Getting to know 7w8 (The Ultimate Guide)

In this brief guide, we will discuss some key characteristics of 7w8, also known as the 7 wing 8, of the enneagram theory of personality. We will also look at some related concepts that may be relevant to 7w8.


7w8, or 7 wing 8, are individuals who show traits like seeking pleasure and opportunity and these people may be likely to chase success and be somewhat hedonistic, and have problems delaying gratification.

Like enneagram type 7, which is the core trait in 7w8, they tend to be enthusiastic, determined, and protective in their behavior but due to wing 8, they are generally tougher and work-oriented.

They are likely to prioritize their optimism and gratification and as a result, they are more intent on seeking opportunities and new experiences, and at the same time, they may love the company of others.

7w8 may spend their time going from one activity to the next which is a sort of manic defense against the anxieties that drive them. 

7w8 may feel like they need to be doing something all the time, and this productivity may make them less prone to introspection, which they do not much care for.

7w8 Basic fears

The basic fears of 7w8, like many type 7s, revolve around being caught in monotony and missing out on everything the environment has to offer them.

The 7w8 personality may also intensely fear being deprived, and to control this they may want to pursue new opportunities and desperately try to avoid being controlled by schedules.

These individuals, because of the wing 8, may also have a deep fear of being tied down or stifled in any way, and this may seep out in the form of chasing pleasures all the time.

They may always be afraid of falling under someone’s control and missing out on good things as a result of said control, and they may therefore constantly avoid concepts of attachment of staying still for too long.

7w8 Basic Desires 

The basic desires of 7w8 include feeling new and stimulated, as well as moving around from one thing to another, in an effort to explore everything and experience everything.

They may also show a tendency to want to stay away from things that feel monotonous or repetitive, and they may make a conscious choice to stay wary of such things.

7w8 is also known as the opportunist due to the constant need they display to seek out new and promising situations that provide them with a challenge or pleasure or just about any new feeling that they have not experienced before.

Strengths of 7w8

Some strengths of 7w8s include:

  • They are confident and charismatic
  • Due to their exploratory nature, they get along with new people very well
  • They deal with new challenges very well
  • They may be seen as having very high-energy and a positive outlook to things
  • They have a great ability to assert themselves and they are unlikely to back down from a tough situation.
  • They can remain surprisingly calm in situations of crisis
  • They may have an easy time navigating through the uncharted territory of any kind
  • They are likely to be highly valued as founders of new things and concepts

Weaknesses of 7w8

Some weaknesses of 7w8s include:

  • They may be somewhat flighty and hard to pin down
  • They may have trouble delaying gratification
  • They may be slightly impulsive
  • They may find it hard to hold down stable things like a long term relationship
  • They are perceived as impatient and blunt
  • They may too heavily on a career or be too ambitious
  • They may experience difficulty with following through on plans due to their somewhat impulsive nature
  • They may have a tendency to focus on material items owing to their somewhat hedonistic leaning

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7w8 vs 8w7

8w7 tend to be much more protective of their loved ones than 7w8, as the 7w8 may have a tendency to be somewhat impulsive and flighty and they may put themselves first.

7w8 may also believe that everyone should be able to take care of themselves, while 8w7 may have a more protective side to them due to the core personality types of enneagram 8.

8w7 may also focus more power and control, both achieving and maintaining it, and 7w8 focuses on planning and play, or just pleasure and exploration.

Furthermore, 8w7 might feel a need to be invulnerable and have an innate desire to control their environment, while the exploration and pleasure may well come in later, but for the 7w8, it might be the opposite, as the experiences come first and everything else comes second.

7w8 vs 7w6

7w8 is all about the newness and a moreish attitude, pleasure maybe everything and new challenges may be embraced, while people and security take a backseat, however, in 7w6s, security and stability may constantly be on the forefront as desires and needs, along with the enthusiasm for newness and pleasures.

The 7w6 is affected by the 6 wing in a manner that makes them more appreciative of security and affection in relationships, while the 7w8 is more consumed with the moment, the here and now are more important and the journey to find happiness and novelty lies beyond the social circle.

The 7w8 is also far more likely to engage in reckless or impulsive behavior due to their desire to avoid being controlled and the hedonistic mindset, while the 7w6 tends to be a lot more careful and may have their feet firmly on the ground even as they prepare to take a flight into the unknown.

7w8 vs 8w9

The 8w9 is someone that has the core traits of enneagram 8, that is, for them the need to be self-reliant and independent too great, and with a 9 wing they may have more adaptive and affable traits and get along much better with people than just type 8s, while 7w8 might not have a lot of interest in having a social circle if it means it would limit them from experiencing new things.

7w8 is more likely to shake things up and won’t care much for a social circle, while an8w9 is assertive and wants control and power more than novelty and pleasure.

The 9 wing in 8w9 has a sort of numbing effect on the 8s desire for power and control, and provides a broader vision, while the type 7w8 is likely to seek thrills and pleasure and has rarely any need for power or control.

7w8 Relationships

Relationships with 7w8 are likely to be similar to what their lives are like, exciting, enthusiastic, and passionate; that is if they can commit for long enough, which may be an issue with these guys.

7w8 is all about the now, the pleasure and the thrill of impulsivity, and this type of person is very likely to find relationships a bit dull and routine, especially if they involve staying still for too long.

7w8 can also be somewhat impatient and blunt, so a relationship with them is certainly not for the soft-hearted, as there may be some sparks (the bad kind) in difficult moments.

It may also be a tad hard to keep up with the 7w8, as 7w8 has a tendency to be a bit neglectful when it comes to relationships with their significant others, family, and even friends.

The Enneagram 7 Wing 8 personality type may make it very clear that their needs and expectations will likely come first, but they can still be considerate about other people’s needs. It just won’t come as easily or instinctually to them, is all.

ENTP 7w8

The ENTP 7w8 may be described as the novelty seekers, always trying to seek adventure and new challenges in both work life and for pleasure.

The ENTPs have a dominant Intuitive function as well, which makes them less concerned with things and more concerned with ideas or concepts, or even possibilities and experiences.

They also love exploring new physical places and meeting new people and they may show a great deal of interest in stimulating their own mind and imagination, due to their extroverted Intuition function.

The ENTPs may use the concrete world as a springboard for intuiting new potentials (N).

These individuals may also show a highly acute sense of thinking about the external experiences they may have due to their extroverted thinking function.

ENFP 7w8

Like the ENTP, the ENFP 7w8 may be more consumed with ideas, concepts and experiences way more than they are with things with any sort of sensory aspect to them, like touching and feeling or actively, physically engaging with a new stimulus.

For the ENFP, they may be more involved in the feelings the new situations elicit, rather than assessing it by thinking about it, and when looking for new experiences, they may see them more as catalysts for something more amazing and something to look forward to, rather than an end goal after a journey.

ENFP 7w8s may also feel more at home involving other people into their experiences, like ENTPs, given their propensity to feel and think in terms of their external environment rather than be content with their inner world.

Social 7w8

7w8 may be quite social, owing to the highly adaptive traits of the enneagram 7, but they may at the same time have trouble with stable relationships given their tendency to be somewhat consumed by whatever catches their fancy at a given moment.

The social variant of 7w8 may look like someone, for instance, that loves to travel to crowded places and mingle with the people to explore the place better.

A 7w8 can be social with ease, without feeling much pressure to conform or pay much attention to the norms or regulations, due to their enneagram 8 traits.

The social 7w8 may be idealistic and friendly, and they may not feel any difficulty in sacrificing for a cause they believe in that serves something beyond just themselves.

A social 7w8 may also tend to keep up with what is going on in their community and while they are considerate and cooperative they may have good boundaries and will not ever allow others to control or coerce them.


In this brief guide, we discussed some key characteristics of 7w8, also known as the 7 wing 8, of the enneagram theory of personality. We also looked at some related concepts that may be relevant to 7w8. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments you have.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 7w8

What is a 7w8?

7w8 is an enneagram personality types who are most similar to the seven types, but may also share many attributes with the eight type, as well. 

7w8 may be enthusiastic, determined, and protective in their behavior. 

What is a 7w6?

A 7w6 is an enneagram type personality, and these individuals may be characterized by their choice to not rely on others for the satisfaction of their needs and focus on things and experiences instead. 

7w6s are more people-oriented and attuned to the needs of those around them as compared to the other type 7 wing, which is 7w8.

Who is an Enneagram 7?

Enneagram Type 7 is known as the Epicure or the Enthusiast, and these people are mental types who like to think ahead and like to plan for the future. 

They like new things and are excitable and enthusiastic and meet new challenges with gusto.


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