7w8 ENTP Personality Type (A Complete Guide)

This article will talk about the major traits of this unique personality type and also introduce the personality components that make it up.

The 7w8 ENTP Personality Type – What Is It Like?

The 7w8 ENTP tends to behave in the following manner:

  • Bold
  • Visionary
  • Humble
  • Innovative
  • Goal Oriented

Before we look at each of these, we will introduce the personality components that make this unique personality type up!

The 7w8 Enneagram: The Opportunist

The 7w8 enneagram that is also known as the ‘Opportunist’ is one that is mostly made up of traits from the type 7 enneagram but shares some traits with the type 8 enneagram too. Compared to most type 7 enneagrams, these individuals are more committed and hard working in their work going the extra mile. They like to put work first and ensure they have completed their tasks or assignments. This is powered by the innate determination they have to get done with whatever they have promised to get done. The 7w8 enneagram is also more tough in their behavior and a bit protective – they like to remain composed.

At the same time they are very enthusiastic individuals. They like to be energetic in whatever they do rather than take a sluggish or half hearted approach in what they do. They are keen to get things done and take an interest in whatever is on their schedule that needs attention.

Like other enneagrams, these ones also like to seek new opportunities and make the best out of them. They are gratification seekers and don’t want to miss out any experiences that they come across. At the same time, they have a very optimistic attitude about life and like to be happy! 

They have an extroverted trait to them as well. The type 7w8 enneagram is fond of being around other people and loves to interact, socialize and have fun. They like to attend public events or gatherings where they can meet new people, relax and just enjoy the moment and live in it. Hence, these people are great to call to parties or gatherings because they keep things alive and going and don’t let anyone feel left out or bored – they are the life of the party!

It is obvious that one fear these enneagrams have is missing out on the fun going around them. Hence they may fall into a dilemma when it comes to commitments or letting go and just having fun. However, their personality tends to pull them more towards their commitments and hence they are able to pull through and show how reliable they are – making the right choices at the right time matters.

The Fear of Opportunists

Although they want to be committed and come out as reliable people others can depend on because they ensure they meet tasks, this enneagram is scared of missing out on new experiences. They do not want to be deprived of what life has to offer them and this puts them in a difficult spot. Why? They have a number of commitments and work tasks to meet so it is not always possible to let go of things and do what they want when they want to.

The Basic Desire – Type 7w8 Enneagrams

These guys just want to be happy and content. They want to be assured that they have not missed out on anything that they wanted to try. Being happy is an integral part of their peace and they do usually attain this by surrounding themselves with people that they get along with, like or are new and can thus get to learn more about them. They like to travel around the world and be part of new cultural or social experiences and see how things are different in other parts of the world.

The type 7w8 enneagram also likes to attend parties. It gives them a chance to relax and meet new people and just socialize and hence get lost in the moment. 

What Is An ENTP Personality Type? 

Also known as the ‘Debater’, the ENTP is one of the personality types of the Myer Briggs Type Indicator that is extroverted, intuitive, a thinker and perceiver! They are very charismatic and bold, not to mention creative, mentally agile and persistent.

These individuals like to re-energize themselves by meeting friends and family, socializing at their favorite eatery, taking a walk in the park with their friends or simply hanging out with people they love. What matters is that they have someone to give them company, share their feelings and thoughts with and converse maniacally with any topic that comes to mind. It’s refreshing to connect with others.

ENTPs are intuitive which means they don’t always focus on the facts or what is in front of them. Yes they very much appreciate logic and the relationships they can see however, this does not stop them from thinking out of the box. People who are intuitive are known for making many discoveries in world history and this does not happen by just ordinary thinking; they must go beyond the scope they are given! They give value to their vision, dreams and even imagination and combine that with what they already have in their hands.

Such people give weightage to their thoughts and what seems structured or logical rather than the emotions they feel for others. Sometimes this can be detrimental and they find difficulty in understanding the emotional complaints or requests their loved ones have. People with this personality type focus on values like truth and justice and prefer to see the logic or aim of things. They can be described as task oriented rather than people oriented.

ENTPs are perceivers and this may explain why they are able to achieve so much in terms of their discoveries and contributions to the world. Such people are spontaneous; they prefer things that come and go rather than a structured boring plan. They need excitement and can’t wait for it. 

The 7w8 ENTP Personality Type – What Is It Like?

In this section, we will look at the major personality traits of the 7w8 ENTP personality type!


Other than being extroverted, this personality type is extremely bold. They do not hesitate from expressing their opinions or thoughts or how they feel about a certain situation. They are also honest and this adds to their boldness. They focus more on what needs to be said rather than whether it is the correct time or place to say it!

Their boldness helps them become known for their honesty and ability to speak up in tough situations. They also develop a habit to speak up for others because this requires one to be bold which few people are.


This personality type is also visionary. They believe in creating a future or world that is somewhat a reflection of the perfect image they have of the world in their head. They want to do the right thing in life not only to feel good but to ensure others have a bright and fair future too.

They will engage in projects that help uplift others and bring better and more sustainable systems to people. They do not like to engage in short term activities that are all glitter and gold for only a while and have no such long term influence.


Despite their bold and visionary traits, this personality type is very humble. They are down to earth creatures and regardless of the success they achieve in life, the recognition they gain from others and the ability and strength to stand up for themselves and others, they are not at all arrogant or consider themself as ‘something’ that deserves a certain level of respect.

This trait attracts people to them and is complementary to their other traits. They all combine to make this personality type a good leader!


An interesting trait that the 7w8 ENTP has is that of being innovative. They are fond of new things that are more efficient and better at doing what other things can do!

Goal Oriented

What drives this personality type is their commitment to their goals. They will give their all to meet their tasks or commitments and this is what increases other’s confidence in them.


This article took a look at the 7w8 ENTP personality type and introduced the personality components that make it up. It also highlighted and explained the traits this personality exhibits.




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