Enneagram 9w1 Personality (A Complete Guide)

In this brief guide, we will discuss the Enneagram personality type 9w1, and the features usually associated with it. We will also discuss some other concepts related to 9w1.

Definition of the 9w1

9w1 is an enneagram personality type with core traits of type 9 and some traits of type 1, and it may refer to an individual with traits like being peaceful but also sure of their convictions and ideal, and someone that takes the peaceful and adaptive approach to solve the biggest of the society’s issues.

9w1 may also be referred to by the moniker the Negotiator, given their propensity to take a peaceful approach to any conflict. 

These individuals may be very sure of themselves and they might know exactly what they want, but they are unlikely to ruffle too many feathers to get.

9w1s are hardworking, creative, and friendly unless provoked extremely intensely, but even then they might react more with words than actual violence. 

They also tend to be more idealistic and serious than other type 9s, given their type of reformer traits, they have strict rights and wrongs they believe in.

9w1, as opposed to the pure type 9 peacemakers, tend to seek routine and moral action while at the same time fearing misfortune and isolation.

They might also be rather optimistic due to their type 9 traits, and quite orderly in their approach to the world, due to the type 1 traits. 

However, since 9w1 still has type 9 traits more than anything else, they are likely to avoid disturbing peace and balance, and when they do have problems they are more likely to internalize them and numb them, rather than externalize and share, and burden

Basic Fears of a 9w1

The basic fear that drives the 9w1 is usually the fear of conflict and troubling those around them in any form, and they may usually go to great lengths to avoid it.

However, they also hate seeing conflict that is not of their own making, i.e, social inequality or immorality of any kind, to hurt anyone else, and they are likely to not tolerate that lying down either and may find peaceful and social ways to rectify those wrongs.

Another basic fear of the 9w1 is that they are probably quite afraid of being separated from the rest of the world and losing what matters to them, it might be something tangible like family or friends, and it might be something abstract, like their moral compass or their just position in life. 

Basic Desires of the 9w1

The basic desire of 9w1 tends to be at peace, both internally and externally, and they want to ensure that the world around them is peaceful and conflict-free.

The addition of the type 1 wing to type 9 makes them imagine and desire an idealized, peaceful world, and the same wing may also push them to take relevant action about the same thing.

9w1 may have defenses stemming from their basic desires as well, and they may be seen defending themselves by participating heavily in routine to distract themselves and avoid negative emotions that they may experience from having too much conflict around them.

Another basic desire of the 9w1 may be a need to maintain harmony around them, and for this reason, they may often feel uneasy if there is too much ruckus around them and become antsy to leave the situation.

They may also avoid situations that are likely to cause any kind of conflict, and the desire may make them prone to avoiding even situations where they need to be present.

Strengths of 9w1

Given below are some of the strengths of the 9w1 personality:

  • They are calm and rational individuals
  • They can be very laid back in their approach to challenging situations
  • They may be capable of maneuvering through difficult situations on the back of their optimism
  • They may have a healthy sense of right and wrong with they like to uphold without causing too many problems to anyone
  • They are capable of seeing many sides to a situation
  • They have a strong desire to help and improve the lives of others and they have the capability of bringing this desire to live as well.
  • They display a very strong work ethic and focus
  • They have a deeply rooted sense of motivation and purpose
  • They have the innate ability to remain open-minded

Weaknesses of 9w1

Some weaknesses of the 9w1 are given below:

  • They may avoid conflict too much, leaving situations they may actually need to be a part of.
  • They may have too idealistic views of the world and when they are not able to achieve these they might be prone to intense sadness.
  • They may be prone to being hypervigilant about whether they are making the right choices and if they have negative feelings arising from this conflict hey may internalize them
  • They might lose sight of the practical things in the chase of ideal
  • They may often overlook their own needs due to taking care of those around them all the time
  • They may be overly critical of themselves
  • They may be perceived as cold or aloof when stressed due to internalized problems
  • They may have difficulty facing conflict head-on, instead, they may retreat as a defense when they are not sure about what they can do.

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9w1 vs 9w8

9w8 is likely to be someone who has more patience than the type 8 and may wait to see if the problem resolves, but if it doesn’t they may be likely to take things into their own hands and tackle it with confidence, whereas the 9w1 might probably show some confusion about what the right thing to do might be.

The 9w1 is concerned about doing the right or moral thing, the 9w8 is concerned with efficiency, to do what gets the job done.

The 9w8 may also be much more confident and probably more extroverted than the 9w1, as the 9w1 is likely a more serious and peaceful, and possibly introverted person.

The 9w8 may also be someone that deals with conflict in a slightly more head-on way, using charisma and confidence, whereas the 9w1 might use more tact and morally rigid ways of dealing with stress or conflict.

On the other hand, both 9w8 and 9w1 are peace-loving and conflict avoiding and their first course of action will always likely be to see if the problem resolves with a more adaptive approach.

9w1 is likely to be more uptight while 9w8 is likely to be more playful.

9w1 is likely to internalize their problems, like if they are late, for instance, their reflex would be to say “oh I got late today”, whereas the 9w8 might be more likely to externalize, and in the same situation might say something like “The traffic was so bad today, I got so late”

The 9w1 would hate being incompetent or wrong, or making the wrong choice, while the 9w8 might be plagued by fears that getting into a conflict might put them under someone’s or something’s control.

9w8 and 9w1 Relationship

A relationship between 9w8 and 9w1 might work very well given the complementary nature of their attitudes to life; where one is extroverted and playful the other is more serious and stable, and where the 9w8 might be able to take the boisterous decision required, the 9w1 could check their worst impulses.

However, a 9w1 and 9w8 relationship may also cause some sparks, and they may have their problems due to both of their tendencies to avoid conflict, and they may often just not talk about their issues till they get too huge.

The 9w1 might keep internalizing till it builds up, and the 9w8 might react in ways that don’t pertain to the issue itself but since they don’t want to address it but also can’t control their frustration.

When they are not butting heads because of their unique approach to conflict-avoidance, 9w8 and 9w1 can actually get along rather splendidly, they will likely seek pleasure together and they may be able to find much common ground due to their tendency to look for the same things in situations.

The 9w8 and 9w1 friends/partners may live excessively because they both just want to relax and have fun because life may just be too stressful in general and they would like to enjoy each other’s company to get away from the conflict and trouble around them.

INTJ 9w1

An INTJ 9w1 may be more mild-mannered and not as inclined to start arguments, instead, they may try to find more friendly and pleasant ways to assert their opinions.

The INTJ 9w1 may have an overall sense of calm about them, and at the same time, the wing 1 may enable them to stick to the facts and see the bigger picture. 

INTJ 9w1 personality may not be too ambitious or try to pursue power, but they are hard-working in whatever they are tackling in a given moment.

The 1 wing works with the introverted thinking to build a strong work ethic and a moral center that doesn’t shake up their core beliefs. 

INFP 9w1

The INFP 9w1 may value external peace more than anything as it may be a way of achieving or enhancing their inner peace, which forms a part of their basic fear of avoiding conflict in general.

This importance they may give to the outer peace may be a result of the introverted feeling, which brings them at one with their inner mechanism and tells them exactly what they need.

In addition, the INFP 9w1 may also be a great friend to have around, as they are likely to be highly empathetic and helpful, especially in times of crisis, as they have the double capacity to understand what people are going through due to their introverted Intuition and extroverted sensation, and they have the need to reduce conflict as well.

Enneagram 9w1 Careers

Some careers that may be great for the 9w1 are:

  • Therapist
  • Counselor
  • Teacher
  • Nurse/caretaker
  • Working with children in some capacity
  • Traveler
  • Charity worker

Enneagram Test Songs 

The album called Atlas by Sleeping At Last is a collection of songs about the 9 enneagram personalities, with appropriate music and lyrics for each.

Here are some lyrics from the song for the personality number 9:

“Who am I

To say what any of this means?

I have been sleepwalking

Since I was fourteen

Now as I write my song

I retrace my steps

Honestly, it’s easier

To let myself forget

Still, I check my vital signs

Choked up, I realize

I’ve been less than half myself

For more than half my life

Wake up

Fall in love again

Wage war on gravity

There’s so much

Worth fighting for

You’ll see

Another domino falls

Either way

It looks like empathy

To understand all sides

But I’m just trying to find myself

Through someone else’s eyes”

Enneagram Types

There are a total of 9 Enneagram types, which are:

  • Type 1 The Moral Perfectionist/Idealist/Reformer
  • Type 2 The Supportive Advisor/Caregiver/Nurturer
  • Type 3The Successful Achiever/Performer
  • Type 4 The Romantic Individualist/Artist
  • Type 5 The Intellectual Thinker/Investigator
  • Type 6 The Loyal Guardian/Loyalist/Skeptic
  • Type 7 The Entertaining Optimist/Enthusiast
  • Type 8 The Protective Challenger/Leader
  • Type 9 The Peaceful Mediator/Peacemaker


In this brief guide, we discussed the enneagram personality type 9w1, and the features usually associated with it. We also discussed some other concepts related to 9w1. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 9w1

What is a 9w1 Enneagram?

The 9w1 enneagram refers to someone that has core traits of type 9 and some of 1, and this person may be hardworking, creative, and friendly as well as idealistic and serious 

What is the rarest Enneagram type?

The rarest Enneagram is the Type 8, closely followed by type 4 and type 5.

What does an unhealthy Enneagram 9 look like?

An unhealthy enneagram 9 might look like someone that accommodates others way too much because of their adaptability, and no longer develop themselves as individuals. 

The unhealthy enneagram 9 may not be introspective, or self-questioning and they may also lack self-awareness and initiative. 




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