7w8 vs 8w7 (The Main Differences)

In this brief guide, we will discuss the difference between 7w8 vs 8w7, and look at some other related concepts.

7w8 vs 8w7: The Main Difference

The main difference between 7w8 vs 8w7 is that while the 8w7 tends to be more consumed with the idea of staying in control and experiencing things at the same time, the 7w8 might be more consumed with the idea of exploring things above all else.

The 7w8 is someone with the core traits of the Enneagram type 7 personality whereas the 8w7 is someone with core personality traits of type 8, and some of type 7.

8w7 personality is more protective of their loved ones as well as themselves because type 8 is characterized by their need to stay in control, but the 7w8, may have a tendency to be somewhat impulsive and flighty and they may put themselves first, though they may be incredibly close to their loved ones as well.

7w8 may like to believe that everyone should be able to take care of themselves, but the control-seeking side of the 8w7 may lead them to be more protective of their loved ones.

8w7 personality also seeks power and control more than they do experiences, although their wing 7 traits may make them more open and optimistic about their goals, and they may focus a lot on achieving and maintaining the power they seek or attain.

The 7w8 on the other hand may enjoy the process of planning and play, or just pleasure and exploration, and they are definitely the more hedonistic one in 7w8 vs 8w7.

One of the core differences in 7w8 vs 8w7 is that while the 8w7 is focused on the goals that allow them to accomplish things, the 7w8 may be more invested in the journey and the setting of goals, as they crave something that is out of the ordinary and does not want to miss out on anything.

The 8w7 might have a need to be invulnerable and in control at all times and they may struggle with the lack of these qualities, which causes an innate desire to control their environment.

The 7w8 is more free-spirited in comparison to the 8w7, and they may be happy relinquishing control as long as they are able to do the exploration they want and seek pleasure.

The 7w8 vs 8w7 comparison can be more extensive as one gets further and further along in studying these personality types, and much like the 7w8, in case of truly understanding these personality types, one needs to rely more on their experiences rather than everything else.

7w8: The Opportunist

7w8, or 7 wing 8, likes to go through anything that involves seeking pleasure and they like to make the most of any opportunity to chase success.

The 7w8 personality may also be somewhat hedonistic and have problems delaying gratification, which may make them very enthusiastic, determined, and protective in their behavior.

The wing 8 on this personality type curbs some of the impulses of type 8, and makes them a little tougher and work-oriented, but despite that, they are more likely to prioritize their optimism and gratification and as a result, they are more intent on seeking opportunities and new experiences.

The 7w8 personality type likes the company of others but may not be as protective of others around them as a typical type 8 might be, even though they have a wing 8, and they may enjoy exploring the world around them through other people but that may often be the extent of their interest.

The 7w8 might spend a lot of time going from one activity to the next and this is their base defense against the basic fears and anxieties that drive them, and they may often feel that they need to be doing something all the time.

The 7w8 personality type is very high on productivity and very low on introspection, and they do not much care for any sort of sitting around and thinking about things that are not bringing them any tangible results or pleasures.

The basic fears of 7w8 are being caught in monotony and missing out on everything the environment has to offer them, and they just have a very intense fear of missing out.

The 7w8 personality fears being deprived most of all and their efforts to seek information and do new things all the time are actually to control this.

The 7w8 wants to pursue new opportunities and desperately tries to avoid being controlled by schedules, which is something that may be enhanced by wing 8.

The 7w8 may also have a deep fear of being tied down or stifled, which may also be what leads to them chasing pleasures all the time and not wanting to stay still, or get bogged down in interpersonal relationships either.

The 7w8 personality is ruled by the type 7 traits most of all, and as a result, they may be afraid of being under someone’s control and missing out on good things as a result of this control, which may also be why these individuals are so unlikely to form bonds or attachments with other people because they just want to avoid staying still for too long.

The basic desires of 7w8 are that they like feeling new and stimulated, and they like going around from one thing to another, which are really all just efforts to explore everything and experience everything that arises out of the basic fear of missing out.

The 7w8 personality likes to stay away from things that are monotonous or repetitive which means that they are unlikely to want to do anything that they have done before.

7w8 is also known as the opportunist because they are also very good at looking out for new and promising situations that are just the right amount of challenging or pleasing or just about any new feeling that they have not experienced before.

7w8 Relationships 

7w8 relationships may involve a lot of excitement, enthusiasm, and passion but they may have trouble committing for long enough because of their need to keep seeking new things all the time and their need to not get tied down in one place for too long.

7w8 likes to pay attention to the now and the present, and they like seeking pleasure most of all, which means that the typical 7w8 relationship may also involve a lot of intimacy and impulsivity.

However, because of these same traits, the 7w8 personality is also likely to think of relationships a bit dull and routine, especially if they involve staying still for too long or if their partner is more the kind to need a lot of affection or commitment.

7w8 can be impatient and blunt as well so a 7w8 relationship is certainly not for the soft-hearted, and there may be some very difficult moments in these situations.

Keeping up with the 7w8 relationship may also require some energy on the side of the partner, and the 7w8 may also be a tiny bit neglectful when it comes to relationships with their significant others, family, and even friends.

The 7w8 relationship are clear about their needs and expectations, which can be refreshing because one does not have to play the guessing game with these people, but at the same time they can be a bit selfish and they will likely come first, but they can still be considerate about other people’s needs.

ENTP 7w8 vs 8w7

The ENTP 7w8 vs 8w7 may have many differences, but it may be more common to see ENTP 7w8s than ENTP 8w7s.

The typical ENTP 7w8 may be novelty seekers, and they may like to seek adventure and new challenges in both work life and for pleasure.

The ENTP’s dominant Intuitive function makes them concerned with knowing things and ideas or concepts, and they can go to any extent to be able to learn about the things in their vicinity, which can make them quite the explorers.

The ENTP 7w8 will also like to explore new possibilities and experiences and they are unlikely to be in one place for too long, as they have an innate need for discovery, while the 8w7 ENTP may be more concerned about avoiding control and making sure they discover as much as possible about being their own person.

The ENTP 7w8 might love exploring new physical places and meeting new people, while the ENTP 8w7 may use their intuitive abilities and feeling function to be more staunch in their ideals and more staunch in their belief that they have to protect people and be their own person.

The ENTP 7w8s main interest may usually be stimulating their own mind and imagination, while the ENTP 8w7 may like to learn things for the sake of learning them, and they may seek new challenges rather than just pleasure.

ENTPs use the concrete world as a springboard for intuiting new potentials, which may manifest differently in 7w8 vs 8w7, as the ENTP 7w8 may try their best to use these new potentials for pleasure, and the 8w7 might use them as a means of evading being subservient to someone.

The typical ENTP 7w8 individuals may also show a highly acute sense of thinking about the external experiences, and this is something that will be seen in the ENTP 8w7s as well.

8w7: The Non-Conformist

The 8w7 is known as the Non-conformist because they are able to be their own person, and they may not like listening to rules and regulations which can make them somewhat rebellious at times but also fearless in the face of challenges and new situations.

The 8w7 likes challenges and problems and will rarely shy away from a new experience that may seem daunting to anyone else and they may welcome it with open arms, getting to work on being in control in this new situation right away.

The nonconformist 8w7 personality is tough and hard-working, and they thrive under pressure rather than succumb to it, which makes them excellent leaders and bosses, as they are capable of great imagination and ambition.

Self-confidence is one of the key features of the 8w7 personality and they don’t care about other people’s harsh words, which may often make them seem like they project power and strength, which is also often their goal.

8w7 is assertive, sociable, and engaging, and they may get along very well with people.


In this brief guide, we discussed the difference between 7w8 vs 8w7 and looked at some other related concepts.

The enneagram 8 personality type, with or without wings, is considered one of the more intimidating types, which is evident in their name the “challenger”.

To know more about this personality type it is important to hear from some people who have this personality type and for that, there are many forums you could like at, so you can get an insight into the personality type of that person you care about.

If you have any further questions or comments about the distinction between 7w8 vs 8w7, please feel free to reach out to us, or if you have any suggestions about what we can cover next, let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 7w8 vs 8w7

What does an Enneagram 7 go to in stress?

The enneagram 7 goes to an unhealthy type 1 in stress, and they may often be anxious, frustrated, and enraged.
The enneagram 7 may have fewer resources around them which may send them to the unhealthy type 1 position in stress, which leads to them being physically, emotionally, or financially more rigid and worried. 
Type 7 in stress may ruin their health, their relationships, and their finances in their search for happiness.

What is a 5w6 Enneagram?

The 5w6 enneagram personality type is someone with the core traits of the Type 5 personality and some of the traits of the type 6 personality, which makes this personality type quite organized and intellectual. 
The 5w6 personality type tends to be good problem-solvers who want to make the world a better place.
They also like to pursue knowledge and gain a better understanding of both the world and the people around them.

What’s an Enneagram 7?

An Enneagram Type 7 refers to a personality type that likes to discover new things and does not want to be left behind in any way, and they are also known as the Epicure. 
Sevens tend to be forward thinkers and forward movers and they are usually very optimistic and positive about all the different kinds of activities they are interested in.

Which is the rarest Enneagram type?

The rarest enneagram type may type four the Individualist, although it is seen that type 8 the Challenger, and type 5 the Investigator are also rather rare.





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