The 7w6 ENTP Personality (A Complete Guide)

This article will take a look at the 7w6 ENTP personality type and describe not only its major traits but also the personality components that it is made up of.

The 7w6 ENTP Personality: The Major Traits

Here is a list of the major traits the 7w6 ENTP exhibits:

  • Playful
  • Careless – Relationships
  • Anxiety Issues
  • Fear of Missing Out
  • Require Support Systems
  • Overthinking

Before we look at each of these traits in detail of the 7w6 ENTP, we will take a quick look at the personality components that make this unique personality up.

The Pathfinder – The 7w6 Enneagram

Extremely enthusiastic individuals with a lot of energy, the type 7w6 enneagram is made up of traits mostly from the type 7 enneagram but also shares some with the type 6 enneagram. These individuals love looking forward to interesting and exciting experiences with a lot of excitement and of course enthusiasm – they never want to miss out on the fun! 

Having such a personality also necessitates that they be adventurous. These individuals love to venture into new experiences or opportunities and explore. They will try out new things just for the sake of it and possibly take a lot of risk too if required. The type 7w6 enneagram thus has an explorative trait that allows them to look for and grasp opportunities that they can experience or try out because one of the things that motivates these individuals the most is being a part of experiences.

Regardless of all the fun and exploring, the type 7w6 enneagram is very responsible and they like getting things done on time. They prefer to follow their own schedules but meet deadlines, complete tasks or fulfill commitments as agreed beforehand with another party – in their own way. This is one trait that allows them to successfully pursue relations with others. Being someone who fulfills their word puts them at a great edge in relationships – especially work or intimate ones.

This enneagram type is full of happiness and optimism – they like to see the bright side in things. Because of this reason, the Pathfinder is able to come across a lot of opportunities and benefit from them unlike those individuals who might see the bad side in things and hence not expect or look for the golden opportunities that are usually hidden in the dark. This is something that keeps this enneagram type lively and happy as well as a source or beacon of hope for others. They uplift people with their positive attitude and this helps them become someone who has a good rather than bad effect on others.

However, sometimes this enneagram can end up justifying or rationalizing the actions of others even though these specific actions or behaviours cause hurt and pain to the type 7w6 enneagram.

What Is An ENTP Personality Type? 

Also known as the ‘Debater’, the ENTP is one of the personality types of the Myer Briggs Type Indicator that is extroverted, intuitive, a thinker and perceiver! They are very charismatic and bold, not to mention creative, mentally agile and persistent.

These individuals like to re energize themselves by meeting friends and family, socializing at their favorite eatery, taking a walk in the park with their friends or simply hanging out with people they love. What matters is that they have someone to give them company, share their feelings and thoughts with and converse maniacally with over any topic that comes to mind. It’s refreshing to connect with others.

ENTPs are intuitive which means they don’t always focus on the facts or what is in front of them. Yes they very much appreciate logic and the relationships they can see however, this does not stop them from thinking out of the box. People who are intuitive are known for making many discoveries in world history and this does not happen by just ordinary thinking; they must go beyond the scope they are given! They give value to their vision, dreams and even imagination and combine that with what they already have in their hands.

Such people give weightage to their thoughts and what seems structured or logical rather than the emotions they feel for others. Sometimes this can be detrimental and they find difficulty in understanding the emotional complaints or requests their loved ones have. People with this personality type focus on values like truth and justice and prefer to see the logic or aim of things. They can be described as task oriented rather than people oriented.

ENTPs are perceivers and this may explain why they are able to achieve so much in terms of their discoveries and contributions to the world. Such people are spontaneous; they prefer things that come and go rather than a structured boring plan. They need excitement and can’t wait for it. However, at the same time, they are flexible and understand that things will occur in their time so they have a casual approach as well that helps them think openly and spot more opportunities along the way.

The 7w6 ENTP Personality: The Major Traits

In this section we will cover the main traits of the 7w6 ENTP personality.


This personality type is quite playful and it is possible because of the influence the ENTP personality type has especially because of the extraversion function! They love taking part in new experiences and interacting with people just for the fun of it or to learn more about other people and their life. Furthermore, this personality type does not miss out on any opportunities they come across whether it’s a party, a new movie everyone is watching or a course that just came and is relevant to them.

People with this unique personality combination like to play around with others in a fun and harmless manner. They want to have fun with others and bring life to parties and gatherings. They may crack jokes, tease others or put on a show for everyone just to make sure everyone is having a great time. These people are great to call over to a party – they are the ones that keep things fun and interesting!

Careless – Relationships

Yes, these personality types may become careless when it comes to relationships! It is not that they do not give their partner their all but they sometimes get careless especially because of their fun loving part of their personality. Also, at the back of their head, they may not be fully committed in the long term to their partner because they might not be sure if this is the right one. Afterall, this personality has developed a general pattern of not committing to any type of opportunity or task because they do not want to miss out on others – this habit may have unconsciously extended its influence to the relationship area as well!

Anxiety Issues

This is particularly because of the 7w6 enneagram because they take a huge amount of stress and anxiety! They are worried about what will happen in the future and tend to ignore the stability their present offers them. Hence, the 7w6 ENTP has issues with anxiety and will remain tense even over small matters or when things seem fine. Why? Because they are fixated on the future and fear not being able to have control. They sometimes are also anxious because of the fear of missing out on things.

If you’re facing this, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or other mental health professional. You can find a therapist at BetterHelp who can help you learn how to cope and address it.

Require Support Systems

Although they do not want too much confinement, this unique personality type does want some sort of support system in their lives – this could be family, their work partners or even their close friends. They want to know that they have someone to go to or spend the evenings with. This is also necessitated because of their fun loving and extroverted traits which push them to interact with people and be around with them.


Yes the 7w6 ENTP does have the habit of overthinking and this adds to their anxiety and fears. They may become over involved with the thoughts in their head that may be about missing out on things, not being happy with what they currently have or uncertainty about the future. Hence, at times this personality type may seemd distant or aloof at times.


This article took a look at the type 7w6 ENTP personality by describing the traits it has. It also attempted to provide the audience with an overall understanding of the personality types that make this unique personality up, namely the 7w6 enneagram and the ENTP personality type.


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