Understanding the 9w8 (A guide)

In this brief guide, we will take a look at the personality type 9w8, and explore some of the features and concepts related to this type.

Description of 9w8

The 9w8 type or Type Nine with Eight-wing refers to individuals who have core traits of type 9 like wanting to avoid conflict or needing internal and external peace, adaptability, agreeableness, and extroverted tendencies; while also having some traits of type 8, like a strong will, confidence, and an assertive personality.

The 9w8, also known as the Advisor, is someone who is social, independent, and likes a certain degree of routine in their behavior. 

The 9w8 may also be more adventurous than other type nines, especially 9w1, who is quieter and reserved and prefer introspection rather than outgoing tendencies.

The 9w8 may often show fears of loss and separation and there is a high likelihood that they may avoid personal confrontation and conflict, like the other 9 personality subtypes.

The 9w8 may be more social and adaptable given the mix of 9 and 8 traits, and they usually tend to seek balance and peace in life.

Their approach to problems, in an unhealthy aspect, maybe to get lost in routine rather than face the issues.

Basic fears of the 9w8

The basic fears of 9w8 also revolve around the basic fear of type 9, which is a fear of getting into conflict or having a confrontation.

These individuals aim to please, they try to stay away from explosive situations and they like to maintain the inner harmony that is so precious to them.

However, with the addition of the type 8 characteristics, they may often find themselves also worrying about becoming vulnerable or being controlled by people or circumstances.

Between these two fears, it is likely that their approach might change a little bit.

Like true extroverts, they may also be afraid of being separated from the world, and to avoid this they might try preventing conflict and at the same time, the eight wing also encourages them to be assertive, which can create internal tension.

Basic Desires of the 9w8

The basic desires of the 9w8 are to avoid conflict and maintain peace. 

However, they also want to be assertive and seek pleasurable situations and try to maintain some semblance of control, thanks to the eight wing.

Being internally balanced is usually of paramount importance to the 9w8 as they seek to be at peace with themselves and others.

9w8 may defend themselves by numbing or tuning out their negative emotions through routine and repetitive patterns, whether they are healthy or unhealthy. 

The typical 9w8 may also avoid facing their own internal struggles by distracting themselves in this way, through routine or maybe even engaging in some reckless behavior, although the latter may be somewhat atypical.

Strengths and weaknesses of the 9w8

Some strengths of 9w8 are:

  • They are extroverted and get along with people well
  • They like to encourage and support other people
  • They have the ability to assert themselves in professional settings
  • They have no trouble adjusting to new ideas or circumstances
  • They don’t have any issues working with and effectively leading others
  • They have good abilities to think through things and maintain a work-life balance
  • They are approachable and make for good conversationalists
  • They are capable of seeing multiple perspectives in a situation

Some weaknesses of 9w8 include:

  • They may sometimes be too avoidant and not talk about their issues at all
  • They may keep ignoring their negative feelings and taking their frustration out in the wrong ways until it bursts out
  • They may struggle to balance assertiveness and passiveness
  • They may have a tendency to avoid difficult situations
  • They tend to minimize emotional issues or problems
  • They may sometimes be perceived as blunt or stubborn
  • They may engage in impulsive or reckless behavior as a means of escape from feeling conflict or negative emotion

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9w1 vs 9w8

Where the 9w1 is more concerned with keeping the peace and making sure they stay away from conflict in the most morally correct manner, the 9w8 might want to ensure that they are keeping away from conflict but may at the same time want to maintain some semblance of control, as they might not like to be under someone’s command.

9w1 might be more likely to probably show some confusion about what the right thing to do might be whereas the 9w8 maybe someone with more patience than the typical type 8 and may wait for the problem to resolves, but if it doesn’t they may be likely to take things into their own hands and tackle it with confidence.

The 9w1 is probably going to be a more serious and peaceful, and possibly introverted person while on the other hand, the 9w8 may also be much more confident and probably more extroverted than the 9w1, due to the effect of the type 8 traits.

9w1s might be more uptight than the 9w8, who is more likely to be more playful.

The 9w8 might have the tendency to deal with conflict in a slightly more upfront way, which may involve the use of charisma and confidence, whereas the 9w1 might be more tactful and morally rigid, maybe more cerebral ways of dealing with stress or conflict.

The 9w1 may often be concerned about doing the right or moral thing due to the effect of the type 1 traits, which make this person more idealistic, and on the contrary, the 9w8 is more concerned with efficiency, to do what gets the job done.

To talk about something both types have in common, both 9w8 and 9w1 are peace-loving and are most likely before anything else to avoid conflict, and their first course of action will always possibly be to see if the problem resolves with a more adaptive approach.

9w1 is likely to turn their problems inward, rather than bring it out into the external world, like for instance, if they were running late, they might say something like, “I’m running really late I was caught up with something”, whereas the 9w8 might be more likely to externalize, and in the same situation might say something like “The traffic is so bad today, I am running late”

The 9w1 would hate being incompetent or wrong, or making the wrong choice, while the 9w8 might be petrified by fears that getting into a conflict might put them under someone’s or something’s control or hurt them in some way.

Famous 9w8

Here are some famous 9w8 people:

  • Nelson Mandela
  • Patrick Monahan
  • John Kerry
  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Claude Monet
  • John F.Kennedy.
  • Gerald Ford
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Princess Grace of Monaco 
  • George W. Bush
  • Norman Rockwell

9w8 Relationships

In their relationships, as with everything else, the 9w8s tend to be easygoing and agreeable and may indulge the friends, family, or partners a fair bit.

They will likely not get into big screaming matches or ignore their loved ones, and be a pillar of support should they need it.

They are also likely to be quite helpful and provide assistance wherever needed, and may not fret too much about the future.

In romantic relationships, 9w8s make for stable and reliable partners who don’t play games and are never overly controlling, though they may balk considerably if they are with someone who tries to assert control because while they don’t want to control, they don’t want to submit either, equality is important to these people.

9w8s are also not interested in being with many different people and when they meet someone they like, they have no problem committing easily.

9w1 and 9w8 Relationship

A relationship between 9w8 and 9w1 would likely be advantageous to both of them given their complementary nature and their attitudes to life; as the 9w8 might be extroverted and playful and the 9w1 is more serious and stable, and while the 9w8 might be able to take the boisterous decisions required, the 9w1 might be able to bring their worst impulses under control.

Not all is rosy though, a 9w1 and 9w8 relationship may also cause some conflicts (ironic, given how much 9 likes to avoid conflict) and they may face some problems due to both of their tendencies to avoid conflict, and they may often ignore the obvious issues and let them get too huge.

The 9w1 might keep turning things inward till it builds up, and the 9w8 might react in ways that don’t pertain to the problems but since they don’t want to address said problems their frustration might get the better of them.

When they are doing relatively well and their unique approach to conflict-avoidance isn’t putting them at odds, the 9w8 and 9w1 can actually get along rather splendidly, they might go in pursuit of pleasure together and they find much common ground due to their tendency to look for the same things in situations.

The 9w8 and 9w1 friends/partners may live excessively because they both just want to relax and have fun because life may just be too stressful in general and they would like to enjoy each other’s company to get away from the conflict and trouble around them.


In this brief guide, we took a look at the personality type 9w8 and explored some of the features and concepts related to this type. Please send across any questions, comments, or suggestions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 9w8

What is a 9w8?

Enneagram 9w8 stands for someone that has core traits of the personality type 9 and some traits of the personality type 1.

The 9w8 individuals provide an expression of being strong and yet have the ability to maintain peace and not get into too much conflict.

People of this subtype may always be willing to connect with other things, and they may also have inner strength and a tendency to be more outgoing than pure 9 or 9w1.

What does 9w1 mean?

9w1 means someone that has core traits of enneagram type 9 and some traits of type 1.

9w1 may be advocates of peace and they are known to go to any extent to establish and maintain peace and equality. 

9w1 may also be the most grounded in their internal and their external self of all enneagram types and subtypes.

Which Enneagram type is most stubborn?

Type 9 is likely to be the most stubborn, which is odd given their adaptability and agreeableness. 

Type 9 is usually balanced and harmonious but when they are trying to avoid conflict they can also be very stubborn. 

What does an unhealthy Enneagram 9 look like?

The unhealthy 9 may look like someone that accommodates too much to others and no longer develops themselves as individuals. 

The unhealthy 9 may no longer be introspective, or self-questioning and they may lack self-awareness and initiative. 

The unhealthy nine are indifferent and often feel no sense of urgency.



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