8w7 INTJ Personality Type (A Complete Guide)

This article will look at the major personality traits of the 8w7 INTJ personality type and also introduce the components that make up this unique combination, namely the 8w7 enneagram type and the INTJ personality from the MBTI inventory.

The 8w7 INTJ Personality Type: How Are They Different From Other INTJs?

The 8w7 INTJ personality type is different from other INTJ types such as the 5w6 INTJ because of the following traits:

  • Empirical
  • Powerful
  • Confident
  • Introverted
  • Plan 
  • Kind

Before we look at these traits, we will take a look at the two personality components that make this unique personality type up!

8w7 Enneagrams – Nonconformists

The 8w7 enneagram type shares most of its traits with the 8 type enneagram but also has some traits from the wing 7 too. This enneagram is generally comfortable with conflicts that they may face and this is because they are confident, independent and quite ambitious! They persevere in their path and do not let others get in the way. Furthermore, they may be quiet but when the time comes they will speak up and defend their own stance or those of others. 

Although they wander much around in their mind, these enneagram types are also great at handling people and taking practical steps. They make the right decisions and prefer to do so on their own without much interference. Apart from thinking clearly and logically, they are creative and like to test innovative ideas! They go the extra mile when it comes to establishing goals or milestones that they want to achieve. They are big dreamers and quite idealistic in their vision. They want to create a world or society where people can go big or go home. They want to help others achieve their own dreams by ensuring no one creates hurdles for them.

This enneagram type, however, is afraid of losing their own autonomy and maybe this is why they are so independent because they want to assure themselves that they can handle most matters on their own. At the same time, these individuals also struggle when it comes to being emotionally honest or vulnerable. They will try to ignore their own emotions or what they feel because they are either too afraid of facing them or just want to focus on what is going on in the external world. They won’t even let anyone too close as they do not want to become emotionally or mentally vulnerable.

This enneagram type has however developed great people skills and can become effective and inspirational leaders. They are open when it comes to sharing their thoughts and opinions about certain matters with others – they do not care about what others will think. They are comfortable creating connections with others and can easily do so.

However, this enneagram does have some weaknesses. They will have difficulty in following instructions from authority figures and they are impatient at times. They may overindulge in themselves or their work and may become insensitive to the feelings of others. 

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

INTJs – The Dominant Functions

INTJs are made up of four functions namely introversion, intuition, thinking and judging. We will discuss each of these one by one to develop a deeper understanding of this personality type.

Introverts can be defined as ‘measured’ people. They think very carefully before they speak and when they speak it is limited. They are better able to process information by thinking over it in their head instead of participating in a brainstorming session. Also, their behaviours reflect their inner world; when they think they automatically become quiet, more focused and reflective while doing so hence their thinking and behaviour is in sync. Hence, don’t get overwhelmed when they don’t reply as fast as you want them to or go quiet. They just need time to think over what you said or what it is they want!

People who are intuitive are known for making many discoveries in world history and this does not happen by just ordinary thinking; they must go beyond the scope they are given! They give value to their vision, dreams and even imagination and combine that with what they already have in their hands.

When it comes to intuitive people, they are indeed gems; they have dreams and visions they want to achieve and they will not let anything stop them 

INTJs give weightage to their thoughts and what seems structured or logical rather than the emotions they feel for others. Sometimes this can be detrimental and they find difficulty in understanding the emotional complaints or requests their loved ones have. People with this personality type focus on values like truth and justice and prefer to see the logic or aim of things. They can be described as task oriented rather than people oriented.

People who have the judging function are very particular about having schedules; they want to know what needs to be done when and prefer not to have too many surprises in their routines because it affects their work and tasks they need to get done. They will appreciate a person who has much of the things organized and already done.

The 8w7 INTJ Personality Type: How Are They Different From Other INTJs?

In this section, we will explain the following traits in quite some detail to help the readers understand how the 8w7 INTJ is different from other personality types!

  • Empirical
  • Powerful
  • Confident
  • Introverted
  • Plan 
  • Kind

Let’s take a look at each of them in detail!


Unlike other personality types which are more focused on the logical aspect of things, this one is more into what they can see or experience. The 8w7 INTJ type is one that likes to have the evidence in front of them. They want to be convinced by being able to see what they are being offered. Touching, smelling, tasting or hearing is way better than sitting down and listening to someone talk when it comes to convening them! Whether it’s a business deal, issues relevant to friends or family or any type of news, this personality type believes it when he sees it!


Despite their introverted tendencies, this personality type loves to have an influence in the external world as well. They have developed enough people skills to manipulate others if they feel the need to. They have also made themselves independent enough to not rely on others and be able to get work done if required.

When around such personality types, you can feel the power that they possess in terms of their confidence, ability to stand up for themselves and the skill set they have as well as experience and other resources. They don’t joke around when they say they can get the job done!


Yes, this personality type is indeed confident. They not only feel powerful but look at it too so that they can assert their dominance on others and create a safe zone where people do not dare intrude or play around.

This confidence helps them achieve their goals and keep people in line! Furthermore, it helps them get their message across without uttering too many words which they prefer not to because not only do they have an introverted side to themselves but they like to portray a more serious and mysterious image of themself to the world.


The 8w7 INTJ personality type is an introvert who prefers to spend more time by themselves because it allows them to think clearly and plan ahead. Although they prefer to experience things rather than focus too much on logic, they have powerful mental processes that they use for a number of tasks – this reflects their introverted tendencies.


This personality type is not the one who usually jumps into action at the mention of it! They like to sit down and think over things – a lot! They will weigh down the pros and cons of a decision or think a plan through thoroughly before enacting it. This is because they want to make sure everything is perfectly planned so that the desired goal is achieved.


Not surprisingly, the 8w7 INTJ personality type has a soft corner for the innocent lot of the society. Characters like Batman played by famous actors such as Christian Bale do somewhat represent this trait where they seem quite self obsessed but behind the scenes they are contributing to society in one way or the other.


This article took a look at the 8w7 INTJ personality type by describing its major traits and introducing the personality components that make it up.



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