7w6 Vs 7w8: (A 3 Point Guide)

This article will look at the differences between the two enneagram types by not only introducing them thoroughly but by studying their traits in areas such as the workplace, relationships and strengths. The article will also comment on their fears and desires.

7w6 Vs 7w8: How To Tell The Difference?

The 7w6 enneagram is a personality type that is more into having a good time and likes to do things their own way whereas the 7w8 enneagram type has a more realistic and practical approach when it comes to life. This is possibly because they are more in contact with the real world – they frequently interact with others quite more often as compared to the 7w6 enneagram type.

In this article, we will take a look at the differences between the two in the following areas:

  • The Workplace
  • Relationships
  • Strengths
  • Desires & Fears

We will explain how they differ from each other in the above highlighted areas. However, before we do that, we will introduce both of them to the readers.

The Pathfinder – The 7w6 Enneagram

Extremely enthusiastic individuals with a lot of energy, the type 7w6 enneagram is made up of traits mostly from the type 7 enneagram but also shares some with the type 6 enneagram. These individuals love looking forward to interesting and exciting experiences with a lot of excitement and of course enthusiasm – they never want to miss out on the fun! 

Having such a personality also necessitates that they be adventurous. These individuals love to venture into new experiences or opportunities and explore. They will try out new things just for the sake of it and possibly take a lot of risk too if required. The type 7w6 enneagram thus has an explorative trait that allows them to look for and grasp opportunities that they can experience or try out because one of the things that motivates these individuals the most is being a part of experiences.

Regardless of all the fun and exploring, the type 7w6 enneagram is very responsible and they like getting things done on time. They prefer to follow their own schedules but meet deadlines, complete tasks or fulfill commitments as agreed beforehand with another party – in their own way. This is one trait that allows them to successfully pursue relations with others. Being someone who fulfills their word puts them at a great edge in relationships – especially work or intimate ones.

This enneagram type is full of happiness and optimism – they like to see the bright side in things. Because of this reason, the Pathfinder is able to come across a lot of opportunities and benefit from them unlike those individuals who might see the bad side in things and hence not expect or look for the golden opportunities that are usually hidden in the dark. This is something that keeps this enneagram type lively and happy as well as a source or beacon of hope for others. They uplift people with their positive attitude and this helps them become someone who has a good rather than bad effect on others.

However, sometimes this enneagram can end up justifying or rationalizing the actions of others even though these specific actions or behaviours cause hurt and pain to the type 7w6 enneagram.

The 7w8 Enneagram: The Opportunist

The 7w8 enneagram that is also known as the ‘Opportunist’ is one that is mostly made up of traits from the type 7 enneagram but shares some traits with the type 8 enneagram too. Compared to most type 7 enneagrams, these individuals are more committed and hard working in their work going the extra mile. They like to put work first and ensure they have completed their tasks or assignments. This is powered by the innate determination they have to get done with whatever they have promised to get done. The 7w8 enneagram is also more tough in their behavior and a bit protective – they like to remain composed.

At the same time they are very enthusiastic individuals. They like to be energetic in whatever they do rather than take a sluggish or half hearted approach in what they do. They are keen to get things done and take an interest in whatever is on their schedule that needs attention.

Like other enneagrams, these ones also like to seek new opportunities and make the best out of them. They are gratification seekers and don’t want to miss out any experiences that they come across. At the same time, they have a very optimistic attitude about life and like to be happy! 

They have an extroverted trait to them as well. The type 7w8 enneagram is fond of being around other people and loves to interact, socialize and have fun. They like to attend public events or gatherings where they can meet new people, relax and just enjoy the moment and live in it. Hence, these people are great to call to parties or gatherings because they keep things alive and going and don’t let anyone feel left out or bored – they are the life of the party!

It is obvious that one fear these enneagrams have is missing out on the fun going around them. Hence they may fall into a dilemma when it comes to commitments or letting go and just having fun. However, their personality tends to pull them more towards their commitments and hence they are able to pull through and show how reliable they are – making the right choices at the right time matters.

7w6 Vs 7w8 Enneagrams: How Are They Different?

The 7w6 and 7w8 enneagrams behave differently in the following areas:

  • The Workplace
  • Relationships
  • Strengths
  • Desires & Fears

In this article, we will comment on the differences between the 7w6 and 7w8 enneagrams with regards to the above defined areas.


The 7w6 is an enneagram that also has a number of traits. Firstly, they are very much sensitive to the feelings of others. They are also very productive and like to cooperate with people around them, especially those who they work with.

As this enneagram has more control over their emotions, the 7w8 type can remain calm in tense situations. They are better at asserting themselves and have a natural charisma and confidence about them! This personality type is more likely to stay positive and has high energy levels that help it get things done!

Workplace Practices

Too much time alone, strict supervision and a boring old routine will definitely demotivate this enneagram type. The 7w6 enneagram prefers to be around people helping them. They like to meet new people and enjoy social gatherings or events even inside of work or those with whom they work! This enneagram type likes to incorporate aesthetics into the workplace, especially their own cubicle or desk. Furthermore, they like to have a flexible routine that allows them a number of options on how and when to work.

This enneagram likes to be at the center of things hence they do not want to miss out on anything happening at the workplace. Accomplishing goals is very rewarding and they like to have fun or celebrate by throwing a party at the office! For the 7w8 enneagram type, relationships with coworkers matter a lot because they derive their energy and motivation from here.


These enneagrams – 7w6 –  do pursue relationships with others however they always seek something exciting and want gratification. If they do not get it then they become grumpy or disinterested. They are happy and optimistic and sometimes justify the actions of their partners to avoid getting hurt.

When it comes to handling tough situations in a relationship, the 7w8 can handle it but they lack some traits which make things easier in relationships – especially the intimate ones. They do not let their emotions flow so easily and may become distant. Also, they are heavily focused on their career and may not be able to give too much time to their special one!

Desires & Fears

One of the fears the 7w6 enneagram type has is that they will miss out on great opportunities. They want to have the most in life and believe that one should grasp all the opportunities that come to them. However, one problem they don’t realize is that a lot of opportunities may come to them and they take too much on themselves!

The most strong desire this enneagram has is that to feel happy and content. They want to experience what life has to offer and this is why they are so quick when it comes to grabbing the opportunities that pass by in front of them! This is most apparent when they express a lot of happiness even in the small things of life that they want to give recognition too – the things that people often overlook or disregard!

Although they want to be committed and come out as reliable people others can depend on because they ensure they meet tasks, the 7w8 enneagram is scared of missing out on new experiences. They do not want to be deprived of what life has to offer them and this puts them in a difficult spot. Why? They have a number of commitments and work tasks to meet so it is not always possible to let go of things and do what they want when they want to.

These guys just want to be happy and content. They want to be assured that they have not missed out on anything that they wanted to try. Being happy is an integral part of their peace and they do usually attain this by surrounding themselves with people that they get along with, like or are new and can thus get to learn more about them. They like to travel around the world and be part of new cultural or social experiences and see how things are different in other parts of the world.

The type 7w8 enneagram also likes to attend parties. It gives them a chance to relax and meet new people and just socialize and hence get lost in the moment. 


This article took a deep dive into the differences that exist between the 7w6 and 7w8 enneagrams in a number of areas such as strengths, traits, work, relationships and their fears and desires.




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