7w6 SP/SX Types (A Complete Guide)

This article will discuss the instinctual variants of the 7w6 enneagram as well as introduce the enneagram under discussion itself. The article will also explain what instinctual variants are and why they are important. The article will later list some traits of the 7w6 enneagram for a deeper understanding of the topic.

7w6 SP/SX Types – Self Preservation & Intimacy

Here are the instinctual variants of the type 5 enneagram:

  • Self Preservation: Family – The Gourmand
  • Social: Limitation/Sacrifice – The Utopian Visionary
  • One To One: Suggestibility/Fascination – The Adventurer

We will take a look at these in detail but before that we will explain what instinctual variants are when it comes to enneagrams and their behaviour.

What Are Instinctual Variants?

In order to survive and thrive human beings have generally developed three types of behaviours that allow them to respond to threats, socialize with others and form close relationships with people – these are known as self preservation, social, and one to one behaviours respectively.

These behaviours are defined by subtypes and there are a total of 27 subtypes which means that each enneagram has 3 subtypes in total just like the type 7w6 enneagram which we highlighted above. 

We have subtypes because they allow us to react to different situations immediately with little awareness and effort – this allows us to deal with various situations without putting too much thought and effort into it. Hence, we as individuals may behave differently in different situations but generally in the same manner across a wider continuum.

Some people see their primary subtype quite quickly, while for others it’s a matter of study over time. Those who know us well may offer some useful feedback, since we don’t always see ourselves objectively.

In this article, we will take a look at the subtypes of the type 7w6 enneagram in detail!

The Instinctual Variants Of The Type 7w6 Enneagram

Let us take a look at the subtypes of this enneagram one by one!

Self Preservation: Family – The Gourmand 

They like to plan with their family and invest their time and energy here. These are the types of people who love to go on trips with their relatives, plan dinners or go out for meals and enjoy intimate family gatherings where everyone can sit back and relax and laugh together.

They are quite dependent on their family for love and support as well as keeping them company. They will often travel long distances to meet up with them. They will have some close friends who are just like family to them.

However, the type 7w6 enneagram can have issues with over stimulation; they may get carried away in all the merry and eat too much or stay up late and hence affect their health.

Social: Limitation/Sacrifice – The Utopian Visionary

This is an interesting behavior to note because the type 7w6 may have to choose a middle ground when it comes to interacting with others. This is because at one end they want to have fun and let go and this may transgress on the rights of others or simply their comfort level while on the other hand the type 7w6 does not allow people to achieve the social idealism they desire.

They will have to stick with groups and respect as well as uphold their values and limit their own desires to forward the greater good for the sake of the community.

One-to-One: Suggestibility/Fascination – The Adventurer

Suggestibility works both ways. This subtype can be influenced easily by the attraction of new ideas, adventures and people, falling into a state of fascination or entertainment. The one-to-one Seven also has great powers of suggestion, and can use personal charm to lead people into a new paradigm, a new purchase or a new relationship.

The Pathfinder – The 7w6 Enneagram

Extremely enthusiastic individuals with a lot of energy, the type 7w6 enneagram is made up of traits mostly from the type 7 enneagram but also shares some with the type 6 enneagram. These individuals love looking forward to interesting and exciting experiences with a lot of excitement and of course enthusiasm – they never want to miss out on the fun! 

Having such a personality also necessitates that they be adventurous. These individuals love to venture into new experiences or opportunities and explore. They will try out new things just for the sake of it and possibly take a lot of risk too if required. The type 7w6 enneagram thus has an explorative trait that allows them to look for and grasp opportunities that they can experience or try out because one of the things that motivates these individuals the most is being a part of experiences.

Regardless of all the fun and exploring, the type 7w6 enneagram is very responsible and they like getting things done on time. They prefer to follow their own schedules but meet deadlines, complete tasks or fulfill commitments as agreed beforehand with another party – in their own way. This is one trait that allows them to successfully pursue relations with others. Being someone who fulfills their word puts them at a great edge in relationships – especially work or intimate ones.

This enneagram type is full of happiness and optimism – they like to see the bright side in things. Because of this reason, the Pathfinder is able to come across a lot of opportunities and benefit from them unlike those individuals who might see the bad side in things and hence not expect or look for the golden opportunities that are usually hidden in the dark. This is something that keeps this enneagram type lively and happy as well as a source or beacon of hope for others. They uplift people with their positive attitude and this helps them become someone who has a good rather than bad effect on others.

However, sometimes this enneagram can end up justifying or rationalizing the actions of others even though these specific actions or behaviours cause hurt and pain to the type 7w6 enneagram.

The Fear of the Pathfinder

One of the fears this enneagram type has is that they will miss out on great opportunities. They want to have the most in life and believe that one should grasp all the opportunities that come to them. However, one problem they don’t realize is that a lot of opportunities may come to them and they take too much on themselves!

This particular fear that they have makes them become a certain way. They prefer to follow unstructured routines where they can always make time for last moment stuff that pops out of nowhere. They feel that if they have the liberty to manage things as they wish then they can not only get a lot of flexibility but also not miss out on things that they want to do.

However, at the same time, they have a deep sense of commitment towards their tasks and want to honor the work they have taken up. This puts them in a difficult situation because they might end up juggling too much and this will take a toll on them.

The Desire of the 7w6 Enneagram

The most strong desire this enneagram has is that to feel happy and content. They want to experience what life has to offer and this is why they are so quick when it comes to grabbing the opportunities that pass by in front of them! This is most apparent when they express a lot of happiness even in the small things of life that they want to give recognition too – the things that people often overlook or disregard!

One of the things these enneagrams do to be happy and attain what they most desire is to disregard any negative feelings they have or experience especially because of others. They rationalize what someone else has done and may even blame their own self for what has happened. This is a behaviour or strategy to justify the actions of others and hence create a false sense of security where the other person is good but because of their own actions things went wrong.


This article took a look at the 7w6 enneagram and its instinctual types. The article also introduced the type 7w6 in detail and explained what instinctual variants are. Lastly, the article highlighted the fears and desires of the type 7w6 enneagram so the audience had a deeper understanding of the topic.


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