality in an ENFJ individual. ENFJ persons are considered to be very emotionally intelligent. This emotional intelligence allows them to comprehend the feelings of others. They are very receptive to the needs and desires of the people around them. For the ENFJ person, connecting with people is a very important part of them. They are able to even draw out conversations from the most introverted and reserved individuals. They have a special gift that allows them to maneuver through the complexities of human connections with ease.

HSP ENFJ: The Highly Sensitive ENFJ

An individual who is a highly sensitive person (HSP) will experience life differently. Their sensitivity spans from emotions to physical stimuli. At times, this sensitivity leads to them feeling different about themselves. They might want to camouflage this side of themselves, in hopes of fitting in with the crowd. Society often equates the term “sensitive” to being “emotionally weak”. In the midst of this misconstrued definition, many highly sensitive persons may sometimes dismiss the sensitive side of their personality. However, it is important to understand that being sensitive allows one to connect more deeply with the world around them.

The ENFJ person is considered to be sensitive in general. However, not all individuals belonging to the ENFJ personality type are Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP). The HSP ENFJ may not appear to be much different from other ENFJ individuals. Sometimes, they might attempt to mask their extremely sensitive side, for the fear of being labeled weak. However, the HSP ENFJ is far more attuned to the emotions of people around them, than other ENFJ individuals. They will pick on cues, feelings, and unspoken needs of people with greater efficacy than others. However, this ability may also leave them emotionally drained.

The ENFJ person is commonly touted as a “people’s person”. Their ability to relate to people is one of the most profound qualities of this personality type. The ENFJ person’s understanding of people stems from their emotionally sensitive sides. The ENFJ person will easily identify if something is wrong with a person. The ENFJ person is that friend that knows if something is bothering you even without you telling them.

 When it comes to the HSP ENFJ, they are overly sensitive. Their sensitivity radars can collect even the tiniest signals. When many people around them are distressed, the HSP can feel extremely overwhelmed. It tends to weigh them down emotionally. The HSP ENFJ may find themselves in a whirlpool of overwhelming feelings in such situations. They may attempt to resolve the situation. However, when they are unable to do so, they feel like escaping it. It may also lead to feelings of guilt when they are unable to resolve conflicts. 

Their sensitivity to situations can extend beyond people. The HSP ENFJ find themselves emotionally swayed even by cinema and literature. It is not uncommon for them to weep puddles of tears in the middle of a romantic tragedy. As mentioned earlier, their sensitivity radars pick on the tiniest of details. Yet again, in a world that misconstrues sensitivity, the HSP ENFJ person might avoid situations that powerfully stir up their emotional side. Further, they may avoid talking about these feelings with others. This may be particularly difficult for them when they are younger. A movie or a book might affect them very differently than others.

Physical Sensitivity

The HSP ENFJ is very sensitive to their external environments. Their sensitivity to sounds, smells and touch is far more than other people. They can be overwhelmed by too much physical stimulus. It is understood that the ENFJ personality type is “ a people’s person”.

 However, an HSP ENFJ can feel overwhelmed in the midst of social situations. This is particularly seen in large crowds, with chaos and noise. It can become uncomfortable for them. They feel the need to step out of such situations. However, to not upset people, they continue to remain in such situations. Over time, this makes them feel anxious and uncomfortable. They may snap out at people around them while grappling with the overwhelming situation at hand.

Dealing With Sensitivity

It is important for the ENFJ person to recognize their sensitivity as a strength. Society’s misconstrued definitions may lead them to dismiss their sensitivity as a weakness. The ENFJ sensitivity allows them to understand people and situations with far more depth than others. This facilitates the need to help others and motivate them. Sometimes, this can be very overwhelming for the ENFJ person. They may feel guilt for not being able to help people or resolving conflicts they expected to. The ENFJ needs to establish boundaries. In this manner, they will be able to evade situations that leave them emotionally exhausted. ENFJ persons tend to over-exert themselves in the process of working hard. When they are unable to accomplish tasks, they may feel guilty. Hence, they need to step back and take time off.

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The ENFJ Personality

The ENFJ personality type is considered to be one of the rarest among the sixteen personality types. Their dominant function is Extraverted Feeling. This makes them extroverted beings who enjoy socializing with others. They are often described as warm, affectionate, and social in nature. Further, they are also known for helping people when needed. In fact, helping others fills them with a sense of satisfaction.

However, sometimes, in the process of helping everyone else, they tend to neglect their own needs. additionally, they also tend to be too critical of themselves sometimes. The ENFJ person may not give themselves enough credit for achievements and they blame themselves when things go awry.

Cognitive Functions

The hierarchal stack of cognitive functions represents how a particular personality type interacts with the world around them.

Dominant Function : Extraverted Feeling

The dominant function of Extraverted Feeling allows them to be social beings who are attuned with the feelings of people around them. They are concerned with how people feel. They will not think twice before attempting to help them. Many times, in the process of doing this, they tend to ignore their own feelings. While making decisions, their primary point of reference is how the outcome will affect others. They emphasize the personal and subjective nuances of the situation rather than the objective.

Auxiliary Function : Introverted Intuition

The Introverted Intuition of the ENFJ leads them to rely on their intuition while predicting future outcomes of their decisions. They tend to think on the lines of “If I do this, this will happen”. Their intuition guides them in life more than factual information. The cognitive function of introverted intuition allows them to interpret complex information. From abstract data, the ENFJ person is adept at synthesizing the meanings, patterns, and theories.

Tertiary Function : Extraverted Sensing

The function of Extraverted Sensing allows the ENFJ person to be very sensitive towards their surroundings. They will draw in even the minutest details due to their sensitivity. They are likely to have an eye for aesthetics. Consequently, the ENFJ person is always seeking fresh and novel experiences. They can appreciate the present moment with greater depth, identifying details big and small.

Inferior Function : Introverted Thinking

Introverted Thinking is an inferior cognitive function in the ENFJ personality type. The ENFJ person may take interest in being organized and following a structured way of living. Adhering to a plan helps them stay in control. However, the inferior aspect of this function leads to them feeling diffident in their logical thinking and decision-making process. They tend to ignore this element of their personality. As a result, they draw from personal values rather than logic while making decisions.

Famous ENFJ Personalities:

  • Abraham Maslow
  • Barack Obama
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Nigella Lawson
  • Bono
  • Demi Lovato

Career Paths

The ENFJ person has very good communication skills. They enjoy the process of interacting with people. They are adept at organizing. Resultantly, they make for efficient leaders and managers. They are able to help each person reach their full potential. The ENFJ person will make an effort to ensure harmony is maintained at the workplace. They are adept at bringing about conflict resolution.

 They are good at organizing activities, helping each group member achieve their potential, and resolving interpersonal conflicts. They strive to create harmony in all situations, and always seem to know what to do to ease tensions and minimize disagreements.

ENFJ Career Choices

Some of the popular career choices for ENFJ include 



Sales Representative

Human Resources


Social Worker

Why is this blog on “Are ENFJ Sensitive?” important?

This blog outlines the sensitive side of the ENFJ, along with understanding the traits of an HSP ENFJ. If you are an ENFJ or someone trying to navigate through the sensitive side of an ENFJ friend, this might help!


In this blog post, we answered the question “Are ENFJ Sensitive?”. We delved into understanding the ENFJ sensitivity, as well as the HSP ENFJ. Further, we outlined other interesting sides of the ENFJ personality.

FAQs: Are ENFJ sensitive?

What personality type goes best with ENFJ?

According to, the ENFJ’s natural partner is INFP or ISFP. The ENFJ dominant function of Extraverted Feeling, matches well with a partner with dominant function of Introverted Feeling.

Are ENFJs stubborn?

ENFJs tend to be stubborn when it comes to asking for help. They will push themselves to complete the task. They do not like being a burden and tend to take challenges alone (

Are ENFJs intelligent?

ENFJs value intelligence in themselves and others. They possess different types of intelligence and it is important to understand where the ENFJ strength lies (

Are ENFJs rare?

ENFJs are among the rarest personality types. They comprise 2-3% of the population (


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