Are 2 INFJ Compatible? (9 tips to find out)

In this guide, we will answer the question: “Are 2 INFJ Compatible?”. We will explore the INFJ – INFJ compatibility across varied aspects of a relationship.

Are you an INFJ, attracted to another INFJ? Or are you an INFJ wondering how compatible you will be with a fellow INFJ? The INFJ personality type harbors intense, highly idealistic ideas when it comes to love. Intuitive Feeling marks a significant function of the INFJ person. 

Consequently, they seek deeply meaningful connections in their relationships. They will take their time to know the person. Yet, when they fall in love it’s a concoction of intense passion and feelings. Is it a healthy, compatible relationship? Or does this intense passion fizzle out in time? Let us delve into understanding the INFJ-INFJ relationship.

Are 2 INFJ Compatible? 

2 INFJ persons in a relationship are likely to share a close and caring bond. Their deep, reflective and intuitive selves allow them to seek meaningful connections. They value authenticity, taking time to understand the real side of their partners. Their generous appetite for intellectually stimulating and abstract conversations ensures an exciting stream of discussions between the two.

The INFJ-INFJ Compatibility


The INFJ person is an Intuitive Feeling type. They pursue connections that carry depth when it comes to romantic relationships. The INFJ person does not just want to know if you like strawberry ice-cream or chocolate ice-cream. Tell them about that story from two summers ago when you went camping in a forest full of fire-flies. The INFJ personality is drawn to depth. They want to understand what drives the other person. The INFJ person seeks authentic connections that carry personal values. They want to see the real person that sits behind the facade. The INFJ person will swim to the depths of the other person to truly understand them. They are attracted to sensitivity and thoughtfulness. The INFJ person seeks a relationship that will enable them to grow.

For 2 INFJ individuals, swimming in the pool of a romantic relationship, there may be several common elements. One, they both harbor an idealistic image of romantic relationships. Such a pair carries the potential for a close and caring relationship. Their general approach towards life also bears a similarity which adds to the depth of the relationship.

The Daily Grind

How 2 INFJ in a relationship relate to each other in their everyday lives is also important. After all, a romantic relationship is not only about the cutesy dates and rosy expressions of love. The turbulence of everyday life can create a space for friction and disagreement for any couple. For the INFJ-INFJ couple, discussing these issues and charting out a way to deal with them, will help the relationship flow through the grind of daily life.

Although the INFJ personality type is inclined to the introverted side, both the partners may differ in their social needs. It is important to discuss this with each other. Carving out time in your schedule that allows you to meet your relationship needs and social needs is the key to maintaining balance.

The INFJ person is less likely to enjoy the mundane. When life takes the dull, boring route both the partners are likely to feel annoyed and frustrated. It is important to infuse your relationship with activities that ramp up the everyday saga. The INFJ person enjoys adventure and seeks novel activities. This adds a touch of freshness, which keeps the relationship exciting. If you can’t take that trip to the countryside, learn how to cook a new cuisine together?

The INFJ person is curious to learn about the world. They willingly immerse themselves in learning about culture, science, and arts. Exploring new ideas and improving their knowledge is a characteristic of the INFJ person. You and your INFJ partner may not share the same hobbies, but interests that wear a similar robe, help you to come closer.

The Organized Duo

2 INFJ persons sharing space are likely to ensure that it is organized and tidy. The INFJ person values structure and tidiness. They like to create schedules to plan their day or to-do lists to streamline their work. INFJ partners may disagree on how to organize and structure, but they will enjoy working to ensure a sense of structure and system in their environment.

When both the partners are of the INFJ personality type, they like to take time out for themselves. They uphold the importance of personal boundaries in relationships and respect the need for space in each partner. Typically an INFJ person has a small, intimate circle of friends. In a relationship, both INFJ partners understand this. They do not attempt to forcefully navigate their way into the partner’s circle of friends as a means of deepening their own relationship.

They enjoy spending time alone and consider it to be healthy. They get overstimulated on encountering too much activity.


The INFJ communication style lies in the lines of abstract. Their conversations are ladened with ideas, theories, beliefs. They readily discuss topics spanning from philosophy to the sciences. Two INFJ individuals will appreciate this imaginative and intellectual tone of conversations. They are likely to enjoy each other’s company. If your INFJ self felt dismissed at the office-gathering when you discussed the Renaissance, your INFJ partner is likely to be all ears to your discussion, probably enriching it with their viewpoints.

Your nature as a reflective thinker allows you to seek meanings and have profound conversations with your INFJ partner. There can be trouble in paradise sometimes. While working together on an idea, you two are likely to focus on the general nature of the idea. This leads to leaving out the details. It is important to discuss and know the two of you are on the same page.

The process of learning about each other can be tinted with the awkward-conversation phase. However, once you cross this, you will discover a rich field for stimulating, abstract and intellectual conversations.


Conflict in an INFJ-INFJ relationship is difficult to last. An INFJ-INFJ couple will value the relationship dearly. When conflict arises, they feel threatened. Consequently, they use their quality of empathy to wade through the conflict at hand. This tendency allows them to view the problem from their partner’s stand-point, enabling them to stir up solutions to the problem.

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

Even if they do not agree with it, they will accept the differences. Instead of succumbing to a blame-game, INFJ partners will incline towards reinstating harmony in the relationship.


2 INFJ persons often find a strong connection based on the similarities in their values. They are both empathetic, kind, and hold an idealistic view. It is important to understand that values are personal. Sometimes, two INFJ partners may differ in their values. This understanding paves way for an appreciation of the difference and navigating through it in your relationships.

Sometimes, the idealism of the INFJ can back-fire in relationships. Each INFJ partner is passionate about their beliefs. At times, this can make it difficult for them to “agree to disagree”. The relationship can take a volatile turn in situations where you find it difficult to agree on what is right. For an INFJ person, people close to them must agree to what they believe in dearly. When this does not go as expected, the relationship is likely to experience some unpleasantness.

The INFJ personality type is known to conceptualize and ideate, but often fail to bring these ideas to fruition. When this happens, it is easy to blame the partner if they fail to do the same. It is important to understand that while 2 INFJ individuals are likely to share strengths, they are also likely to share weaknesses. Hence, you cannot expect your partner to pick up where you failed. This becomes increasingly important to take note of. From the mundane chores of everyday life to an instance within the relational realm; these concerns may arise. Both partners need to avoid blaming each other and take responsibility for their own short-comings.

Why is this blog on “Are 2 INFJ Compatible?” important?

Compatibility is an important element of a relationship. Whether you are an INFJ, looking at another INFJ as a potential romantic partner or simply curious about the INFJ-INFJ compatibility; this blog encapsulates some important elements of the same.


In this blog, we answered the question “Are 2 INFJ Compatible?” by exploring the various nuances of the INFJ compatibility in relationships.

FAQ: Are 2 INFJ Compatible?

Who are INFJ compatible with?

According to, ENTP or ENFP are considered to be the INFJ’s natural partner. Introverted Intuition, which is the dominant function of the INFJ is best matched to a personality type that is dominated by the Extraverted Intuition.

How does an INFJ show love?

The preferred love language of an INFJ is quality time, followed by words of affirmation and physical. The INFJ person will let you know that you matter to them by carving out time to learn about them and engaging in activities that they enjoy (

Do INFJs fall easily in love?

The INFJ person harbors an ideal image of love. They fall hard, but not fast. They take time to fall in love, taking their pace to know the person. But, when they do, it’s for real. It is important for them to feel a strong connection.Falling in love for an INFJ is an intense experience (

What are INFJs attracted to?

The INFJ personality type is often attracted to passionate individuals. They appreciate depth and substance in a person, rather than shallowness (

How does an unhealthy INFJ behave?

According to, an unhealthy INFJ often feels resentful towards people around them. They are drawn towards making others happy, due to their auxiliary function of Extraverted Feeling. However, the unhealthy INFJ will perceive this as a distraction from their own vision. Consequently, they feel overwhelmed while dealing with people, often carrying a bitter feeling towards them.

How do you calm down an INFJ?

Here are some tips to help an INFJ relax when stressed(

Make space for some alone time
Do something just for yourself
Switch gears and do a totally different activity
Journal how you’re feeling and how you’d like to respond to the situation


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