8w7 INFJ Personality Type (A Complete Guide)

This article will look at the 8w7 INFJ personality type in detail by not only discussing the major traits it possesses but also by explaining and describing the personality components that make it up, namely the 8w7 enneagram type and the INFJ personality type from the MBTI inventory.

The 8w7 INFJ Personality Type: How Does It Work?

The 8w7 INFJ personality type develops in a way to exhibit the following traits:

  • Visionary
  • Stubborn
  • Distant – At Times
  • Tough 
  • Emotions – The MidPoint

We will first look at the personality components that make this personality combination up before we look at the traits listed above in detail!

8w7 Enneagrams – Nonconformists

The 8w7 enneagram type shares most of its traits with the 8 type enneagram but also has some traits from the wing 7 too. This enneagram is generally comfortable with conflicts that they may face and this is because they are confident, independent and quite ambitious! They persevere in their path and do not let others get in the way. Furthermore, they may be quiet but when the time comes they will speak up and defend their own stance or those of others. 

Although they wander much around in their mind, these enneagram types are also great at handling people and taking practical steps. They make the right decisions and prefer to do so on their own without much interference. Apart from thinking clearly and logically, they are creative and like to test innovative ideas! They go the extra mile when it comes to establishing goals or milestones that they want to achieve. They are big dreamers and quite idealistic in their vision. They want to create a world or society where people can go big or go home. They want to help others achieve their own dreams by ensuring no one creates hurdles for them.

This enneagram type, however, is afraid of losing their own autonomy and maybe this is why they are so independent because they want to assure themselves that they can handle most matters on their own. At the same time, these individuals also struggle when it comes to being emotionally honest or vulnerable. They will try to ignore their own emotions or what they feel because they are either too afraid of facing them or just want to focus on what is going on in the external world. They won’t even let anyone too close as they do not want to become emotionally or mentally vulnerable.

This enneagram type has however developed great people skills and can become effective and inspirational leaders. They are open when it comes to sharing their thoughts and opinions about certain matters with others – they do not care about what others will think. They are comfortable creating connections with others and can easily do so.

However, this enneagram does have some weaknesses. They will have difficulty in following instructions from authority figures and they are impatient at times. They may overindulge in themselves or their work and may become insensitive to the feelings of others. 

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The Basic Fear – 8w7s

This enneagram type fears being controlled and manipulated by others. They are scared they will become helpless or weak to the extent that others will tell them what to do and how to do it – something which is against their wishes or desires. They want to be able to control how they do things. Hence, this is why they prefer to work alone despite having great people skills and will remain independent and somewhat distant too. They do not like authority because it triggers the fears in their subconscious mind of being controlled in one way or the other.

What Non-Conformists Desire

The Non-conformist desires to remain in control of their own life. They realize that this can only be achieved if they work hard and become independent. This desire is so strong and deep that they desire it for others too hence they are oftentimes advocates for others too. They want to be able to be free and not under the influence of others.

To achieve this, they defy whatever vulnerability they may have within themselves either emotionally or mentally. They stay distant from others when they can and ignore any feelings that arise in them. This helps them stay focused on their goals and not fall into the traps set by other people.

INFJs – The Advocates.

The typical INFJs have a very thoughtful approach to life where they are absorbed in their creativity, values, deep thinking and inner vision!

Although they aim high and have a sense of creating the perfect world, they are not blinded by their idealism and realize they need to take concrete steps in order to make the world reflect their inner vision of it where people have justice and are treated well. They like to stand up for others and connect to them on a deeper level.

They focus on their thoughts – they are creative, have deep insights and are passionate about what they believe in!

They want to create the perfect world and here their creativity comes into play. With such an imaginative pattern of thought they are able to find diverse solutions to an array of problems people face. This is combined with their principled thoughts that allows them to remain consistent, get through difficult times and serve as an inspiration for others.

These people are very sensitive to criticism. They reflect on it deeply to the extent that it may reduce their productivity and make them feel as if they lag much when in reality that criticism is targeted at a specific element. This may also be because of the fact that they aim to become perfectionists – aiming to be the best version of themselves.

As they are quite sensitive, INFJs are reluctant to open up and may be difficult to understand – this can sometimes create problems in relationships where people are curious to learn more about the other.

The 8w7 INFJ Personality Type: How Does It Work?

In this section, we will discuss the personality traits of the 8w7 INFJ personality type so that the audience can have a deeper understanding of the topic.


When two visionaries meet they make a strong team. Both personality components that make this type up are strong visionaries and have lofty goals they want to achieve not only to make things and life better for themselves but for others too. They often distance themselves from the emotions they feel to cater to the needs of others.

They will go to great lengths to support people around them by taking out time to guide them, speaking up for them in difficult times or going against authority to get them back their rights. They won’t stop at anything because they know the fear of being helpless and dependent on others. The 8w7 INFJ personality type likes to dream big and won’t let things prevent them from doing so – they are not demotivated so easily.


Despite their intentions, this personality type is indeed stubborn. They will stick to what they want and won’t back down no matter what. They are not only visionaries but strong believers in what they advocate for and promote! Until you have a very good reason, they won’t be ready to even listen to something that is against what they have planned.

In many cases, being stubborn can help a person get the job done. Many times in life we take up tasks that are difficult – they break us apart but lead us to the end goal we want to achieve. People do not understand what motivates us and they try to talk us out of what we want because they think it’s not possible. Here being stubborn helps and allows us to move on and believe in what we do till the day comes when others see our efforts were really worth it!

Distant – At Times

The 8w7 INFJ personality type can become distant at times. When it comes to the personality components that make it up, both can become distant but for different reasons. The INFJ type will be distant because they feel vulnerable or are afraid they will be criticized. The 8w7 enneagram, on the other hand, remains distant because they want to feel and look independent. 


Being an advocate is not an easy job. You may or may not recognize your emotions, nonetheless you need to be tough to handle situations and help people out. This type is indeed the tough one who perseveres even through the most difficult situations they face.

Emotions – The MidPoint

The two personality types that make this personality up are quite different when it comes to processing and expressing emotions. The INFJ is one that is more comfortable in accepting and expressing emotions however the 8w7 enneagram is not – they will consider it a sign of weakness instead! Hence, this personality type they make up together may experience some internal conflict or bend towards one extreme.


This article took a look at the 8w7 INFJ personality type by discussing its major traits as well as the personality components that make it up. It introduced the 8w7 enneagram and the INFJ personality type to the readers by describing their traits, fears and desires.




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