Aquarius personality (A Complete Guide)

The article will focus on the personality traits of the astrological sign Aquarius and also comment on it’s birthstone, ruling planet and element of nature in order to help the audience develop a holistic understanding of it.

What Are The Personality Traits Of Aquarius?

The following traits fall under the personality of Aquarius:

  • Smart
  • Original
  • Independent
  • Visionary
  • Honest
  • Fun Loving
  • Free Spirited
  • Humanitarian
  • Dislike Restrictions
  • Solitude

As we are now aware of the traits Aquarius has, we will look at a brief introduction to this star before we examine it’s traits in detail!

What Is An Aquarius?

Aquarius is the eleventh astrological sign in the zodiac assigned to individuals born from January 19 to February 19. They are generally defined as fun loving people who greatly value the relationships they have and are smart and independent. They believe in a free world with as little restrictions as possible in order to have the chance to do what they desire.

Aquarius is associated with stones like Amber, Garnet and Amethyst. 

The element of Aquarius is air and this element instills a sense of thinking in people who possess it; they are focused on their thoughts and are future oriented. They like to use mind processes like imagining, associating and dreaming to make sense of the world around them. People who possess air as an element are curious and intelligent and usually live inside their heads. 

Uranus is the planet that rules Aquarius and signifies freedom and the possibility of change. This planet inculcates strong values of having a vision that people must obtain; this is why people who fall under the sign of Aquarius are visionaries and want to do work for the greater good. This planet is also related to the element of the mind and gives more power to Aquarius as they are already good with their thinking abilities.

The Personality Traits Of Aquarius.


Yes Aquarius is pretty smart and they have good thinking skills. They can give the credit to not only their star but their ruling planet Uranus too! They are able to process information well and think on it identifying any patterns or relationships that can help them develop a better understanding of things and hence make better decisions or excel in their fields.

They are good with studies and quick learners; they do not have to expend much effort in learning a new topic nor do they have to take much help from others as they are independent and clever learners. 


Thanks to their mental abilities, Aquarius’s are very creative because they create information not only with what they have from their external information but with what their minds can do. Also they learn from their intuition and dreams; these play a huge role in helping them come up with new ideas.

This star represents those people who like to be unique and stand out whether it’s how they carry out their personal work or how they perform at school or the workplace. They enjoy coming up with original ideas people have not heard before.


People who fall under this astrological star are not very dependent. They don’t mind roaming alone or spending time by themselves. In fact, this is something that they need. Why? Well they have a blossoming world inside of them; they like to think in their free time and require solitude for that because they don’t want to be distracted. 

In fact, Aquarius is one of the Zodiac Sign Most Likely To Be Single.

Also, even when they are not imagining or processing what is going on in their mind these creatures have a lot to do; they like to use their time in a productive manner so they don’t mind being alone. They have important tasks to complete and obviously change the world!


Aquarius is very visionary; they believe in an ideal world that they can help make where people are free and happy. They want to work for the greater good and have a vision which they want to follow. Their thinking ability helps them vividly imagine the world they want to create and live in and they will do so by drawing upon their vision.

Such people have no problem in gathering followers because of the thought they have; a vision usually captures the interest of people especially if you can explain it in a great manner with your vivid imagination and original ideas.


This star values honesty a lot and they do not like people who lie. They will make an effort to find the truth in matters and will prefer that people are straightforward with them and do not play games or try to dodge them. This is because they value strong relations either with their significant other or friends and family and they do not want a relation whose foundation is based on lies or deception.

Also, as Aquarius is one who has a big vision they must achieve, they know the value of truth. It is the only thing that will not only help them do the good they want to but also garner the support of others.

When with an Aquarius, it’s advisable not to lie. Why? Not only do they dislike it greatly but they are smart people who can connect the dots. They will identify any loopholes in the explanations you give or the cues of lying in your behavior and conclude that yes they have been fooled. So its not only risky but very stupid to try and even lie to them. They will catch you – eventually if not immediately.

Fun Loving.

Aquarius is one of those zodiac signs that loves to have fun. Not necessarily in the manner we expect – going to parties, hanging out with friends at the cafe or attending a social event or meeting – but in their own way. They will explore places they want to see, study or research topics of interest and meet their loved ones and go for a hike. They like to stimulate their mind and may engage in activities that allow them to do so.

Free Spirited.

This star loves to be free. They want to be able to be independent, set their own routines and work and live as they wish. They do not want to have to live by rules others have set nor do they want others to be the reason they have to restrict themselves. 

When with an Aquarius, let them do as thou wish! They will want to try out new things that may be risky and you may be unsure about the outcome; however, do not stop them but just advise them!


People born under this bright star love to work for social issues. They will want to volunteer in order to help people going through difficult times, ensure no one around them is suffering or use their resources to make the lives of others better!

Dislike Restrictions.

Sometimes it is difficult for Aquarius to work under an authority; they like to work in their own flow and do not like to take orders from others. Being independent, they prefer to go by their own routine, produce work as they wish and complete tasks when they want to.

Also, it is difficult for these individuals to work in teams as it requires them to compromise a lot and follow a certain way of work.


At times, Aquarius can shut themselves in because they need time alone. Maybe they feel overwhelmed, need time to think or just want to get away from the hustle bustle of life but whatever it is they just want a break!


The article took a look at the personality traits of the zodiac sign ‘Aquarius’ and highlighted its overall personality by also mentioning its birthstone and the effects its ruling planet and element of nature has on it!

Frequently Asked Questions: The Personality Of Aquarius.

What are the bad traits of Aquarius?

The bad traits of Aquarius include its habit of being overly idealistic, not being able to stand authority and being condescending at times.

Is an Aquarius loyal?

An Aquarius is considered loyal even though they may seem distant at times. However, they are very caring about the people they love!

What type of person is an Aquarius?

The type of person an Aquarius is is one that is progressive, smart and visionary. They are thinkers who like to have fun and dearly love their family and loved ones.


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